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Around Tuscany with Vespas (2TU190A)

15. Oktober 2019

After a long journey from China we are happy to welcome in Firenze a group of Vespa riders. Manuel, Kim and Ms. Limeng will take good care of them, showing some of the most iconic highlights of this famous Italian region.

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Dolomites before winter kicks in (DTC1902)

29. September 2019

It's time to welcome our new friends from Canada, United States and Brazil to the Alps for a touring center among the Dolomites. For many this is the "mecca" for motorcycling, hiking, bycicling and skiing. We will limit ourself to the first activity and from time ...

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CUA 1903 - The Ultimate Alps Tour

31. August 2019

Our little family

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Balkan Adventure ABA1901

11. Juni 2019

The iconic shot of the church "Iglesia San Juan Kaneo"

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Morocco Maidens (MCT190A)

5. Mai 2019

A new special edition of our Morocco tour is about to start... This time female only!  A group from US organised by Anne Lee is about to start our Spain-Gibraltar-Morocco tour: Pamela, Kelly, Dawn, Halsey, Kera, Melanie, Annette, Chrstine and of course Anne Lee as well. ...

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Classic Cuba: special Chinese edition (CKU190A)

29. März 2019

Day 10: Varadero - Havana Here we go: last riding day! Another sunny day and a medium long route that brings us back to Havana. Late start, a stop by the Casa of Al Capone (he used to store rum there in the 1920s during US ...

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Direction South: Adventure Patagonia (APA1802)

11. Dezember 2018

Day 19: Rio Grande - Punta Arenas THE END After over 5000km today we are reaching our final destination: the town of Punta Arenas! It's not gonna be an easy walk, as today we have 430km ahead of us, plus the last border crossing and a ...

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Sicily to Rome RTS180B

24. Oktober 2018

Day 9 - Pompeii and Amalfitana

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High Alps Tour - August Heatwave Edition (HAT1804)

11. August 2018

Day 6: Pontresina- Warth

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The second Norway Touring Center 2018 (NTC1802)

20. Juli 2018

Day 5: Exploring Geiranger and Dalsnibba  Today is the only day of this week where no cruise ship is coming into Geiranger. This means much less bus traffic around the area and in the village itself...the perfect day for motorcycling! It's gonna be a fairly long ...

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First Norway Touring Center 2018 (NTC1801)

16. Juli 2018

Day 6: Trollstigen, gran finale! Dulcis in fundo, we have left the Trollstigen pass for our last day. In the morning on our way to Åndalsnes the weather has been quite grey and a bit wet on the way up the 11 hairpins. We have not ...

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Cuba: el clasico 2018 (CKU1801)

5. Juli 2018

Day 9: Varadero - Havana Last riding day! Today we gotta ride back to Havana. We can afford a late start from Varadero since the road is not too long. A few highlights on the way out (the city garden and the Casa Al Capone) and ...

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Life is Beautiful - Alpine Wonderland

23. Juni 2018

Day 9: Bormio - Seefeld Like every good fairy tale, also this one must come to an end. However, for the last riding day we have prepared quite a challenging and incredible route! The first pass will be Forcola di Livigno, followed by a stop in ...

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Rome to Sicily - Spring Edition (RTS1802)

16. Mai 2018

Day 1 - Welcome to Rome! Quite a big group of enthusiastic motorcyclists is gathering in Caput Mundi, the glorious Rome, for a long ride across Southern Italy, all the way down to Sicily! Some of them have decided to join our guided city tour to ...

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