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The Viking Experience

Friday, August 18, 2023 | Franz Gmachl / Angela | Europe

Hello Ladies and Gentleman, we welcome you on board of our 10 bikes fleet through the majestic fjord landscape of Norway. On our bikes we will discover well known highlights as well as hidden treasures.

Nordic design, excellent food in any categories, and panoramic routes will be our companion on the following days. the bikes are prepared, oir  guests from US, Brazil and Swizzerland  did arrive so we start our adventure......come and follow us

Angela and Franz

Ridingday # 1: Alesund to Geiranger (140km)

So after the welcomebriefing and a very nice get-together dinner we started our tour form Alesund, wich is more than just a littel Fishermans village, it is a pitoresc little town with houses with the charme of the artdeco period. Once burned by a fire, rebuilt in stone in one masterpiece. Our road led us along  the coastline towards the most famous Geiganger Fjord. We stopped by the so called Rose-churche, built in the 17th century but dates back to the middleages. While we were waiting for the local guide to open the building we were invited to Thor, the friendly neighbor and he showed us his MotoGuzzi and some old jukeboxes he restores. Strawberry Cake and a first ferryride.

In the afternoon we took the panoramic ferry through the Fjord till Geiranger village where Angela awaited us to comfort us in our Hotel for this day.

Weather?? yes of course there was weather........

Thor´s garage.....
Thor´world...........thank you!!
sunshine. )))
waiting for the first ferry in Stranda
and in Hellesylt

Ridingday #2: Geiranger to Fjaerland. (244km)

Our second riding day started with no less than the dizzying road up to Djupevatn - which is the name of the area at the top end of the Geirangervegen. Only that this was not the end of the road we were going. An even more dizzying road took us up onto Norway's highest paved road. It is called the Nibbevegen. I can't say it any other way - the view from the top at the highest point "Dalsnibba" is simply mind-blowing.

Compared to the week before, we were blessed with clear skies this time.

Franz offered us a tasty picnic lunch in a spectacular Norwegian setting, giving us the strength to ride the remaining stretch to Fjaerland. Welcomed by the hotel manager and her fascinating stories before dinner.

Despite the rainy afternoon, it was another beautiful day in Norwegian paradise and we feel blessed to have been riding through it.

Ridinday #3: Fjaerland to Bergen. (313km)

never had a more charming briefing-room! Hard to leave....
Stavechurch in original condition
The famous viewpoint "Stegastein"
Foodcourt in Flam, a traffic point with road/train/cruisehip

Restday in Bergen (80km)

On our first restday we did an excursion tor the fjell fortress, locatet 30 km west to Bergen. German Artillery was stationded there with a giant cannon. So this area is now a museum and an outdoor park to look into the History of WWII. With the Cafe on top a very scenic and peacefull place to stay

A delicious dinner in a restaurant amidst the old houses in the Brygge part of Bergen's port area.
Bergen's very beautiful Brygge are at daylight ...

Riding Day # 4: Bergen to Sola. (410 km)

Today will be a long riding day and all of us are looking forward to it - because we will ride along no less than 10 Fjords, we will get to see the famous Hardanger bridge and we will also almost take a shower under the splashing gigantic water falls which can almost be touched by riding past them.

Peggy's 850 GS and their "little brother"
It is so incredible - not only is the water running down the mountain in gigantic falls, but on top you get to see this picture around every corner here in Norway - all day long, and every day.
A different kind of coffee break - only with fresh fruits picked in the fields right next to this place. We got uber-delicious plums and raspberries :-P
And look at our outdoor coffee place ... simply stunning and for the first time on the tour with a lot of sun, too.
And there it is, the famous Hardanger Bridge. What makes it so famous? Because of the depth and shape of the fjord's base, the suspension bridge's pillars couldn't be planted into the ground, and therefore had to be fixed on the rocks on either end. At a length of 1,310 meters it was the longest bridge in Norway when it was opened in 2013.
The Langfossen waterfall rumbles down the mountain and its splashing waters were running underneath the road we were riding on.
Have we been travelling with a professional car racer the past days without noticing it, or what ?? André shows matching colours with this electric car
It doesn't matter where you place Pat and Marton from Switzerland. They make every picture taken here in Norway complete.
At the end of the day we can say "yes, it was a long riding day, but it also was a very rewarding one!"

Restday in Sola Beach

Today is a restday and it will be a restday. No inviting weather for hiking or riding, so most of our group enjoyed a long breakfast, another cup of coffee and then a visit to Stavanger. A charming harbour city 10 minutes away. Or a walk on the beach....

Ridingday # 5: Sola to Vradal (325km)

Lysefjord, beautiful as the Geirangerfjord too but not so crowded
This is at Lysebothn, a little village with a ferry station a campground an some Farmhouses, to get there see next picture
27 switchbacks first down and then up again, even in wet conditions a thrill to ride, one of the switchbacks is right in a tunnel
We had our picnic right in the middle of the National Park, the landscape like in Scotland, cold and windy, but an excellent place to reload our batteries ,-))
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