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Norway Touring Center 1 (NTC1401)

Mittwoch, 23. Juli 2014 | Manuel Marabese | Europa

Day 4: Geiranger+

WHAT A DAY! Geiranger+ I would say, because in these 13 hours trip we have gathered quite a few stories to tell! Shall we start with the "arctic lagoon" turquoise water of the glacial lakes along the hard pack trail of the Old Stryn Road? Or with the newly paved big switchbacks of Dalsnibba, reaching the highest fjord view on a  road in Norway and delighting us with a clear view of Geiranger fjord below us? Or with the constant subtle battle with the tour busses to take possession of the only available lane? Or shall we rather begin our tales with the whole harbour of Geiranger evacuated because of the terrorist alert that blocked Norway today (including the roads to get in or out of Geiranger, and the ferry to Hellesylt).

No. We won't start with any of these tales... because the one we may want to tell you is another one: it's the relief of managing to be among the first to board the only ferry leaving the harbour after a strategical decision to wait there instead trying to escape trough a jammed road with other hordes of vehicles. And it's also the tale about the very much awaited breeze on our skin while the boat starts to sail along the calm water of the magical King of the Fjords, releasing tension and putting a BIG smile on our faces. Yes, we made it... Another great day in Norwegian paradise!

And now... sit back and enjoy the vision!

The "entrance" to Geiranger.

Having a coffee at Jostedal Glacier visitor center.

The ride starts to become very interesting: along Old Stryn Road.

Group shot with the snow cat. This ski resort is actually closed during winter month because of... too much snow!

Isn't that unreal? Riding motorcycles here is simply magical...

We are on the top of the world... or, well, at least top of Norway.

Fantastic aerial views on the new Dalsnibba road. A must even if we need to fight with tour busses.

How small is the rider before powerful natural elements...

The Perfect Bend.

And suddenly... everything jammed and the harbour evacuated. It's like on a movie set... Luckily nothing happened.

Time to chill and kill the time, while port authorities and police are deciding how to get the people out of Geiranger.

It's like a massive migration... The cruise passengers that were on board the tour busses need to walk down the road to reach the pier since the traffic is jammed.

Wtf is happening here?

We are SO glad not to be in the queue and instead enjoying the view from the ferry sun deck, finally!

We are ready to sail!!! Yuhhu!!

Relaxing on board...

Bye bye Geiranger... today you have really amazed us!

Day 3: Lots of Fjords

Today the highlight is the road itself: each stretch of coastal road is a pleasure for a motorcyclist. Nearly no traffic (and, most important, no tour busses) and another day of sun despite of some low clouds in the morning, which disappeared as soon as we headed west.

Posing along fjord number 4. Still... how many? 8 to go?

A detour well worth taking... Reaching the West Cape of Norway is as spectacular as North Cape, with the advantage of having to deal with free horses instead of hordes of cruise ships passengers. Luckily the trail to go up there is too narrow for tour busses ihihih.

Day 2: Trollstigen

There are roads... and there are Famous Roads. Trollstigen (Troll's ladder) is surely the most famous mountain pass of Scandinavia. Built in 1936, its 8 narrow and steep hairpins climb the wall that houses the beautiful Stigfossen waterfall.

Stunning Trollveggen, highest vertical rock wall in Scandinavia with its 1700m. A big challenge for climbers and base jumpers.

Blue sky, no fog and incredibly warm temperature... Such a mix doesn't happen that often is a whole year! How lucky we are!

Rosen Church, built in 1779 in Stordal to replace the former (and even smaller) stave church is a marvellous example of Nordic decor.

Day 1: Atlantic Road

Riders from Canada, Israel and United States together with the tour guides Chris (Austria) and Manuel (Italy) are ready to be delighted by the best Norwegian week of this summer! Clear sky, sunshine 23 hours a day, bathing temperature and... the Norwegian landscape! Five days around Ålesund to visit some incredibly sceneries.

Morning seagulls playing with the breeze.

Ålesund seen from Aksla viewpoint.

Bud, one of the many Nazi bunker built in 1941 when Norway was invaded.

Here we are, on the famous bridges of the Atlantic road... Surrounded by water and islets it's like riding boats with two wheels.



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Montag, 28. Juli 2014 um 20:55

Great pictures and commentary Manuel. What a great trip and spectacular weather we had!
Sonntag, 27. Juli 2014 um 16:45

Manuel, great blog you put together! You are a man of many talents. Absolutely fantastic and unforgettable trip for my son and I.
stewart coleman
Sonntag, 27. Juli 2014 um 16:09

dont forget the sunblock.
Samstag, 26. Juli 2014 um 07:44

Thanks for a great tour! Hope to see everyone on another one soon.


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