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9SI1403 Best of Italy - Moto Grand Prix Misano - Ducati

Donnerstag, 11. September 2014 | RAY | Europa

Welcome to the Ducati Tour - finished

Day 6 San Marino - Bologna

Thanks God - Police like Ducati as well - we avoid an Ticket

Day 5 San Marino - Moto GP Race

Day 4 Assisi - San Marino

we are on an Ducati Tour - but Honda helps us out with the flat tire - perfect Pasta for Lunch and Cafe in Cortona makes the sunny Day perfect.

Day 3 Siena - Assisi

What a shame the hole day Rain - this is not typical for the Tuscany

Day 2 Florence - Siena

Tonight we are going out for Dinner and have a beautifull Bistecca alla fiorentina

First we feel like watching the Palio.

Day 1 Bologna - Florence

Ducati Factory Visit

Ducati´s first Bike

Getting some inside Informations:

Papucho thinks about the - old solution of cleaning the Visor - using an Tennisball

some interesting News - Ducati take part in the Rally Paris Dakar

and finally this is why we are here - Ducati Corse - Moto GP!!!

Sorry no Pictures about the factory Tour! No Pictures allowed!



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Sonntag, 14. September 2014 um 03:19

HI Ray! Great pictures! looks like a museum to drool over.... I love the tennis ball idea! I might use that one! Cheers from the land of bad coffee!


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