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PYT2202 Tour of the pyrenees

Friday, September 23, 2022 | Tom Friden | Europe

Day 1: Castelldefels - Peramola

From Castelldefels, we can comfortably approach today's highlight, Catalonia's most famous site, the mountain range and monastery of Montserrat, on beautiful back roads and later on the comfortable A2.

Sweeping back roads wind up to the bizarre rock formations of Catalonia's holy mountain. Visit the world-famous "Morenata", the Black Madonna, and enjoy the breathtaking view. Then we continue through the foothills of the Pyrenees, to the area around the impressive castle of the Dukes of Cardona, where we have lunch and enjoy a magnificent view of the salt mines of "Montana de Sal".
Hidden and beautiful back roads will take us to Bassella, where you will have the opportunity to visit a museum of historic motorbikes if they are not on holiday for a week like in our case.

But hey this gives us the opportunity to either ride a bit more or to enjoy the pool in our beautiful hotel.

Our hotel is just a stone's throw away from here in the miidle of a nice garden area. What a beautiful place to stay.

Chris is going for a little striptease
Our first view of the Montserrat mountain range, it looks like a painting in the middle of nowhere.
And here we are at the famous Montserrat monastery for a short coffe stop.
Chris and John are enjoying those perfect road conditions.
We love these roads.
The castle of Cardona, which is slso a nice nice Parador from the inside, what a nice place for our lunch break.
Amazing biews from the top of the tower.

Day 2: Peramola rest day

Today we have two options: Have a real rest day; sleep in and take a hike with Elias into the surrounding mountains to enjoy the magnificent views from the summit. In the afternoon you can sit back and relax by the pool of our beautiful hotel. After all, today is a rest day! 


For the rest of you, there is of course a rest day round by motorbike. We leave the hotel in a northerly direction and shortly afterwards turn onto the Coll de Bóixol, a road with the best road conditions. Simply one of the most beautiful roads in the Pyrenees. At Tremp we turn north, follow the road through a narrow gorge to Sort and then turn off to our next pass, the Coll de Canto. Another spectacular road that you just want to take home with you. The old town of La Seu d'Urgell then invites us to stop for lunch. Then it's back to the hotel for those who want to relax a little more and if anyone wants to have a little more fun on two wheels, there is another detour to another pass. 

John, Chris and Mike are ready for the rest day ride.
Tom is checking the last thing before take off!
And off they go…
Nice scenery to ride through…
The boys at their first coffee stop in Tremp.
Elias took Kathy and Ginger out for a hiking tour.
The Ladies made it to the top in good company! What a great hike they had.
Elias had to cool down and took a natural shower.
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