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6AA2005 - A family event

Monday, August 24, 2020 | Christian Preining | Europe

The Alps Riding Accademy was founded to help motorcycle riders to improve their riding on challenging roas to get ready for the mountain passes all over the world and in the Edelweiss broschure. We had in mind guests from overseas and rather flat parts of the globe. To our positive surprise half of the participants come from Alpine countries. What we did think of were families. Our base hotel is located within a picturebook mountain setting and therefore even non riding family members would not be too jealous about their bike-active relatives.

This time we got both. Nine people from Europe (which does have mountains) and they were all family and friends. What has started last year as a father and son adventure with mom watching turned into an excusive clan event with dad and friend and sons and madame mom riding.

Apparently it was good. Exclusive date again next year, already booked.

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Bob Mihalics
Wednesday, August 19, 2020 at 17:52

Hello Christian, it is a positive sign that your getting back to riding at Edelweiss.
One day our Media and politicians will release us to cross the big pond and join everyone at Edelweiss Tours.
Keep the blogs coming, it gives me hope that the travel ban can be lifted soon.


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