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Montag, 13. Juni 2016 | Tom Friden / David Hien | Europa

DAY 1 Erding - Salzburg


Our first day will take us from Erding to Salzburg.

We will leave the bavarian state with some scenic roads right into the mountains to discover some smaller lakes like the Schliersee and the Walchsee.

Further on the road will take us over the twisty german alpine road to the city of Berchtesgaden.

Passing by the famous "Eagle's Nest" which lies high up in the surrounding hills we will reach our final destination for todays trip, the city of Salzburg.

A nice diner in a local brewery will put an end to this first riding day.



Coffee stop at Schlierlake
Murray, Jared, Thomas, Craig and James enjoying the view at Rossfeld panoramic road.

DAY 2 Salzburg - Gmunden

In the morning we will visit the Eagle's nest before we hit the road in the afternoon for some scenic alpine roads.

The scenery and the location of our hotel in the city of Gmunden are just fabulous. go on and have a look!

The new Edelweiss fleet.
Meeting some fellow riders on the road to the eagle's nest.
Panoramic view over the valley from the Kehlstein mountain.
Hitler's meeting-house on the top of the Kehlstein mountain offers a spectacular view over the surrounding mountains.
Group picture at the eagle's nest!
A cold beer and a good cuban cigar after a nice riding day, what else you want more.
Tom, Craig, Jared and David having a good time in Gmunden with a cold boot beer and a cuban cigar.
They love it when a plan comes together...
The view from our hotel is just outstanding.
Now it's bedtime, see you tomorrow.

DAY 3 Gmunden - Kaprun


Today we are on the way to Bad Ischl where we can see the summer palace ofEmperor Franz Joseph I, and we will have a short coffee break at the Cafe Zauner, a very traditional Austrian coffee/pastry shop, where we will taste their famous Zaunerstollen.


Then the road will take us to Hallstatt, the town is located just between steep mountains and the Hallstätter lake. The oldest salt mine in the world can be found and visited here.

Behind the chuch and next to the cemetry you can find the Ossuary. An Ossuary is a chest, box, building,  or site made to serve as the final resting place of human skeletal remains. They are frequently used where burial space is scarce. A body is first buried in a temporary grave, then after some years the skeletal remains are removed and placed in an ossuary. The greatly reduced space taken up by an ossuary means that it is possible to store the remains of many more people in a single tomb than if the original coffins were left as is.


In the afternoon some nice roads will take us over some mountain passes before we arrive at our hotel for the night in Kaprun.

Bad Ischl
Piece of pastry art at Café Zauner in Bad Ischl
Hallstatt town centre
Ossuary of Hallstatt
JP, Murray, Craig and Jared enjoying the time in Hallstatt! How lucky we are with the weather.
Father and son having a good time.
Amazing Hallstätter lake.
Beautiful scenery on the way to Kaprun.
Having fun during a short pit stop before reaching Kaprun.
Hungry and well deserved.
Meeting the locals.

DAY 4 Kaprun Restday





Some nice cars in the museum right in our hotel in Kaprun.

DAY 5 Kaprun-Erding


Alreday the final tour day, time flies by when you have fun....


So our first stop will  be at the "Grossglockner High Alpine Road" unfortunatly we had to skip it yesterday due to bad weather, but this morning the weather cleared up and we couldn't miss that opportunity.


After that we will stop over at the Krimmler waterfalls where we will have the famous Edelweiss picnic stop for lunch.

Fueled up with energy we are ready to go for some more windy and twisty roads before we reach our departure point again at the nice Hotel Henry In Erding.


A week full of amazing scenery, breathtaking landscapes, endless twisty roads and a lot of fun goes to an end.


We hope to see you again somewhere on the roads of this planet.

Safe travels where ever the road will take you.


Tom & David
Checking the last start preparations of the last tour day.
Almost ready...
How cool is that. Gentlemen start your engines.
And here they go, on the road for the Grossglockner high alpine road.
The peak is clearing up...
Just wow...
Nice picture with beautiful scenery at the Grossglockner. Nice shot James!
The Grossglockner glacier.
James, Jared, David, Murray and Craig enjoying the view at the Franz Josef Höhe.
Krimmler waterfalls
Edelweiss famous picnic just in front of the Krimmler waterfalls. Thumbs up for that!
Craig going for a second round.
The Picnic view
Krimmler waterfalls
Already over, but how we d'like to say "after a tour is before a tour".
Loaded and ready to join the headquarters.


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