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AMA Alps Challenge 2023 - Part 1 (SPT23016)

Saturday, August 12, 2023 | Wim Doms / Dominik Nattkamp / Henning Sewöster | Europe

The adventure begins...

With a group of 20 motorcycles we start today from Erding in our first riding adventure.

We are a group of 20 riders and two passengers organized by the American Motorcycle Association (AMA). All from the United States.

Our destination for today is Lienz. Passing the Chiemsee and the Großglockner we hit directly into the Alps.

Let the curvy games begin!


Welcome briefing

Welcome speech!
And a whole lot of pointers, info, tips and tricks about what's to come. Always exciting!

Riding Day 1: Erding - Lienz

Mitch our representative of the AMA looking forward the first curves at the tourstart hotel.
Wasserburg at the river Inn with the old bridge
The group after a great lunchtime in St. Ulrich at Piller Lake
We hired our first Sweepers.
Here Pete from Iowa.
Charles our legend from Miami on tour again.
His 28th tour with Edelweiss - Gold Status.
Happy to have you on bord Charly!!!
Barbara and Susan our backseat co-drivers
Hotel Traube in Lienz in the evening.
birthday boy Wim of the tourguide team enjoying his birthday surprise.

Riding Day 2: Lienz - Bolzano

Today our day starts very rainy. The plan is to ride with our two groups until the coffee break and then decide which way to go. No sooner said than done. Once there, one group bravely turns off into the Dolomites while the other bravely sets off through the valley to explore the Dolomites as well.

Contrary to all predictions, the weather gets better the further we drive. It will be a great day with magnificent views and countless curves.

Today we ride:

Passo Tre Croci 1809m (5935ft)

Passo di Giau 2236m (7336ft)

Passo di Falzarego 2105m (6906ft)

Passo di Valparola 2197m (7208ft)

Passo di Campolongo 1875m (6152ft)

Passo di Pordoi 2239m (7346ft)

Passo Sella 2218m (7277ft)

Our bikes take a rest
……and we too
A group of happy riders at the Passo Giau
Here we did the lunchtime with nice local food
A short picture stop at Passo Falzarego
This cable car goes up to this mountain….it’s not only a mountain but a big fortress from the WW2 to.
At the Passo Pordoi
At the Sellajoch
…..and a happy group of riders
Barb and Josee in the Dolomites
Looks pretty inviting, doesn't it?
So we accepted the invitation!
... and then some more...
... and more still!
Tired but happy we reach our fine hotel in Bolzano in the late afternoon

Riding/Rest Day 3 : The Dolomites around Bolzano

Rest day on AMA Alps Challenge. 

Just a quiet, slow day then? 

Not with our group, it isn't! There were spectacular cable cars up to Soprabolzano. There were city walks. There was a northern loop towards Jaufenpass (and possibly the lunch with the best view ever) and Penserjoch (and possibly the decent with the wettest pants ever). There was a visit to Ötzi the Iceman himself. There was some ice cream. There was a southern loop with many, MANY more Dolomites passes. There was a swim in the pool. There was a funky dinner. There were some beers (in various amounts) at the bar and there was, most importantly, a whole lot of laughter, fun and genuine friendly atmosphere. 

All that, in just one single day. Edelweiss rest days can get just that little bit busy for those who want  

The Dolomites... Some things don't need any further explanation. What. A. View.
Although some, who live up here, just have an all-day nap
The bunch that went up Jaufenpass with tourguide Wim found a not too shabby view as background for lunch.
Along the way we also discovered that David likes to have interesting conversation with cows. Plenty of possibilities in this part of the world then.

Riding day 4 - Bolzano to Livigno

Bye bye Bolzano, let's go see Livigno. 

They rhyme, but they couldn't be more different. From the buzzing city of Bolzano down in the valleys, we head towards the mountain resort of Livigno, high up between impressive Alpine peaks. 

And heading into the mountains doesn't come without spectacular views, endless curves, splendid riding and, of course, a few challenging sections. This is called AMA Alps Challenge after all, right? 


The view from Penegal in the valley of Bolzano
…..and a group of happy rider
Mitch at the panorama terrace on top of the Penegal.
A short stop for a nice picture
Group photo at the Penegal.
Here it is
Lunchtime at Passo Tonale
…..on the way up to Passo Gavia
….take a look in the mirror
So lucky we had chamois direct in front of us
The group at the top of Passo Gavia

Riding/Rest Day 5 Livigno

Today we take a loop around Switzerland. 

For the smaller group a short stop in front of the Morteratsch Glacier
We visit St. Moritz
The Albula Pass with fresh powdered mountains….
…..really a breathtaking view
Lunchtime at Fluela Pass
The best place to have a nice Strudel…..

Riding Day 6 - Livigno to Sölden

Today we do al highlight of the Alps...the Stelvio Pass. The third highest in Europe with a mass of switchbacks and really difficult to ride. But we are lucky. We will go up the easygoing way from Bormio. After that we ride to Meran. Here in this valley growing a lot of apple threes. We get hungry and we are lucky again. A picknick is prepared for us.

At the Stelvio Pass. Yes we did it
Wim did a great job with our picknick today
Yes after such a pass you have to refill the energy. What can be better then an picknick
At Passo Rombo the border between Italy and Austria… the clouds
……ore without clouds

Riding day 7 - The final one, from Sölden back to Erding... with a BANG!

It's the last riding day. You could think the Alps would let us ease very gently out of it all. But the Alps don't do easy. They send you off with a BANG! And what a bang we got on our final morning, up on Haimingerberg. When even seasoned tourguides pinch away a few tears in their helmets, you know it's a truly, truly epic one. WOW!
A moment that will stick. Forever.
And then, finally, the last and final afternoon can start. With some extra quiet moments to reflect on our adventure, like here at peaceful Walchensee.
Oh and... did we mention we may have had the odd desert or two on this tour? Well, we saved the best (and biggest for the very last stop in Sauerlach.

The credits

If there is a way to sum up our adventure, it may well be this: a wonderful bunch of people from all walks of life, coming together to ride in our beloved Alps. Throw in some astonishing roads, crazy scenery, the odd adult drink or two in the evening and you end up with seven days of pure, unfiltered, motorcycling heaven. Thank you all so much, and see you again on the next Edelweiss adventure!
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Thursday, August 10, 2023 at 15:47

It was so nice meeting you today


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