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Atlantic Mountains Extreme 4CI2205

Friday, December 16, 2022 | Harald Pramhofer | Europe

What a fantastic tour in the middle of December

day 1 - La Gomera

early start to the ferry
safe parking - tightened
one hour crossing - enough time for the briefing on the ferry
it's warmer than expected - take some layers off
the Laurel Forest - sometimes dark like in a tunnel
sunny coffee break - Gilad and Ralf
on the way to Valle Gran Rey
John with a nice lean angle
this beach was full of hippies in the 70's
Laurie and John at the last coffee stop with the Teide in the background

day 2 - back to Tenerife

nice morning loop to the ferry
looks like the road was paved recently (was not) - perfect road surface
bye bye La Gomera
picture stop on the way to El Teide
John is checking the needles on the Canary Pinetree
descending Teide on the north side
the north side of Tenerife - nice roads everywhere

day 3 - half Tenerife / half Gran Canaria

a few clouds but dry roads
Teide with a helmet, the observatory and no traffic
weather is changing
Gilad (worldtourer)
Laurie (repeater)
John (offroader and 1st timer) prossibly infected by Laurie
Ralf (1st timer and fully addicted)
in the Anaga Mountains the rain hit us and the visibility was gone
quick "dryout" on only golden beach of Tenerife (artificial - sand was imported)
Moya (Gran Canaria) - on the way to our Parador on top of the mountains
why one when I can get three...disfrute de su comida, Sr. Ralf

day 4 - Gran Canaria

Gilad - below the Caldera de Bandama with 1km in diameter
foggy Bandama
now we are only going up to the top
1949m above sea level
a bit windy on Pico de Las Nieves
water, soil, gravel and rocks - all you need on a road
nice BBQ lunch after the dirt on the GC-605
GC-606 the better choice
two up on this day - John and Laurie
viewpoint "Mirador del Molino"
"twisty" gets a new dimension
somewhere in the mountains
the couple doing excellent - perfect harmony

day 5 - back to the roots

starting early - the ferry is not waiting
these fish are for sale, not for lunch
we'll be back - for sure Gran Canaria
relaxing our necessary brake?
the TF-28 (the highlight at the end) was as good as expected
close to home
farewell dinner

the group of 4CI2205

Gilad - "The Sovereign" (most experienced)
John - "The Stylist"
Laurie - "The Brave" (as rider and passenger)
Ralf - "The Fast - But Nevertheless Safe"
the group
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David McMillan
Tuesday, January 3, 2023 at 16:43

I've been to most of the Canary Islands over the years and often wished I could have had my bike with me. Tenerife especially lends itself to great riding. And of course it's due south from the UK so no time wasted flying E or W. Nice pix, thanks,=.
John Frayne
Monday, December 19, 2022 at 21:36

What a fantastic adventure with Wonderful people! Oh yeah and the riding was good too!


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