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Beiträge von RAY

Marokko Tour mit unseren chinesischen Gästen - neue Videos

17. April 2019

Amazing ride through Morroco

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MCT180D 五星红旗

12. November 2018


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Toskana Tour - BIT1803 - Final Edition

22. September 2018

Day 8: San Marino - Florenz

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Grand Tour of Switzerland

17. Juni 2016

As William Tell was a precise marksman so as Edelweiss on the Grand Tour of Switzerland...we hit the target dead center. From Zurich to Thun, to St. Peters Island, to Nendaz to Zermatt......to fine cheese, the worlds BEST chocolate, to cows, raclette and the Matterhorn...this tour covered ...

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Marocco for H-D Shanghai SPT16045

12. April 2016

This tour has ended, and it is amazing to everyone how quickly the time passed....  memories of a life time were made. We shared many new experiences together.  And though our language and culture may be different from the tour guides to the guests, this rings true: ...

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AROUND THE WORLD - Moscow to Bangkok

9. Oktober 2015

More than 17.000 km from Moscow to Bangkok. Some of us travelled by far more, covering also the Europe section adding another 3.000 km! A great ride with great people !!! Thank you very much !!!

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26. Oktober 2014

Bikes and Riders are ready for the MOROCCO Tour. We are looking forward to Explore the old Caravan roads through the southern part of Morocco, this will remember us to a thousand and one nights. The countryside will take our breath away. We are expecting ...

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9SI1403 Best of Italy - Moto Grand Prix Misano - Ducati

11. September 2014

Welcome to the Ducati Tour - finished Day 6 San Marino - Bologna

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9AS1403 Majestic Alps on Ducati - back in Seefeld!

23. August 2014

Day 7: Last Day - Kals, Austria - Seefald - Austria Everybody is sad about leaving this beautiful Mountains. We will come back soon is the general meaning.

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Morocco Tour 2014 - MCT1401

25. März 2014

Morocco Tour finished

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Tour of Tuscany - BIT1303

29. September 2013

Tour of Tuscany

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Tour of Tuscany BIT1302

20. September 2013

First Day - Firence - Siena Beautiful scenery in the morning - the moon wait for the BMW Bikes

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Bonita Biker Alpen Tour 2013 - SPT 1358

7. Juli 2013

Bonita Biker Alpen Tour 2013

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TOUR OF TUSCANY – BIT1203 – running

2. Oktober 2012

Last riding day - back to Florenz - some pictures

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