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Mediterranean Alps Extreme 4SA2203

Saturday, October 8, 2022 | Holger Homann / Michael Göbel | Europe

Vence - Valberg

Our first riding day brought us to to the Grand Canyon du Verdon - amazing views! Here at the Balcon du Mescla

Lac St.Croix

Andy and Peter

Nicole and James

Jenifer and Jeff

In the Gorge du Daluis. Just amazing!

Valberg - "Restday"

Riding down to Gauliaumes we passed this cute medieval village...

Tom, Billy and Wade

Once again riding the Gorge du Daluis, this time down...we can not stop this

Tom hiding from the wild ones on this road All good! A perfect day!

On the way we met Ragt and his father; everyone exploring the area...just fantastic motorcycle roads! words!

And we met Brian and Kevin as well on the backroads

And then we went up to the Citadel...rewarding views and we explored the whole Castle

Hey Billy! Happy Birthday!!

Chris, Ragt and Billy the small chapel up in the Citadel

..and then we had to do it again..riding the Daluis, just super!

Valberg - Vicoforte

David on the Col de Lombarde...

...and the group on Lombarde at 2380m altitude. This is our border crossing to Italy

Just beautiful!

...riding down the pass. Great fun!

Our boot beer in Vicoforte. Well deserved!!

And we had the chance to visit the sanctuary - overwhelming.

Now we are inside of the sanctuary where we will have dinner tonight!

This is not the last supper But we are all impressed!!

...and even our motorcycles are impressed.

Vicoforte - Rapallo

Our first coffee stop in the hazelnut area of Italy. And of course we had to test all kind of hazelnut cookies. And here our Ducati man Igor!

...and the crew on the other side of this cute plaza in Cortemilia

Some stops after challenging riding on single lane roads in the mountains

Billy (always smiling)...

..Chris (smiling as well

and Brian riding back from the point of return. Actually the road was closed because the bridge was build newly.

And Peter found the fire fighting scooter in the highway exit of Rapallo

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