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The Irish are back in town!

Monday, October 4, 2021 | Thomas Ritt | Europe

The Edelweiss BBQ Brothers!

Our friends from Ireland came back to the Alps to spend three full days of riding and partying. One of the highlights was the BBQ at the Edelweiss garage, aka "Garagenfest". What a weekend!!!

The first lunch break. Tour guide Thomas translates the menu...
At the hotel's parking lot in Innsbruck, 8.40 in the morning. Where are the guys?
Passo Pennes in bright sunshine. What a gorgeous day!
Tour guides in the chat room
3rd day: Timmelsjoch. Still one of the best rides ever!
Simon and Darren, talking about race tracks. Or about climbing. Or both.
Back in Mieming, safe and sound.
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