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Guided City Tour Florence - BIT1502

Samstag, 19. September 2015 | Ursula Peter | News / Europa

Before the Tour of Tuscany started the Guided City Tour was on the start.

We are going downtown Florence and showing our guest the most beautiful places and hidden treasures in Florence

The Medici Chapel was the first highlight on the list. We were early and could cut all the lines.

Lots of the members of the Medici family are buried here

Even the floor is a masterpiece of art

Michelangelos original tombs 

the Dusk and the Dawn....

... the Day and the Night. He was a genious!

Next was the Cathedral of Florence Santa Maria dei Fiori. Renaissance style, white and pink marble, a masterpiece of architecture

the clock tower designed by Giotto

the doors of the baptistery! There was a competition won by Ghiberty. He worked on these panels for 28 years. Michelangelo saw them and said "they are looking like the doors to paradise".

that`s why they are called now "The Doors to Paradise"

Piazza della Repubblica

this bar is definitely a hidden treasure. 3 coffes for 20 Euros but the view was for free

Chris from New Jersey and Karim from Kuwait were enjoying it very much

Santa Croce 

the famous Florentines are buried inside this church that draw most visitors, though.

Michelangelo`s tomb design by Vasari -  the three muses below it represent his three  principal gifts:

sculpture, painting, architecture

the 19th-century centophag of Dante

Florence live

Yes!!! we found the restaurant Chris was in with his wife 6 years ago.

The food was awesome

Piazza di Signoria with the Palazzo Vecchio - the town hall

the David from Michelangelo,awesome despite being a copy. Anatomically correct - yes he was a genious

Ponte Vecchio - the only bridge which was not blown up by the Germans at the end of WW II

some art along the way

the street of the famous Italian designers - Fendi, Ferragamo, Dolce & Gabbana just to name some of them

the guys were fascinated by the street musicians

a beautiful day full of new experiences and impression comes to an end. We have to go "home" to Villa Pitiana. At 5 pm the welcome briefing will start. Hopefully we won`t fall asleep in the train after all this excitment....



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