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CVE230B A custom-tailored Viking Experience tour

Saturday, August 26, 2023 | Angela / Michael Stegmayr | Europe

This is Norway at its best - you could look at this kind of scenery forever
Ready to leave Oslo

Day 1 - Oslo to Vrådal

The beauty of Norway can already be guessed from the view from the tour hotel.


Not far from the famous ski jump at Holmenkollen is the beautiful accommodation and here we start our Edelweisstour through the land of the Vikings.


 After fabulous views of the city of Oslo and the Oslofjord, we set course for the town of Kongsberg (Norwegian for Königsberg), with its impressive waterfall.


The next destination was Heddal Stavkirke (Heddal Stave Church), the largest of its kind in Norway. The church was built around 1240 and consecrated in 1242.


Through beautiful Norwegian postcard villages, the road led us to the locks of the Telemark Canal, which are still operated by hand and water power.


From there, the last kilometers led us along the Flavatn lake to our destination, the Straand Hotel in Vradal.

Heddal Stavkirke (Heddal Stave Church)
Telemark Canal
Not only up for any fun, but also for any photo - our super friendly group from Argentina.
Flavatn lake
Good night

Day 2 - Vrådal to Sola

Riders in the storm


Today's driving day brought us through lonely areas to Lyseford, one of the most beautiful fjords in Norway.

A little above Angela awaited us with a great picnic.

And although it rained almost the whole day and partly stormed, we did not let the good mood and the fun of motorcycling spoil.

After the tour, the beautiful spa and beach hotel in Sola, near Stavanger, awaited us.

Argentine rain gear.
Angela whipped up a picnic for us.
The Sola Beach Hotel

Day 3 - Restday in Sola

Although this group of riders are all friends, they had various ideas of how to spend and what to do on their rest day today here in Sola.

While Denis and Jose went with Angela on the ride along the coastline and the tiniest country roads, Gaston, Gustavo, and Christian mastered the hike up to the famous rock plateau of the Preikestolen.

Auch wenn wir hier mit einer Gruppe von Freunden unterwegs sind, so hatten heute an unserem Rasttag hier in Sola doch ganz unterschiedliche Interessen. 

Während Denis und Jose mit Angela mit ihren Motorrädern entlang der Küste  und über die kleinsten Landstraßen fuhren, meisterten Gaston, Gustavo und Christian zusammen mit Michael die Wanderung hinauf zum berühmten Felsplateau Preikestolen.

More beautiful views of lakes and green grass
Even the sheep have a briefing on what to do with these Argentinian riders, which kept starring at them
On our schedule was also this small stone bridge of historical value. Terland Klopp is its Norwegian name. The bridge has been built about 150 years ago.

Day 4 - Sola to Bergen

View from the hotel to the old town of Bergen.

Fjords - Fjords - Fjords

No less than 10 fjords awaited us on today's tour, plus sensational waterfalls, the bridge over the Hardangerfjord and as an absolute highlight, the beautiful city of Bergen.

It is rare to see such a beautiful waterfall.
Always and always up for any fun and adventure, our Argentine guests and now friends.
View of the Hardanger bridge

Day 6 - Bergen to Fjaerland

A well deserved rest we had in Bergen. But up we are for to continue our ride and see more of Norway's beauty along our route to Fjaerland today. 

Not that we hadn't seen many water falls already so far, but each one of them are amazing and fascinating to look at - again, and again, and again, and again...

After the heavy rainfalls 2 weeks ago the waterfalls still carry an impressive amount of water gushing down the mountains, sometimes from hundreds of meters far up over the top.

It was not quite clear if we were able to ride over the Aurlandsvegen pass road, as it was closed due to the heavy rainfall during the previous weeks. But we were lucky and were able to cross over and experience spectacular vistas and a almost surreal scenery.

A warm welcome at our hotel in Fjaerland and a delicious dinner rounded up a great riding day.

The Tvindefossen along the route between Bergen and Aurlandsvegen
Fossen - the Norwegian word meaning waterfall
Our lunch spot was a hidden treasure at the end of a side road, it literally ended at the shores of the Aurlandsfjord.
Again and again we were tempted to stop and take pictures of Norway's breathtaking landscape
Our Argentinian group at the look out point on top of the Aurlandsvegen
As the scenery is constantly changing, we had a hard time to turn away from the view point and to continue the ride

Day 7 - Fjaerland to Geiranger

Today, the sun promised to guide us almost all day long on our way to Geiranger. We took the opportunity to shoot more pictures at the Glacier Museum near Fjaerland before our mouth fell open in amazement looking at the Bøyabreen glacier shortly after the museum.

Also today we could enjoy another picnic half way through the day. At probably one of the most amazing places befitting the purpose, Michael served us delicious food for lunch.

The highlight of the day, we unanimously agreed, was the view from atop the Dalsnibba Road even further higher up from the Geirangervegen.

A overnight stop at the village of Geiranger with mindboggling vistas made our day complete once more.

The views from the Glacier Museum
Yikes! The mammoths are coming
Noooo !!! Your motorcycles are in the parking lot
The Bøyabreen glacier
Another fjord, that you can't get enough of looking at
Where do you come from ? - Ahh, from Argentina
Even when you think "this view can't possibly be topped anymore", there is just a better one around the next corner.
Another delicious picnic
The Geirangervegen
The view of the village of Geiranger from Dalsnibba
Hundreds of thousands of litres of water gushing down the mountain and into the Geiranger Fjord
No surprise that there is so much green vegetation around you. Even the roofs have vegetation on them, which makes the houses almost disappear in the background.

Day 8 - Geiranger to Ålesund

View over Alesund

Tremendo - Tremendous - Unglaublich

Tremendo was the word we heard again and again. And it was an apt way to describe the last day of the trip.

Whether it was the view from the Eagle's Path, the ferry ride across the Geirangerfjord, the onward journey to Alesund or the view over this beautiful city - "tremendo - incredible".

A truly crowning conclusion to this sensational Edelweiss tour.

A wise raven on the eagle path
On the Geiranger Fjord
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