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HDI meets Honda (SPT23010)

Tuesday, October 3, 2023 | Christian Holan / Uwe Hausleitner / Oliver Kraft / Alan Magnoni / Daniel Neuner | Europe

Our weekend adventure is about to start!

Day 1: From Seefeld to Lienz




Welcome to our Honda Alpine Tour which will take us in 3 days from Seefeld in Tyrol first to Lienz in East Tyrol and then via Bolzano in South Tyrol back to our starting point.

Our first day of riding starts in the beautiful Tyrolean village of Seefeld and takes us first a short distance to Germany where we made a short stop at the Sylvenstein reservoir. We then followed the Zillertal south and tackled our first pass, the Gerlospass. 

After lunch, we headed for the highlight of our day, the well-maintained Grossglockner Panorama Road, which took us up to the Edelweissspitze at 2572m above sea level in perfect weather, before continuing on to our hotel in Lienz.

Everyone is very excited at the briefing in the morning.
This is the route of the day.
Honda is very present.
All bikes nicely lined up at our first stop.
Our first stop for today, the Sylvenstein reservoir.
Coffee stop. Look at the scenery.
With over 300 meters, the Krimml Waterfalls are the highest in Europe. In September, however, the tide was low and there was hardly any water to be seen.
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A little look-around.
On the Großglockner we could even find a marmot.
Our way forward down from the Edelweiss Spitze.
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The highest point in Austria you can reach on road.
A better backdrop for a group photo is hard to find.
In the evening our hotel waited for us in Lienz.
A nice spot at the river.
Our table for the dinner.
First class food.

Day 2: Lienz to Bolzano

The perfect day

Today was just a perfect motorcyle day. We started of in Lienz and then went straight to South Tyrol and into the motorcycle paradies of the Dolomites. There you not only have amazing roads with corner after corner but also the most spectacular mountain scenery you can imagine. Furthermore we had a day with perfect weather, dry and sunny but not hot like on a mid summer day. What more could you wish for.

Our daily briefing in the morning.
All questions are beeing answered.
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Arrived early at Lago Misurina.
A first coffee stop at a the Misurina lake.
The parking is clearly limited - by water.
All got out dry again.
This is the way to our lunch.
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On top of Lagazuoi.
A very nice lunch on top of Lagazuoi.
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This will be our way down again.
On top of the Grödner Joch.
Thirsty bikes after 6 passes.
Arrived successfully in Bolzano and enjoying the Walther-von-der-Vogelweide-Platz.
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Good mood and the beginning night life on a Saturday in Italy.
Bolzano at night.
Very nicely illuminated.
Another dinner to have fun and talk about the impressions of the day.

Day 03: Bolzano to Seefeld

A good end


Our last riding day started in Bolzano and led us back to Seefeld where we started a few days ago. With the Penserjoch and the Jaufenpass we enjoyed two more nice riding roads in Italy, before we crossed via the Timmelsjoch back to Austria.

Daily briefing in the old town of Bolzano.
First pass of the day - Penserjoch/Passo Pennes 2211 m
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Having quite some fun.
When we arrived this parking was empty. Filled up in about 15 minutes.
Even the bikes are enjoying the view.
Took only one wrong turn...
And the asphalt is gone. No way to go forward...
On top of the Jaufenpass
Enjoying the great weather and the view
The Timmelsjoch - our way back to Austria.
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A short look around from top of Timmelsjoch.
Afternoon coffee at the Kühtai. Our last pass over 2000 m.
A visit to the Edelweiss headquarters in Mieming.
The whole group at the end of our last ride together. Many thanks to all of the participants from the Tourguide team, it has been a great tripp and a great ride with all of you.
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