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4AN2401 Southern Spain Extreme

Saturday, April 6, 2024 | Nicolas Martin / Thomas Fellechner | Europe

Day 1: Welcome to spain



Hello and welcome to our adventure in southern Spain. The pack is complete, the bikes are ready and the weather is....well, let's wait and see

There's not much to report today. In the afternoon we meet for our welcome briefing, after which we have time to load our bikes. We all get to know each other better over a hearty dinner.

if you want to know how our adventure takes off stay tuned.

Nicolas and Thomas

View from our hotel to the ocean. The weather is changing every hour, lets see how it is tomorrow
The heavy wind made the preparations quite a challenge. But after every storm, there is sunshine. And the bikes are ready for our excited Guests.
The Welcome Briefing starts with an Overview of the Tour. Thomas already knows the Route and was perfectly prepared.

Day 2: Málaga to Sierra de Alhama

on the coast of liquid sunshine


Today is the first day of driving, the view out of the window bodes well... Unfortunately, the hope of dry conditions doesn't last long. But what the heck, we're here to experience an adventure, so get on the horse and off we go. After the first few kilometers on the highway, we finally turn off into the mountains and despite the weather, we get a good first impression of what awaits us over the next few days. In a small mountain village, we warm up with our first coffee. But the weather doesn't get any better. So we decide to split up the group. While Nicolas takes part of the group straight to the hotel, Thomas heads down to the Coste del Sol with some of the more daring. There we have tropical salads and hot tea for lunch. What a mixture. Fortunately, our hotel has 2 bars. One for the bikes and one for us

Grant is preparing his bike. The weather doesn't look too bad yet
Petra, did you forget something?
the elixir of life
Ted is thankfull for everything warm
This spectacular salad doesen`t fit realy to the weather, but it is delicious
We arrived in the middle of nowhere.
This is called a bike bar
And this is the Biker Bar

Day 3: Sierra de Alhama to La Calahorra

Towards the sun


Riding day number 2 is just around the corner and unfortunately so is the rain which has been raging incessantly during the night, accompanied by storms. Nevertheless, we managed to persuade the bikes to leave the bar.
And the weather has certainly left its mark. Fallen trees, small muddy streams crossing the roads... admittedly not exactly inviting. So we decide to take the quickest route to the next hotel. Not least to avoid the snowfall in the mountains. This gives us time and so we can take it easy. We ride comfortably from coffee stop to coffee stop, warming ourselves with a coffee or hot chocolate every half hour. After just a few hours, we finally reach our destination of La Callahorra, a village of 700 souls in the mountains overlooked by a mighty 16th century fenestration-like estate. Our hotel is no less stately. A lovingly designed place with winding corridors and lots of little details. And while our clothes hopefully hang out to dry in front of the heaters for the last time, we enjoy the good atmosphere and the camaraderie of our group.

Andreas, Marc, Davis and Grant @ our First stop
and the next coffee is not to far away, tough guys
Here we Go again!
and like everywhere... "Jamon iberico" to go
our Hotel for today, warm, cozy and pretty
the "castle" od La Callahorra
a good Lunch with old and new friends

Day 4. La Calahorra to Pechina

Day 1 but V2.0

Finally! Today, we woke up with a crystal clear sky and ice cold Air. The wind blew the rain clouds and the disappointment away over night. I would say it is time for another "first riding" day with the chance to get one with our bikes. 

The first little Adventure was the rough gravel road up to the castle for a group picture before climbing the first of many mountain passes today. "Puerto de la Ragua" welcomed us with a perfect set of nice dry tarmac and sweeping curves. That soon changed to some wet spots in the forest and even black ice around the 2000m mark, but that was only a warning for the oncoming adventure.

After a splendid coffe stop in the warming sun of the next valley we concluded the loop around the eastern Sierra Nevada Range with another set of fun mountain roads. The day should be like a roller coaster, up and down over mountains and through valleys. But nature had other plans and we got our april fool on time. Even though "Puerto de Escullar" should be open, according to a sign at the bottom of the pass, it was impossible to do it with our bikes and street tires. Near the top we were stopped by a closed snow blanket and after a quick risk assessment we decided to ride back down and look for another route. 

In the afternoon we were back on the original track and could enjoy the other highlights like the "La Tetica" pass and the Observatory "Calar Alto" before reaching our nice, little hotel in an old moorish/spanish convent.

Our daily Briefing, the Start of every Riding day.
What a lovely Morning after the endless rain.
The Pack infront of the castle in La Calahorra
First stop this morning on 2000m above sea level...the snow gives the special touch to it.
Petra infront of the fortress in Seron
The La Tetica Pass
Fun, Fun, Fun
The Observatory and the heroes of the day

Day 5: Pechina to Arroyo Frio

from Sierra to Sierra


Riding day number 4 is coming up and the weather is perfect... Yes, that's how it should be. Almost 360 varied kilometers lie ahead of us. As is usual in Spain, breakfast is late, so the early risers among us have all the time in the world to enjoy the sunrise. After a few kilometers of freeway, a seemingly endless ribbon of dream roads awaits us. Hardly any traffic, almost flawless asphalt and one bend after the next. The landscape alternates between rugged and bizarre-looking rocky landscapes and carefully cultivated hills full of olive trees, while in small villages along the way we repeatedly encounter the lush yellow of lemon trees. And although this day is not without its surprises. We really get going again in the afternoon. After a connecting stage with few bends but beautiful scenery, we reach the mountains around Puerto Tiscar. Once again, spectacular roads and even more spectacular views await us. Not to mention the orgy of bends up to our hotel in Arroyo Frio.    

view from Pechina down to Almerie in the morning
Nico is given us the details for the upcoming hours
this road is a good opener
Andreas, Elisabeth und Lothar
its worth it to look around, there is so much small details
last coffee in Castril
the pack @ Puerto Tiscar
Someone must have thought "hey let's build a monastery in the most impossible place in Spain" #Santuario Tiscar

Day 6. Restday Arroyo Frio

take it easy


Today is a rest day, which of course doesn't mean that we have to sit idly in the hotel. The weather is perfect and so everyone can organize their day as they like. And while some people explore the town and relax, others go off on their own to explore the beautiful countryside. Of course, there is also a guided tour, which, as befits an extreme tour, has it all. No less than 250 km have to be covered. But with our group, it's a short trip. So Charles, Ted, Jörg, Colin and Thomas set off to explore the mountains around Arroyo Frio. There are reservoirs, extensive forests, high plateaus, castles and, of course, a thousand and one bends to discover. In the evening, we all meet up for a cozy BBQ. What a day

This landscape is amazing
Ted, Jörg, Colin and Charlie
it looks like we are kind of an attraction. As we sit down for a little Snack the local News ask us for an interview
Jörg and Conlin infront of the old Church in Segura de la Sierra
there is also a 600 year old fortress in Segura del la Sierra and because of we are there in offseason, we are able to ride up there
theme of the day is the "Embalses" of southern spain. and there are allot of them.

Day 7. Arroyo Frio to Mengibar



Rested and full of energy, we start a new day. A day that will once again impressively show us the beauty and diversity of this region. We start early, the fog is still heavy in the valleys of the Sierra Carzolas. The first few kilometers through the coniferous forests are almost mystical.  Escaping the fog, we ride along seemingly endless side roads lined with olive groves. At some point, we turn onto one of the main roads and finally onto a highway. After all, we don't want to spend too much time in the lowlands. We stock up on snacks at a rest stop and continue towards the wilderness. We stop for a picnic in the countryside on a small and narrow road that leads us through a lush green hilly landscape. Strengthened and rested, we continue until we finally reach the Sierra Morena. Spectacular views and even more spectacular motorcycle roads await us here. Our destination today is Mengibar, where we spend the night in a real castle....What a day

Marc, Grand and Davis enjoying life @ our first coffeestop. We finally escaped from the fog
Petra and Elisabeth, thank you Petra for all your great pictures
French style backpack
Nice outdoor lunch today
Nice little chapel right @ our picknick spot
nice curvy road in the middle of nowhere
Andreas und Lothar @ our last quick stop for today
Marc and Grant infront of the beautifull scenery this afternoon
King Jörg infront of his castle
Dinner time

Day 8. Mengibar to Malaga



It is already a comfortable 15 degrees Celsius as the sun rises over our "palace" in Mengibar. So this promises to be a good last day of riding. After a short briefing, we set off. Our first destination is Jaen, a historically significant city with a wonderful cathedral.... and a parking problem After some back and forth, we and our bikes finally find a nice spot in the shadow of the impressive cathedral. After that, we continue on wonderfully winding roads until we reach the highway. Of course, we could just ride through to Malaga, but anyone can do that. So after a while we turn off and climb up into the mountains one last time. Spectacular views and countless bends await us once again. A nice spectacle to say goodbye. Once we arrive at the hotel, we review our experiences over a glass of Rioja.
A great tour with great people comes to an end Thanks to everyone, we hope to see you all again soon.

Nicolas and Thomas

The city of Jaen is beautifull, if you know where to go
the Cathedral in Jaen
you can`t get enouth of those we go
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Small Roads in a typical spanish town
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Petra shows us her perspective of Landscape and roads
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Jodie Clarke
Monday, April 1, 2024 at 18:32

Hey Lisi, Leo, Petra, Jörg and company! I am following your travels and praying that the weather clears up for you! I know that you will all still have a fabulous time regardless - but ride safe. Remember the "wildschwein" and smile! Love, J & J - make sure the rain is gone before we get to Portugal please!


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