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Corsica Sardinia Exclusive "El Salvador"

Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2016 | Manuel Marabese / Michael Kreuzmeir | Europa

Day 1 and 2: Bologna - Livorno

The tour is finished and everyone is already back, but the good memories will last long. Let's collect the best shots for a photostory of this motorcycle tour with a fantastic group from El Salvador and great weather!

Bologna: we start with a visit to Ducati Factory
Lunch with green hills view not far from Bologna
Guess where we are?
Enjoying aperitivo overlooking Livorno's Lungomare. Look ahead, Corsica is just across the sea!
Happy happy Birthday Enzo!!!

Day 3 and 4: Livorno - Calvi and rest day

Very early start to catch the ferry, four hours sailing and we are in another world: Corsica is a magnificent island, perfect motorcycling playground! We tour along Cap Corse and then we spend two nights in Calvi, on the northern coast.

White Edelweiss Van this time. Yes, it's the famous van of the world tour, this time "on vacation" in the Mediterranean.
Windy day, choppy sea, strong colour contrasts.
Calvi at sunset
Not much traffic here
Can a lunch spot get any better?
Our suggestion for an alternative support vehicle...kindly provided by the Sagrera family
Group photo time!

Day 5 and 6: Calvi - Ajaccio - Bonifacio

Anohter two awesome riding days to cross Corsica from north to south, before heading by ferry to Sardinia.


Briefing time... so nice to see someone doing homework!
Coffee time in the bay
Les Calanches, simply stunning red rocky coast
A surprise! We see along the road a "vintage rally" meeting
How cute you are!!
Mind blowing bays here...

Day 7 and 8: Calvi - Alghero and rest day

A short ferry ride and we are back in Italy, but still on an island. Sardinia this time. So close to Corsica, yet so different!

The glittering Porto Cervo in Costa Smeralda
The gracious church of Saccargia, built in Pisa style.
Rest day: short ride to the white sand of Stintino beach
Making sure to reproduce the routes of the tour, well done!
Italian hospitality when it comes to fine dining and charming atmosphere is second to no one

Day 9 and 10: Alghero - Olbia - Bologna

The tour is coming to an end, but we can still enjoy Sardinia inland with some remote villages in the mountains and then a comfy night ferry towards Livorno, where we will have breakfast and then a ride across the Appennini towards Bologna, visiting on the way the Ferrari Museum.

Thank you dear friends from El Salvador for sharing this incredible travel with us, see you soon! We enjoyed your company a lot!


The village of Orgosolo, famous for its murales with a political meaning, painted mostly during the cultural revolution of the '70.


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