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NSZ 2302 New Zealand Tour

Friday, November 24, 2023 | Axel Gert Schneider / Thomas Fellechner / Michaela Achatzi | Pacific

Welcome to the New

Zealand Tour 


Michaela - Thomas



In the next 21 days we will discover one of the most beautiful islands of the world!!! It´s called New Zealand and we will start our journey in here Christchurch where we will pick up our motorcycles and ride down towards Milford Sound. From there we will go north until we take the ferry to the north island. But the rest will be a secret for now!!!

Highlights like: - Milford Sound - Fox Glacier -90 Miles Beach and and and and and many more places plus breathtaking winding roads will guide us through stunning landscapes high up in the mountains and back down to the coastlines. We can promise already this tour is one of a kind – simply unforgettable.


So if you think about to discover New Zealand on a bike!? May you stay tuned and follow us on our Blog.


The Tour Guide Team of Michaela Thomas and Axel looking forward to meet our group of riders and to start this Tour of a life time.


See you later!


The Kiwi Team of 2023


Das Kiwi-Team von 2023

Day 1: Arrival and Welcomebriefing

Warm-up phase


Today is the first day of our tour, but we're not riding yet. But we all get to know each other and get the keys to our "toys".

Michaela, Axel and Thomas whet our appetites for the tour at our welcome briefing.
Afterwards we have enough time to prepare our bikes. Before we head off to dinner.

It's going to be a brilliant trip.

Our welcome briefing
Preparing the bikes

Day 2: Christchurch to Twizel


From the cold start in the morning

to an breathtaking finish


Let´s do it – It is day 2 and we will start our journey through New Zealand. I got to say in the morning it was more a feeling of staying in bed because it was raining and only around 8 C – But we are not out of sugar and that why we did what we love: riding a motorcycle and that on an Island what you have to visit once in your life!!!  As I said it was cold but somehow Petrus decided to give us a chance. So we went out of Christchurch up on the famous Summit Road and on the other side down. As you can See the mood was good and we had already a nice ride. To top the hall thing we went on down south through the flat lands and farming arear. Where we had lunch at the Farm shop & where you also got the opportunity to get some Manuka Honey – by the way: If you never had on? You should take one with you. From there on we moved on towards the Burkes Pass which was leading us to our highlight of the day: Lake Tekapo and Lake Pukaki. Just look at the colors of the Water – for me the best way to kick off this Tour – simply breathtaking and as you can see at our rider’s face, we had an sunny afternoon.
All in one this day has been a good start into the tour and on top nobody had any problems to ride on the left side.

Well that has been day 2 and many more are in front of us!!!
Say tuned for more Kiwi Moments



The Kiwi Team of 2023


On the Way out of Christchurch - Summit Road
Rakaia Gorge
Lake Tekapo
Lake Pukaki

Day 3: Twizel to Te Anau

up side down


Our 2nd real riding day begins. We set off for one of the biggest sights on the South Island, but more on that tomorrow. Our destination today is Te Anau, which is Maori and means "water rushing in the cave". But first we head up the Lindis Pass, which is not particularly high, but is winding and scenic. After a first coffee, we enter the Karawau Gorge. Not only is the road along the river a lot of fun, there is also a very special place here. Commercial bungie jumping was practically invented here. Tom and Gerhard don't miss this opportunity for an adrenaline kick. While we're on the subject of adrenaline, the road along Lake Wakatipu, known as the "Devils stairway", provides us with plenty of driving fun in the afternoon. The scenery along the lake is fantastic. After a last coffee, we roll into our destination, admired by the people at the side of the road.

The Kiwi Team of 2023



perfect weather this morning
The landscape @ lindis pass
Gerhard and Michael enjoy your coffee.
"The" bridge to have a bungie jump
Play video Download
Filesize: 47 MB
and Tom went for it
Play video Download
Filesize: 6 MB
bungie humor
All my ducklings
Charles, Tom and Gerhard @ Lake Wakatipu
The fastest fuel stop ever with 16 motorcycles
Everyone had their own gas pump
riding in new zealand

Day 4: Te Anau to Queenstown

The sound of Milford

What a Day!!!!!


It's alarmingly early when we bring our luggage to the van today. All this for an unforgettable experience, that's the promise. Spoiler alert, we weren't promised too much. After all, one of New Zealand's most famous sights awaits us today, Milford Sound. A beautiful fjord with a connection to the Tasman Sea. The ride there alone is worth the early start. We ride on winding roads through majestic gorges, with snow-capped mountain peaks, into a fascinating rainforest. At the end of the road lies Milford Sound. On a 2-hour boat trip we have enough time to marvel at the beauty of this unique landscape. Truly unique. Filled with these impressions, we make our way back to our starting point in Te Anau. There we have lunch. In the afternoon we have another opportunity to drive the winding road along Lake Wakatipu. Our destination today is Queenstown. It was a long day but well worth it. And tomorrow is a rest day.


The Kiwi Team of 2023



We started with clouds towards Milford Sound and as a reward of the early start we had a sunny boat ride as you can see at the pictures
Meet the locals - The endangered kea is one of the most intelligent birds in the world
The sunny valley after the Homer tunnel was a blessing - it was just like a different world what we entered
Numerous waterfalls along the drive towards the Tasman Sea - it took our breath away
If your in New Zealand, you can't miss the the Milford Sound just look at the view

The history of Milford Sound 

Milford Sound is believed to have been discovered by Māori over 1,000 years ago, although few lived here permanently instead visiting for hunting, fishing and gathering pounamu. The Māori name for Milford Sound is Piopiotahi, meaning single native thrush. The South Island piopio is a native bird which is now extinct.

By the late 19th century, intrepid explorers in Fiordland were eager to share the grandeur of Milford Sound with the rest of the world. Pioneering guides like Quintin McKinnon began to establish tracks into the stunning, yet difficult to access, depths of Fiordland. In 1935, another ambitious pioneer, Henry Homer took on the challenge of drilling a tunnel through the sheer granite rock of the Darran Mountain Range to build a road to Milford Sound.


The Kiwi Team of 2023


Einwohner des Fjordes
The mountain range in the fjord goes up to over 1500 meter
We had such a good time and the view of the fjord was just breathtaking - the Cristal clear water in combination with the high Mountains - It was Milford Sound at his best
What a sunny day - and we deserved it after this cold start in the morning - we had around 7 C
On the way out of Milford Sound and through the rainforrest to Te Anau and Queenstown
Last stop before we arrive in Queenstown and where will stay for 2 nights
Devil's Staircase viewpoint

Day 5: Restday Queenstown

take it easy


Today is our first rest day, certainly not a bad idea after yesterday's long day. And Queenstown is the perfect place for it. The town has a lot to offer. Of course, there's also the opportunity to ride a motorcycle. The route leads along Lake Wakatipu to Glenorch, where scenes for Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia were filmed. Then it's up to the Coronet peak. The road is, after all, the highest tarmac road in the South Island. In the afternoon, we have all the time in the world to go shopping. If you want, you can top up your adrenaline levels with a jet boat ride. 


The Kiwi Team of 2023



View over lake Wakatipu from the other side
Thomas, Tom, Michael, Charles, Scott and Richard
Cheers to a good day

Day 6: Queenstown to Fox Clacier



After yesterday's relaxed exploration of Queenstown and the surrounding area, today we head back into the wilderness. Variety is the theme of the day. After leaving Queenstown, we head up the first pass. The wonderfully winding road leads us through a barren mountain landscape and offers spectacular views. After enjoying the views to the full, we head back down into the valley. A small village called Wanaka welcomes us with a beautiful panorama of lake and mountain landscape. The following kilometers are characterized by magnificent views of lakes, mountains and lots of green. The road winds along the rocks and offers plenty of riding fun. What a mix.

After lunch, we head over the Haas Pass, through seemingly endless forests down to the west coast. Welcome to the rainforest. We ride along the coast, a stop at the beach is of course a must. One coffee later we reach Fox Clacier, our destination for today, where Michaela is already waiting for us with a cool Bootbeer. What a day.


The Kiwi Team of 2023


Goodbye Queenstown and lets go to the west coast
First pass of the day Crown Range Road - such a nice road - it was such a bless to ride to the top
Welcome to Cardrona Hotel - the oldest Hotel in New Zealand
Time for a real coffee - because down here in New Zealand the hotels got usually only filter coffee and here is the place to be, where coffee lovers are spoiled
Lake Wanaka with a stunning view
On Breathtaking days like these there are heaps of chats where you trie to figure out if that is a dream or real
Lake Hawea on of the largest lakes of New Zealand 192 square kilometres
Welcome to the rainforest at the West coast along the Haast Pass
Ship Creek stunning beach at the west coast

Day 7: Fox Glacier to Greymounth

Snow landing at Fox Glacier

Up in the air 

 what a start to the day!!


Check in, weigh, and then we go to Fox Glacier in two helicopters.

Perfect weather gives us unforgettable moments.

With this unique experience, we get on our motorbikes and set off through the rainforests on the west coast.

Curves Curves and more curves.

Thomas has a nice surprise in store, a beautiful place and a picnic.

We continue on to Arthur's Pass.

We almost feel like we are in the European Alps, but only almost.

Because there is a species of parrots here - the Keas - that you have to be careful of - and their beak, nothing is safe.

Our destination today is Graymount but we're not out of the west coast yet, stay tuned and we'll continue tomorrow


The Kiwi Team of 2023


Charly enjoy the amazing area
Like little children
Shawn and Christel have a snowball fight.
Christel hits
An amazing view as we flew back down from the glacier
One mosaic garden
Thomas prepared a delicious Picknick at a nice place
Arthur's Pass is the higher Alpine pass on the South Island at 920 m and the most important connection from west to east
Keas - a rare parrot species that is threatened with extinction - it's nice that we can still see some
Michael is fascinated

Day 8: Greymouth to Nelson

The Playgroup

along the west coast


The New Zealand adventure continues. Today we head north along the west coast. A day full of contrasts and an important discovery awaits us. Our first stop is the "pancake rocks". One of the country's top sights. And on top of that, something you don't get to see every day. The coastal road is also very special, entertaining us with countless curves in the best weather. As the icing on the cake, Cape Foulwind awaits us at the end. The cape is home to a seal colony and is definitely worth a visit.

We turn our backs on the coast and drive on to the Buller Gorge, which is certainly not the longest or most impressive river on the island. But a very entertaining road has been built here to follow its course. Of course, there is plenty to discover to the left and right. We probably don't need to emphasize the magnificent landscape any more.

Back in the lowlands and along the coast, we finally reach our destination. Nelson.


The Kiwi Team of 2023


Pancakes rocks
Pam and Kelly
the ride along the coastline in the morning
Cape foulwind
This seems to be the place for cool people
there are always interesting places to discover
It seems that Kelly likes the new edelweiss concept
All in one, shop and Museum
Lisa travels back in time.
A little afternoon workout

Day 9: Nelson to Wellington

bye, bye south island


Today we leave the South Island of New Zealand and continue our journey on the North Island. The port is just over a hundred kilometers from the hotel in Nelson. But it's a tough one. The sign at the side of the road says "Picton over scenic road". And the road not only offers great views but also countless bends. That's a great way to start the day. Once we arrive at the harbor, we have enough time to eat an ice cream and enjoy the palm-lined view of Queen Charlote Sound.

Then we board the ferry. The three and a half hour crossing is a welcome opportunity to review the experiences of the last few days.

Wellington welcomes us with typical capital city traffic. Now that we have sufficiently exercised our clutch hand, we reach our hotel. Tomorrow is a rest day. The 2nd part of our journey begins.


The Kiwi Team of 2023



Day 10: Restday Wellington

the restless gona rest


Today is our second rest day of the tour. Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, is the perfect place for this. The city isn't as fancy as Queenstown, but it's great for exploring. Of course, a rest day ride is also on the menu. The tour takes us along winding, narrow roads with hardly any traffic to Southward. The local car museum is not only home to cars but also airplanes, boats and of course motorbikes from over 100 years of technical history. Some of the exhibits certainly bring back memories. But we won't be able to reminisce for too long, because the Akatarawa road is narrow - I mean narrow - yes, just as narrow, oh yes, and it's also winding. At the end of this rollercoaster, an idyllic wildlife park awaits us, whose inhabitants seem to have no fear of humans. There we fortify ourselves with a small snack before plunging back into the traffic of the capital.

The Kiwi Team of 2023


our small riders pack for today
impressions from the Carmuseum in Southward
Charles is testing his new vehicle
34hp and made of copper, definitely a race car
Whats out Scott
Thomas and his new friend

Day 11: Wellington to Napier

Namaste Chrystal

East West 

We leave Wellington rested after our day of rest via the expressway. To take the spectacular route over the Rimuaka Pass. Dark clouds to the right and left but we find the path of light.

We stop for a coffee in the Wellingtonians' weekend paradise.


Lush green fields and lots of sheep everywhere.

And don't forget all the great curves with zero traffic.

Our lunch was prepared by Axel today, thank you for that.

We continue to the longest place name in the world.


Before we move into our current quarters in the Jugee of the nightly Napier.

To see the first ray of sunshine of the day before everyone else at 5:48 a.m. tomorrow


The Kiwi Team of 2023


Play video Download
Filesize: 3 MB

The name "Taumatawhakatangihanga-koauauotamateaturipukakapikimaunga-horonukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu"

translates roughly as "The summit where Tamatea, the man with the big knees, the slider, climber of mountains, the land -swallower who travelled about, played his koauau (flute to his loved one"


I take it all

Day 12: Napier to Rotorua

Volcanoes, deserts and forests


It's good morning world this morning, because in Napier we can experience the sunrise of a new day before anyone else in the world. Somehow a cool thought.

After breakfast, we head out into the wilderness. We are almost alone out here, apart from the sheep.
We drive through idyllic forests and landscapes characterized by these typical rolling hills.

Unfortunately, we have to do without our morning coffee, because where there's nothing going on....

Around midday, the landscape opens up again and we can marvel at the three majestic volcanoes, Ruepehu, Ngaurahoe and Tongariro. The national army museum is also located at their feet.
Not only does a very interesting exhibition await us here, but also lunch. Time to relax.

We continue along the volcanoes through a steppe landscape up to Lake Taupo. A huge volcanic crater. We enjoy the beauty of the landscape once again over a last coffee. The closer we get to our destination of Rotoura, the more often we notice the smell of sulphur.


The Kiwi Team of 2023


The First Sunrise at this Day , for the World
Snowangels are beginner class
Old bridges
New hairstyle by Bill
Impressions from the national army museum in Waiouro
Volcanoes along the road
Lisa and Andrew
Kelly, our undercover massage therapist
Lisa and Andrew @ the Huka falls
Huka falls

Day 13: Rotorua to Auckland

Rotorua Sulphur Springs

The last ride of part 1


Today we started our motorcycles the last time together because a part of the group will leave us tomorrow. But before start with the goodbye and the flashbacks what we have seen in the past 14 days!!!

There is a riding day in front of us. We started with mixred feeelings, because Petrus was not sure if we should have another sunny riding day or not. On the and we could say: there have been some moments where we got a little wet - but all in one we we had a blessed ride. The ride himself went up on the eastcoast through the farming land of Kiwi Avocado and co untill our coffeee stop at the Waihi Beach. From there on we went towards the Firth of Thames where we had lunch. The road from the lunch towards Auckland went once more along the coastline - but this time with some windy moments until we enjoyed a nice winding road to the highway which brought us to Auckland.

Well and tonight it is time to say goodby to a part of the group and the rest will continue the ride to the northes point of New Zealand. What means tonight we will have a fair well dinner.

And now it is time to get britty for the dinner 


The Kiwi Team of 2023



Die letzte Fahrt von Teil 1


Heute sind wir das letzte Mal gemeinsam mit unseren Motorrädern losgefahren, denn ein Teil der Gruppe wird uns morgen verlassen. Aber bevor wir mit der Verabschiedung und den Rückblicken beginnen, was wir in den letzten 14 Tagen erlebt haben!!!

Gibt es unseren Fahrtag von heute. Wir starteten mit gemischten Gefühlen, denn Petrus war sich nicht sicher, ob wir einen weiteren sonnigen Fahrtag haben sollten oder nicht. Im Nachhinein können wir sagen: es gab einige Momente, in denen wir ein wenig nass wurden - aber alles in allem hatten wir einen windigen aber angenehmen Tag. Die Fahrt selbst führte uns entlang der Ostküste hinauf durch das Farmland von Kiwi Avocado und Co bis zu unserem Kaffeestopp am Waihi Beach. Von dort aus ging es weiter in Richtung Firth of Thames, wo wir zu Mittag aßen. Der Weg vom Mittagessen nach Auckland führte uns wieder an der Küste entlang - diesmal aber mit einigen sehr windigen Momenten, bis wir eine schöne kurvenreiche Straße zum Highway genossen, der uns nach Auckland brachte. 

Tja und heute Abend heißt es dann Abschied nehmen von einem Teil der Gruppe und der Rest wird die Fahrt zum nördlichsten Punkt Neuseelands fortsetzen. Was bedeutet, dass wir heute Abend ein Abschiedsabend haben werden.


Und jetzt ist es Zeit, sich für das Abendessen zu stärken


The Kiwi Team of 2023


Along the farming land of Kiwi Avocado and Co
Waihi Beach time for a good coffee
The Firth of Thames
Along the coastline towards Auckland
Almost at the Hotel a last fuel stop - Auckland here we come

North Island extension Let´s get ready for part two We going north

North Island extension

Let´s get ready for part two

We going north


Welcome to the extention of the New Zealand Tour.

In the next 7 days we will move on to see the rest - what means that we will ride first to the half island of Coromandel befor we take of towards Karikari. But for now that will be all what we spoil and if you like to know more just come back to the Blog.


Thomas and Axel

Day 1: Rest Day Auckland

Hallo Again from Auckland


Today it is a real rest, because it is raining and in this case there is no need to ride. On the other hand, Auckland is a town where you find always somthing to do and to discover. Places like the Sky Tower with a stunnig view, Auckland War Memorial, Auckland Zoo and much more will cover our time of.

And tomorrow we will hop on our bikes and we wil be on the road again to Tairua.

Thomas and Axel

Day 2: Auckland to Tairua

The Day full of Rain

Today we left Auckland and we went out towards Coromandel wich is a really nice riding day but in our case it was the day where we washed the bikes completely, because it was raining almost the whole day. But anyway, the start out of Auckland on a Sunday is way easier, because there is almost no traffic. And soon we got to the curvy road along the coastline towards Coromandel. After several kilometres and a coffee to warm up we drove up on the west coast and down on the east coast of the half island. The nice part of this route is for sure the stunning curvy road along the island but the downside has been for sur the bad weather so that we could not enjoyed it as we would like to. So we fight our way through some heavy rain and got an impression how nice it could be. Some stops along the way for pictures brought us finally to Tairua where we will stay for tonight. All in one this days headline says bratty much everything but if the weather is on this day on your side!!! I promise you you will love it


Well that was our day and we will cross the fingers that tomorrow will be better


See you 

Thomas and Axel 

Goodbye Auckland
Welcome to the Coromandel half island
Time for a coffee!!!!!
That has been our sunny moment of the day - I would say 3 Minutes
Coromandel coastline road - how nice you are
Petrus what have we done that you let it rain like that?
On the Top of the hills from west to the east on the Coromandel island

Day 3: Tairua to Whangarei

Our Hundertwasser moment in Whangarei

east to west


After one night in the "Jungle", we unfortunately have to leave again. We could have stayed here for a while longer, what a great place. We have a long day of driving ahead of us, once from the east to the west coast. Due to closed roads, we have to improvise a little. But the weather seems to mean well with us today. We head back towards Auckland through dense forests and beautiful gorges on roads that are still damp with rain. We leave the city and its traffic behind us as quickly as possible and head back into the hinterland. Unfortunately, the rain of the last few days has caused a landslide here which blocks our way to Piha beach. Too bad no lunch on the beach. Instead, we find a nice spot on the side of the road in the middle of the countryside. It's nice to stay here. After a short detour, we are already back on our route. The roads and landscapes are varied and we pass through villages whose streets are lined with beautifully restored old wooden houses.

Speaking of wood, we reach the Kauri Museum in the afternoon. The interesting and lovingly designed exhibition gives us a deeper insight into the history of the country. We then continue to Wangarei, our destination for today. In addition to a really good dinner, a small highlight awaits us here.

view from our Hotel in the morning
view to the Kaipara coast
its always good to move your body sometimes
impressions from the Kauri museum
the amber

Day 4: Whangarei to Karikari

From the east coast to the west coast


the rainforest to the north


That would be the shortest way to describe this day! But it was way more. We startet in Whangarei and we went straight to to the west coast where we stopped at The Woodturner's Gallery and we met the artist himself. On top - his wife stepped with us back in time and explained why the Kauri wood is so special. And meanwhile the husband brought some Kauri wood to the table, which has been over 4000 years old - it was just impressive. After that it was time to move on - and the coffee stop was the place to be. After the recharging the batteries we went to the Waipu forest which is famous for the big Kauri trees. Well and than it was time to get some lunch before we cached the ferry and moved on towards Karikari where we will stay for the next two days. And road wise it was such a great day - it was like a dance - from one turn into the next in Waipu forest and after the ferry it went on and on like this, almost to the end of the day.

It was such a pleasure to ride today!!! If i could i would do it tomorrow again !!!!

Well, and now we are up here and it is halftime what means we got a restday tomorrow what means actually nothing if you ask Charly because we will ride for sure.


So see you tomorrow 

Thomas and Axel

We met the artist Rick Tayler
The Woodturner's Gallery
Baylys Beach
Welcome to the Waipua Forest
Tane Mahuta (Gott des Waldes) Girth: 16,41m Total hight 29,9m
Here we go again on a stunning road with sunshine
Waiting for the ferry to get from Rawene to Kohukohu
Stunning coastline along the way
Our view for the next two days in Karikari

Day 5: Restday Karikari

all the way north


It is beautiful, the place where we are. Almost too beautiful to leave. But hey, if we're already this far north then we have to top it all off. Otherwise it would be like turning around just before the North Cape in Norway. So we get on our bikes, later than usual of course, and set off for Cape Reigna, which is officially the northernmost point in the country. The ride there is relaxed without being boring, which is good because we take the same route back. At the cape itself, we are almost overwhelmed. The weather is perfect and the view is breathtaking.

As a contrast to the calm blue of the sea and the lush green of the landscape, we pay a short visit to the shifting sand dunes on the famous "90milles beach".

Just in time for the rain to start, we stop for a quick bite to eat. Then we head back down to the aforementioned "90milles beach". In reality, it is actually much shorter but no less impressive.  Due to the weather, we return dry to our villas on the golf course.

We round off this last rest day of the tour with a leisurely dinner.

first stop of the day, maybe the best pies in NZ
Cape Reinga
Scott, do you like the view?
Gerhard, Scott and Michael @ cape Reinga
Sanddunes @ 90mile beach
Gerhard is always ready ro go
90mile beach

Day 6: Karikari Peninsula to Waitangi

On The Way back towards Auckland

Welcome on day 6, where went down south along the coastline. We started today at 9 and the weather clears up so that we had a really blessed ride to Waitangi. Along the way there have been some sections which has been like a rollercoaster up and down and very twisty. I put it this way - It was fun with a view!!! First coffee stop has been on the oldest store from New Zealand (from 1832) and afterwards we went to the highlight of the day historical wise - The Waitangi Museum - Where in 1840 the contract has been signet between England and the Maori. After stepping back in time, we needed some more curves and so we did. Down south and the old Russell Road back up was the second part of the rollercoaster of these day. Almost no traffic and good grip made this road to 60% to a fun run. And than, well then we hit the rain on the last 40 km of the day. But all in one it was a great riding day with a stunning view along the coastline and on top the museum.

Well and now we got to go for dinner!!!!

So See you tomorrow on our last riding day

Thomas and Axel

Here we go again - next stop Waitangi
It feels like in Italy - Olive Trees
Stunning coastline view along the way
The rollercoaster in the morning brought us down to the beach and back up all the time
The oldest Store in New Zealand from 1832
In the distance we could see Russel where will be towards the end of our ride today
Welcome to the Waitangi Museum and the history of New Zealand - where everything began
On Top we got to see a Haka
And as a surprise we made a little picknick after the Museum
Rollercoaster part 2
That looks like we gonna be wet in a couple of curves
A little ferry ride and some kilometres and we are at the hotel in Waitangi

Day 7: Waitangi to Auckland

sea to the city


Here it is, our last day of touring. After 21 days, it's time to say goodbye. But that's no reason not to celebrate the day with a firework display of riding pleasure.

We start in Waitangi and take the same ferry as the day before. We give the "old Russel road" another chance. Unfortunately, the rain had thwarted our plans yesterday. And lo and behold, today it's just as we ordered, the weather is perfect, the panoramas are beautiful and there are plenty of bends.... That's how it should be.

After a quick coffee stop, we join the highway, which we leave a little later. To take a few more bends along the coast. We have lunch in Waipu, a place popular with surfers.

Full and satisfied, we tackle the last bend of the tour, the road through the Matakana Valley. Here it's time to open our eyes again and enjoy.

Then it's back onto the highway, where we roll along with the city traffic towards the hotel.

A worthy end to a great adventure.

Michael, Scott and Charles, enjoy the view
Same ferry different experiance
those burgers are good
last break @ the beach before we hit Auckland
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William Wilde
Monday, November 20, 2023 at 11:18

Charlie you old goat. Still looking good. Have a great tour and ride safe
Charlie Green
Tuesday, November 21, 2023 at 06:11

We are having a great tour thanks for looking at the blog✌️
Judi Stark
Wednesday, November 22, 2023 at 07:09

We can tell by the smile on your face that you are really enjoying yourself.
Michaela Achatzi
Wednesday, November 22, 2023 at 21:56

he enjoys every day!!!
Michaela Achatzi
Saturday, November 18, 2023 at 23:14

Euch allen eine gute Weiterfahrt, es wird euch gefallen im Norden.

Freu mich auf Bilder


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