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Goodbye, Christopher Columbus!

Saturday, March 26, 2011 | Markus Hellrigl | Europe

The last few days were as good as all the days before. Excellent roads, outstanding landscape and great sights to look at. After we entered Spain again we travelled from Zafra to Cordoba. If you have got only a few hours, then there is only one place to visit: a stroll through the old town to have a look at the Mezquita. This mosque / church is absolute unique mix of architecture.

Yesterdays ride brought us all the way back to Malaga. Randy's birthday became the last highlight on this trip, a cake, some wine and a little bit of sadness, but a "goodbye" with one laughing and one crying eye. Crying, because we have to separate and laughing, because we had such a good time, a lot of fun and made new friends to stay in touch with - and we might see again. Remember, "Life is like a chocolate box - you never know what you get next!"

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