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Scooter Tour Tuscany - 2TU150A - WOW (Women on wheels)

Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2015 | Ursula Peter / Domenico Schiano Moriello | News / Europa

The tour is over!!  Thanks for beeing with us, thanks for beeing always in a good mood even when it rained. I learned a lot from you awesome women. 

Enjoy Venice!! Wish you a safe flight back home - and stay in touch

All the best

Ursula and Domenico

WOW - these are the Women on Wheels 

They are riding all kind of motorcycle from a Goldwing to a dirt bike, they are pilots, they driving huge snowploughs, beeing computer specialists, medical couriers transporting bone-marrow around the planet, having travelled all over the world on motorcycles from Alaska to Brasil, from Norway to New Zealand, some have been on the first Edelweiss Tour around the World, beside that of course they raised kids, and so on - and we haven`t even talked with all of them!!! 

Tourstart is in Villa d`Annunzio in Florence. And the tourguides have quite a bit to organise before the scooters are ready to run.

The first riders arrived. 

Judith and Donna

Welcome Briefing - they are very intersting was going on the next week. San Gimignano, Siena, Arezzo, a cooking class, a ride to the Mugello race track and of course sightseeing downtown Florence. This all combined with awesome food, good wine and nice people - life is good!

They are looking like getting prepared for a soccer game Netherlands:Germany or like a manager meeting of KTM with their shiny bright t-shirts

The T-shirt is showing their itinerary. Most of them started in Rome, coming to Florence for driving scooters through Tuscany and then they are heading forward to Venice!

What a trip!

Dinner in Villa d`Annuncio. Yes, also some males are allowed to be part of the gang

5. Riding Day: Arezzo - the Etruscan town

Finally!!!! The sun was out! We started to a last highlight - Arezzo. Etuscan origin, filmset for Roberto Begnini`s "Life is beautiful" and much more relaxed than Florence or Siena.

Passo della Consuma - you nearly can`t read the sign but you can read the sticker in the middle.

And soon there will be a sticker from the WOW  

San Francesco in Arezzo 

they are just a bit crazy 

Piazza Grande - filmset for the movie

Ursula and Domenico

this lady makes the best pasta ever.  Everybody tried - everybody agreed!

she is working....

he is maybe working - I am having a coffee .-)

Frantoio Pasquini in Reggello - we got a short introduction of how oil get pressed and of course we had to shop a little bit - the scooter top cases are bigger if we thought they are

coffee break in Reggello
Claudio prepared a delicious dinner in the "Il Grappolo" restaurant, very close to our hotel
buon appetito I
buon appetito II

4. Riding Day: Backroads and Pasta

Cooking class in Villa Pitiana and in the afternoon riding curves - what a great combination

Villa Pitiana

Marko was our cook

The Menue

Bruschette con fegato - liverchicken patee

self made noodles

tomato sauce

Pizza - we made the yeast dough



he started with "Fegato" - chicken liver patee

in the meantime some prepared the pasta sauce

the girls finished the patee. Inbetween we got interesting informations: what is undigestable on garlic,

why having high heat at the beginning and of course about olive oil

We making our own tagliatelle. They are starting with flour, making a "damm" putting the eggs in and than you need your other hand and magic fingers....

Marko is checking and helping

than the yeast dough for the pizza

last not least - Cantuccini - easy and yummi

presenting the products we produced

Marko the chef and the girls and boys

Those who didn`t want to cook, did an extra loop with their scooters and came back for lunch.

What a great experience

inside the abbey of Vallombrosa
vespa parking
the medieval bridge of Pagiano, a little hidden gem
group picture on the bridge, it is a old one but it still can old a vespa and a few persons

The sun was out finally in the afternoon, we did a gorgeous loop through the Chianti area again and stopped for a last picture on Piazzale Michelangelo high above Florence

3. Riding Day: Mugello and Restday in Florence

Some had a reservation for the "David" today and half of the group went riding into the Mugello area.

First stop was the Medici Chapel in San Lorenzo with the originals Michelangelo Tombs.

Here some scetches from the master - whatever he has counted here, maybe overtime hours, or the amount of pannini the staff had - these are original scetches from 600 years ago!

The Dusk and the Dawn, the Morning and the Evening - unbelieveable

The "Mercato Centrale" the main market. All kind of food, meet, vegetables, wine, nuts, truffels, dried tomatoes - the list is endless 

truffel tasting

the famous Lampredotto stand. The girls are brave and most of them tried a panini with the stomach of a cow, slow boiled to tender perfection - and if you are lucky he dips the bun in the broth to enhance the flavor.

Il Duoma Santa Maria del Fiore  - it was a real wow from all the WOWs.

a hidden treasure!! Coffe stop with an awesome view

the doors to paradise

the southern side of the Duomo

Brunelleschi is looking up to the Dome - he was the one who constructed the rooftop of the Cathedral

And then the highlight of the day - we had a reservation for the David

Who is that Bloke??

Name: David

Occupation: world`s most famous sculpture

Vital Statistics: 5,16 m!! tall, 19 tonnes of pearly white marble from Carrara

Spirit: young biblical hero in meditative pose who, with the help of God, defeats an enemy more powerful than himself. Scarcely visible sling emphasises victory of innocence and intellect over brute force.

Commissioned: in 1501 by the Opera del Duomo for the cathedral, but placed in front of the Palazzo Vecchio on Piazza della Signoria where it stayed until 1873


Why the big head and hands: David was designed to stand up high on cathedral buttress in the apse, from where his head an hand would have appeared in perfect proportion

Why the small penis: in classical art a large or even normal-sized packet was not deemed elegant. But maybe it is the average Italian size - who knows?? (Domenico denied )

Anyway - it was the highlight of the day


And then we let them off the leish - shopping time!!!!

The leather market of San Lorenzo was the place - juhuu

first picture stop of the brave riders was the world famous Mugello circuit
then the skies opened and we were able to ride the Muraglione pass, up and down!
last picture stop in Fiesole, overlooking Florence... then a quick shower and we went downtown where we met with the other group for dinner!

2. Riding Day: Siena

Siena was on the list today. 55.000 inhabitants, located on the Via Francigena - an important trading route from the north to Rome, the city of the Saint Catherina, Unesco World Heritage Site since 1997.

2 major highlights - the Cathedral and Piazza del Campo

Frogs have a special meaning to the WOWs

Santa Maria Assunta - a gothic style cathedral from outstanding beauty. 1196 Giovanni Pisano started the construction and finished it only 15 years later

inside like in a fairy tale of 1001 nights. If you are done with the ceiling - blue with thousands of golden stars - have a look at the floor....

and you`ll see the cathedral`s most precious feature - the inlaid-marble floor, decorated with 56 glorious panels, by about 40 artists over the course of 200 years.

the porphyry pulpit by Nicola Pisano, son of the architect Giovanni, is one of the masterpieces of Gothic sculpture.

Piazza del Campo with the Palazzo Comunale 

1. Riding Day: San Gimignano

we introduced them in the morning briefing a little bit to Italian history, to the Chianti area and of course to San Gimignano, the "Manhattan of Tuscany"!

the weather was not the best. But rain cannot harm the good and positive mood of these tough women - so everybody showed up in riding gear despite rain.

Greve - our fist stop in the centre of the rolling hills of the Chianti area. A typical Italian piazza with famous Macelleria Falorni - the famous butchery.

The Icon of the Chianti area is the "Black Rooster" and the story behind.

Here you the the "Grey Rooster" with an apron of the "Black Rooster"

picture stop with a view to the farm house where Mona Lisa used to live

Piazzale Michelangelo - high above Florence. Even in clouds breathtaking!



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Stefan Troger
Freitag, 30. November 2018 um 10:59

Test mit Bild
Marlene Morris
Montag, 16. November 2015 um 19:41

Where do I begin!! This was my first time to Europe so I was not sure what to expect. The traffic was definitely worse than here in Minnesota and so that was a learning curve. Our guides Ursula and Dominico were terrific and made the information sessions fun. Using a center stand on my scooter was a challenge since my bike doesn't even have one. Once getting up in the mountains my scooter was fun to ride especially when I didn't have to shift up and down constantly. The scenery was unbelievable and we saw a lot of things that we would have never found on our own. The food, ancient buildings, and the shopping was fantastic. I have never seen so many churches in my life, all worth the stop!! To think of the history involved is mind boggling. I have memories that will stay with me forever! I share a lot of the same comments that the other girls have posted here so I don't want to repeat too much. I have gotten to know a few more of the other Women on Wheels members thru this vacation and I can't wait to see them again. Edelweiss is a good company to deal with and have a lot of the small things taken care for you so you can just enjoy your ride. I will definitely use them again if I venture to Europe again.
Donna Schoenfeldt
Samstag, 31. Oktober 2015 um 16:33

Thank You Ursala and Domenica for the awesome journey through Tuscany . I will never forget this trip.
Emma Jones
Freitag, 30. Oktober 2015 um 18:24

Ursula and Domenico; thank you for the great experience in Tuscany! The ride, the history, the food, the shopping! We would not have found half of those places without your guidance. If you can get shorter scooters maybe I can try it again.
Sue Frish
Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2015 um 04:14

Ursula and Domenico, Thank you for the great scooter tour! I learned so much about the history of the area as well as enjoyed the fun roads you took us on to reach those interesting towns, cathedrals and shops. You made my first trip to Europe fun as well as interesting. Thank you so much!
Linda Stone
Freitag, 23. Oktober 2015 um 19:13

Ursula and Domenico, i cant thank you enough for making my first international tour so much fun. You were both great. Thank you Domenico for your parking assistance and getting the scooter on and off the center stand. Don't know why I couldn't master that but you never made me feel bad about it. And of course it didn't hurt any that you are so adorable.
Thank you Ursula for your passion for the history and all that Tuscany had to offer and of course your fun personality and ability to roll with whatever we threw at you (like my helmet?). You are a gem and I feel so lucky to have had you for a guide.
It was also a joy watching you and Domenico interact. The fun and relaxed atmosphere was so enjoyable. Thank you thank you thank you.
Judy Michael
Montag, 19. Oktober 2015 um 19:46

Ursula and Domenico, thank you so much for being our tour guides on this wonderful trip through Tuscany. Larry and I will always remember you.
Freitag, 16. Oktober 2015 um 03:19

Just want to wish a wonderful and safe ride to everyone and a special "hello" to Ursula, the best guide and my guardian angel on my tour of Tuscany!
Alan Bauters
Donnerstag, 15. Oktober 2015 um 04:25

Oh my gosh....such wonderful memories of our scooter tour in 2011! Looks like the same hotel...the staff was awesome there. I see my room...above the angel's wings in your pics. The scenery is so spectacular..Greve, San Gim, etc. I loved our trip!! I see you have a handsome sidekick too, Ursula! Looks like a fun group! Have a blast and be safe!
Ursula Peter
Donnerstag, 15. Oktober 2015 um 22:30

Hi Alan,
nice to hear from you. Hope all is good over there. These women are a cool group, just amazing. Have been in Florence today.
I still have your socks
Stay in touch and regards to the others


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