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ADO2302 Adventure Dubai & Oman

Monday, December 11, 2023 | Angela | Asia

The main actor of this evening
The main actor of yesterday evening

Day 1 - Dubai to Al Aqah in the Emirate Fujeira

أهلا وسهلا - Ahlan we Sahlan  


... or welcome to our motorcycle tour through the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Oman. 


Once again, motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the world have come together in Dubai for our Edelweiss Bike Travel Adventure Oman & Emirates to explore these two interesting desert countries on two wheels. More precisely, we have riders from Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Canada and the USA. We are all enjoying the warm, sunny weather, which means we can push the end of the 2023 motorcycle season two weeks further away.

In fact, our tour start hotel is located 60 km outside of Dubai in the Emirate of Sharja. Most of the riders arrived one or two days earlier, have already acclimatized and are well rested for the start of our tour.
You will find new things every day here in the UAE
Our today's highlight was the ride up the Jebel Jais mountain. It is an approximately 30 km long road seasoned with nice sweeping pavement, which takes you all the way up to the top on 4500 feet.
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Marc, Christine, and Max caught in the act - enjoying the ride up the mountain.
Beautiful Jebel Jais road
Had I known this earlier, I would have held the briefing up here on the summit

Day 2 - Al Aqah to Sohar in Oman

 صباح الخير عزيزي عشاق الدراجات النارية

Good morning to all motorcycle friends out there

There's a lot on the agenda today: pretty soon after leaving Al Aqah, we stop at a little gem of the Emirate of Fujairah - the smallest and oldest mosque in the Emirates. 

Our route then takes us around the smallest part of Oman, which lies in the middle of the Emirates, separated from the rest of the country. We arrive in Hatta in the south of the Emirates via a short dirt road, which serves us to get used to riding on the dirt roads.

After our visit to the Hatta dam and a well-earned lunch, we cross the border into Oman. We spend the night today in Sohar.

Die Moschee ist aus Lehmziegeln und Steinen erbaut. Im Inneren wird sie hauptsächlich durch eine einzige Mittelsäule getragen.
No doubt, were we asked to follow the rules.
The "hikers" in our group
This amphitheatre is supposed to represent a link between the past and the present. Apart from this, it mainly serves as a stage for various events.
Off the wide roads you will find the true beauty of both the UAE and the Oman
And also the great fun of riding there, of course
Here are Cheryl and Avgi in full swing, our two powerful women riders from the USA
Happy bikers after this great ride and the achievement
Happy Jürg from Switzerland
The Hatta dam
Sheikh Rashid and Sheikh Zayed, the two founding fathers, adorn this watercourse
The last times I came here, I was surprised to find such a large parking for the area. But this time we understood - this will be a waterpark in the future.

Day 3 - Sohar to Mascat

 يوم رائع آخر في عمان

 Another fantastic day in Oman

We leave Sohar behind us and initially follow the Omani car drivers, who are speeding along the highway direction Muscat. Shortly after our morning coffee break, we turn inland again towards the Hajar Mountains. The nice twisty route that follows shortly afterwards makes us stop again and again for a photo at the side of the road - the mountains here in Oman, which are so completely different to the Alps, are absolutely impressive to our eyes.

The rest of the day's stage takes us along the foothills of these mountains on a well-maintained road. Perfectly well with the sun setting we arrive at our beautiful hotel right by the sea in Muscat.

Why getting out of the car at all?
Long time - no sitting

By the fourth day of the trip, everyone was so familiar with each other already that even during the coffee break, in-depth conversations kept some peple from continuing the ride
The road following our coffee break gave us a first idea of the beauty of the mountainous areas in Oman
It feels like we discover a beautiful track around every other bend, which seems to run towards the mountains.
Wonderful mountain scenery wherever you look.
Alexander is on tour with us to take photos. Every now and then it has to be also one or two of him
I was surprised to find this type of roof in an Arabic country.
Marc and Martin know each other from the Edelweiss World Tour. They have ridden three sections of it with their own motorcycles. And now, they decided to also explore the Oman.
Again and again the spectacular landscape along our way from Sohar to Muscat draws our attention.
Even the weather seems to have heard of our enthusiasm for Oman. Sun and clouds conjure up a wonderful spectacle in the sky.
We finally reach Muscat, the capital of Oman, in the early evening. Our beautiful hotel is located directly by the sea.
A literally "sweet" surprise from the hotel awaits us in our rooms.

Day 4 - Rest day in Mascat

الاسترخاء في عاصمة عمان

Relaxing in Oman's Capital

The rest day in Muscat is one of the few rest days on Edelweiss tours where you don't want to ride your motorcycle that much. After all, the capital of the Sultanate has some beautiful and exotic sights to offer.

First on the agenda is a visit to the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. Of course, we don't need a cab. We hop on our motorcycles, respectively in our pick-up truck and simply drive ourselves to the mosque, which is a little further out of the city center.
As soon as all the women in our group were suitably "wrapped up", we were allowed to enter the mosque grounds. Being able to see this mosque from the inside, indeed, is a very special experience.
Cheryl and Avgi "dressed up" like a Muslima
Obviously, the 8-ton crystal chandelier and the huge carpet, which is made in one piece, are particularly striking.
Alex is completely absorbed in taking pictures
And this is the result of his action - the chandelier from below
Shoes are not allowed inside the mosque - and boots even less so.
After our visit to the mosque, we drove directly to the Mutrah district.
Here you will find the government district of Muscat with the working palace of Sultan Haitham bin Tariq
The Corniche, ...
... same as the well-known forts Al-Mirani and Al Jalali and the Mutrah Fort also located in the same area.
Christine enjoys this restday in Maskat very much
On our way back to the hotel ...
... we come across several almost monumental signs of the local's loyalty to the Sultan.
Zwischen Mittagessen und Rückfahrt zum Hotel haben wir im Souk noch unsere Souvenirs eingekauft.
We also have traffic circle art at home - but certainly not as beautiful
Our hotel outside Mascat lies in a breathtakingly beautiful bay ...
... and leaves no wish unfulfilled.
It's already very Christmassy here as well

Day 5 - Mascat to Ras Al Jinz

الى السلاحف

The route to the turtles


Well rested, we continue our journey further south today. Ras Al Jinz is the desired location to go, if you want to observe the green turtle, a species native to Oman. But there is also plenty to do and see along today's route.

First thing in the morning, we indulge our newly discovered passion for driving on gravel roads. The initial shyness has quickly turned into great fun.

We spend a relaxed lunch break at Bimmah Sinkhole. And as it's already so warm, we cool off in the water.

After that, we continued to the next highlight, the last remaining manufacturer of dhow boats in Sur. It is very impressive to sit in such an unfinished ship's belly, admiring the incredible handiwork. 

Towards the end of the day, we arrive in Ras Al Jinz. After dinner, we are very excited and can hardly wait for our guide to take us to the giant tortoises.

Avgi and Cheryl love riding the dirt roads
And also Willem is following their trail.
Jürg is immersed completely in his element
As soon as Martin gets off the motorcycle, he is climbing up one of the hills nearby. No surprise, the views are breathtaking
Also Alex is shooting up the hills to capture the mind-blowing scenery
Angela, Cheryl, and Avgi make a great female riding team on the tour.
Avgi enjoys those breaks to relax and to soak up the sun
Off we go again
We stop for lunch at Bimmah Sinkhole, which is located right next to the turquoise blue sea.
The colour of the water is so beautiful that we have a hard time to turn away our eyes.
This particular fish prompted us to stop along the road. It is made entirely from the garbage that has been washed up here from the sea.
As a final highlight before our destination for the day, we visit the only remaining dhow workshop in Sur.
There are currently two dhows being built. This smaller one and another big one, about four times this size. It will take about 3 years for 15 workers to finish the boat.
One of the boat builders seals the gaps with cotton
And here you see the larger of the two boats.
Jürg is posing for the picture to give you a feel for the dimensions
Alex has found a "little nail"
On the final stretch of today's route, we get to admire a beautiful sunset in the desert
No, this hasn't been beach vehicle driving along the shore. These are the tracks of a giant turtle that has been crawling out of the sea ...
... to bury her approx. 100 eggs in the deep sand.
Lucky us! Right next to the big turtle was another clutch of eggs from which the baby turtles had already hatched.

Day 6 - Ras Al Jinz to Al Wasil

انطلق إلى الصحراء

Up north and in to the desert

Full of impressions from the previous evening, we set off for one of the deserts of Oman.

On the way there we stop in one of the wadis to have lunch by the watercourse.

Our encounter with these goats at the gas station gave us a good laugh
Alex, relaxing on his BMW 1250 GSA
On our route there is a turnoff into one of the wadis, which has a few pools in its watercourse. Bathing rules are also available here, of course
Alexa lets the fish “clean” his feet
The pools in the wadi
Different countries, different traffic signs
After arriving at the desert camp, we were driven up the dunes to enjoy the sunset.

Day 7 - Al Wasil to Al Jebel Al Akhdar

إلى الجبل الأخضر

Up the green mountain

We would love to stay here in the sand dunes for a while.  The desert has an extremely calming effect on people.

As soon as we have got our motorbikes out of the parking lot, though, we continue our journey towards the highest mountains in Oman - the Hajar Mountains.

At the women's market, the 5 women in the group had the pleasure of immersing ourselves in the spirit of Omani women.  Men have to stay outside.

The route up to Jebel Al Akhdar is a treat for the ambitious motorcyclist.

Day 8 - Rest day at the Jebel Al Akhdar

طبيعة نقية

Pure nature

A well-deserved rest day, you might think, after so many kilometers and so many great experiences on our tour through Oman. But even today, almost the entire group gathers to explore the beauty of the landscape around Jebel Al Akhdar by motorcycle. However, as our hotel is also a real highlight, we will return after about half a day so that we can also enjoy some relaxation there.

Day 9 - Al Jebel Al Akhdar to Al Hamra

التقليد والدردشة مع السكان المحليين

Tradition and a lovely encounter with locals

Looking at the road map at this morning's briefing caused many questioning faces: "But that looks like a very short distance today? When will we arrive at the hotel?

Don't worry, we'll be busy all day!

First, we enjoy the wonderful winding road down Jebel Akhdar one last time. Then we drive via Nizwa to the town of Al Hamra. Misfath Al Abreeyn is our first highlight today. The place is one of the typical Omani villages that have been very well preserved in their original state, but have nevertheless been integrated with a little bit of modernity.

We then take a look inside one of these typical Omani houses. The Bait Al Safah, which is now a museum, is perfect for this.

But there is also no shortage of driving challenges today. We improve our driving skills on the dirt roads by adding a little incline to the mix. We head up the Jebel Shams and at its top, the 'Grand Canyon of the Middle East' awaits us with its breathtaking views.

Mr. Sidi Abdel Assar of Al Hama

Day 10 - Al Hamra to Al Ain (UAE)

العودة إلى الإمارات العربية المتحدة

Returning to the UAE

A little sad on the one hand, as we are approaching the end of the tour, but mixed with anticipation for today's route in the morning, we leave our hotel with its breathtaking views and ride back down the dirt road into the valley.

As a final "treat" on this tour, we can, for a final time, put our skills of riding a motorcycle on unpaved roads to the test. The unbelievably beautiful nature turns this combination into an unforgettable experience for all of us.

As a final cultural highlight before we leave Oman again, we visit the beehive tombs dating back to pre-Christian times.

The last stretch of the day takes us through the 'Empty Quarter', the part of the desert shared by the three countries of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Oman. Our destination for today, Al Ain, is just over the border.

Day 11 - Al Ain back to Dubai

خط النهاية في دبي

Finish line in Dubai

All's well that ends well! Even if the Al Ain-Dubai road is not exactly the most exhilarating motorcycle route, our visit to the sky pool in Dubai is a worthy conclusion to our enchanting tour through the Emirates and Oman. 

"Freshly bathed", we roll into our hotel in Dubai City with the impressive sight of the Burj Al Khalifa.

A big thank you to all riders of this tour from the Edelweiss team, Jorge, Angela and Ibrahim! It was a very special tour with many beautiful experiences. I look forward to being able to guide you through one of the beautiful countries on this planet again in the future.
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von Waldburg Gabriele
Friday, December 8, 2023 at 17:07

Liebe Angela
Was für schöne coole Bilder! Soooo schade, dass ich nicht mitfahren konnte.
Gute Fahrt... vielleicht gibt es ja nächstes Jahr eine Maschine für mich, das wäre cool.
In diesem Sinn hoffentlich bis bald
Angela de Haan
Saturday, December 9, 2023 at 19:07

Hallo Gaby,
das hoffe ich auch, würde mich sehr freuen, dich wieder auf Tour dabei zu haben.
Liebe Grüße, Angela
Michaela Achatzi
Friday, December 1, 2023 at 11:10

Hallo Beatrix and Jürg
Viele tolle Erlebnisse und noch mehr Spaß
Grüße aus down under
Jürg R. Glauner-Hertig
Sunday, December 3, 2023 at 17:54

Danke Michaela, we enjoy Oman very much.
Jürg R. Glauner-Hertig
Sunday, December 3, 2023 at 17:54

Danke Michaela, we enjoy Oman very much.
Friday, December 1, 2023 at 17:51

Vielen Dank, wir geniessen es in vollen Zügen. Liebe Grüsse nach down under ! Béatrice und Jürg


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