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Alps Riding Academy 6AA2303

Thursday, August 10, 2023 | Christian Preining | Europe / Italy

The Riding Accademy consits of four parts:

- riding physics in class room,

- learning and/or finetuning of various cornering stiles and riding maneuvers at Bozen SafetyPark,

- implementation of aquired skills on the roads of the region,

- tour to Lago di Garda and back.

See now imressions of the four parts.

Application of riding skills on tour to Garda

Ferry across Lago di Garda
Strada della Forra was a scene in a James Bond movie
An almost ancient gas station in Altrai
Vijay, Kristin, Steven, Julie, Christian started with a smile, kept it during the whole event and most importantly finished with an even bigger smile.
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