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CSI160A - Special Tour - Dr. Frist and his girls

Freitag, 4. November 2016 | Ursula Peter | Europa

Hello J. and J.

a last good bye from both of us and from the Etna in the background. Thank you for beeing with us, thank you for a beautiful week. We wish you all the best (specially for Jan. 14th) and we looking forward to Spain.

Ursula & Vicky


Hello J. and J.

a last good bye from both of us and from the Etna in the background. Thank you for beeing with us, thank you for a beautiful week. We wish you all the best (specially for Jan. 14th) and we looking forward to Spain.

Ursula & Vicky


Sicily has been at the crossroads of cultures for thousands of years. Phoenicians and Carthaginians, Greeks and Romans, they all left their mark and they knew exactly why they loved it here. The landscape of the Mediterranean’s largest island is varied and ranges from rugged coastline to sandy beaches, from rolling green hills to the snow cap on Mount Etna, from bustling cities to tiny villages where time stands still. Come and see....


Day 5: Taormina - Catania

last day - but an exiting one. First we had to visit the Theatro Greco in Taormina. Than a little detour to Forza d`Agro and last not least Mount Etna is waiting - so let`s go

The Naumachia in Taormina - a mysterious relict from Roman times

the Greek started in the 3rd century BC, the Romans enlarged it and replace theatre plays by gladiator fights

Goethe said: it is the most beautiful theatre in the world - this old man was right

built by the Greek, enlarged by the Romans, the Etna in the background and the sea - what a spot

Forza d`Agro was next on the list. 

Yes all these curves - she made it the little Ducati pilot

everybody knows the church from the movie "Godfather"

every day at 12 o`clock they are playing the Ave Maria - of course we waited

Refugio Bruneck - we met Michele 

the lava fields at Etna North

up Etna south

the colours and the atmosphere were just amazing. Indian summer in the black lava fields, a little bit fog and the Etna above and below the blue sea - surreal

John and Jillian had to go on top. We arrived at the hotel in dark - we all made it!!! 5 minutes later a thunderstorm started. Thank you all for a gorgeous day!

Day 4: Cefalu - Taormina

We started out at a clear morning along the coast of Cefalu. We could even see the Lipari Islands.We are crossing the island again today, towards Taormina. Curvy roads only over the Madonie and Nebrodi mountains.


We went on parts of the famous Targa Florio

the Norman castle of Sperlinga


Coffee in Cesaro, all low fat

and here it is - Mount Etna - snowcovered. Tomorrow we will go up

Cenere vulcanica - watch out, it could be slippery

after a little excitement we ended up in Taormina in the Excelsior Palace Hotel We will do the Greek Theater tomorrow morning. Just some impressions

the Odeon

Slow Food - Tischi Toschi downtown Taormina

Day 3: Agrigento - Cefalu

We have to leave the beautiful southern shore of Sicily, but don’t feel sad, we are headed for the northern shore instead. In between, we find beautiful, lonely, twisty mountain roads that take us back in time. The small villages in Sicily’s centre seem to have been unchanged for decades. Some names will certainly ring a bell, for example Prizzi and Corleone. 
Approaching the coastline, you can expect the usual mixture of twisty mountain roads, beautiful ocean views and pristine beaches

morning coffee in Alessandria della Rocca

the garbage waits to be collected

by the way... do you want to see my dogs?? The guy worked 10 years in New York and spoke English like an American

some impressions from Sicilian landscape


Corleone and Prizzi became famous thanks to Hollywood. The movies “The Godfather” and “Prizzis Honour” showed some of the Mafia heritage, which is quite common in these regions. Corleone has a museum, which tells about the history of the Mafia and of those trying to fight it.

Viky is taking riding pictures  

Ficuzza - the hunting castle of Roger II

Awesome lunch...

Sicily has more to offer than Greek and Roman remnants: there is even a Norman castle, found in 1093. It is possible to visit and explore the castle, but the views of the surrounding landscape are also worth the trip.

a Cinquecento 

guided city tour in Cefalu. The Norman cathedral

the famous mosaic from Byzantine artists

il lavatoio Romano

Cheers!!! What a day!

Day 2: Agrigento - Sciacca

Sunshine, 25 C, perfect riding weather. Let`s go along the coast direction Sciacca, the old thermal spa.

Jullian ready to go

a worth visiting natural monument - the Turkish Staircase.  A shining white chalk formation, often used by the great Italian fashion designers for foto shooting.

one of the most beautiful beaches of Sicily

we also did some photo shooting

The healthy thermal waters were already popular during the Greek period and even nowadays people come here for that reason. There is also a very beautiful historic center that waits for us with cappuccino and gelato!

The guy with the flute was amazing. What he got out of his self-made little instrument, unbelieveable.

a coffee, a gelato....

... a hair cut. Yes lot of things to do

John is ready to marry


on the way home, we decided to do a little detour into the mountains. Our Ducati Scrambler pilot needs a little bit preparation for tomorrow`s ride. We didn`t expect soo many tunrs and tight switchbacks, but brave Jillian made them all.

and the amazing temple of Agrigento in the afternoon - what a day!

We met the other group in the hotel. The terrace is overlooking the illuminated temples. And we had a serenade...

... and here is the Cologne fraction playing - Alaaf

Day 1: Catania - Agrigento

Mount Etna in the morning from the breakfast room on top of "Villa Paradiso del Etna"

Morning briefing in the garden

First picture stop was Raddusa - a typical Italian cementary. All are busy preparing the tombs for  All Saints. 

It is not a village, these are the mausoleums of the rich families

Coffe stop in Raddusa

Huch whats that?? the left one is a cannolo, but the right one??? Are we in Naples??

A typical Italian sunday. All men!!! I got a question! Where are the women???

Ahhh, I forgot, of course, cooking, taking care of the kids, doing household. Yes, its Italy

A stunning Romman villa - built by a Bill Gates of the 4th century - one of the few remaining sights of Roman Siciliy - buried under mud in a 12th century flood, it remained hidden fpr 700 years before the magnificent floor was discovered in th1 1950th.

This Roman villa from the 4th century AD is famous for its 3,500 square meters of floor-mosaics. Several mosaic-pictures show us scenes from ancient living. Among the beautiful artwork is the very special picture of 10 young Roman girls in bikinis.

La Trinakria, was the name of our lunch place, where we had the famous pasta alla norma.

Norma was the most famous opera from Bellini, born in Catania. "Alla Norma" is still today a superlative in Sicily for something outstanding.

She made it. Her first day riding by her own! Bravissima Jillian

Today Agrigento has about 50,000 inhabitants, in earlier times the Greeks called it Akagras, the Romans Agrigentum, and there were about 800,000 people living there! The Valle dei Templi was founded about 2,600 years ago, and about 100 years later the Greeks started to build everything what we can still see today. 



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Jim Gardella
Mittwoch, 16. November 2016 um 21:49

My two favorite Edelweiss ladies!!!. Sounded like a great trip, congratulations to J&J.
Viktoria Neuner
Mittwoch, 30. November 2016 um 17:51

Ursula Peter
Samstag, 19. November 2016 um 19:39

Hi Jim,
Seems like you arrived home safe and sound after a looong trip. Hope all went well. Yes, we had a fantastic time and some magic moments specially coming down through the mount etna lavafields on the last day.
Ask Vicky. Stay in touch I am in New Zealand at the moment.
Manuel Marabese
Freitag, 4. November 2016 um 00:06

ciaooo Ursel e Viki!
bel blog!!!
Ursula Peter
Montag, 7. November 2016 um 07:13

Hi Manuel,
and perfect weather. Snow waits at home in grey old Germany.
See you soon
Scott Waters
Donnerstag, 3. November 2016 um 07:17

What an incredible trip! Jill, Dad would have been so proud to see you carving up the streets of Italy on a Ducati! His love of riding is obviously is in your bones. Bella figura!
Domenico Schiano
Mittwoch, 2. November 2016 um 12:30

Ciao Ursula and Vicky! It seems like you are having fun down there! Sicily is always beautiful! Say hello to John and Jillian!!! A big hug from Mieming, tomorrow I'm going back home! Season is over for me
Ursula Peter
Mittwoch, 2. November 2016 um 16:51

Hi Dome,
yes good tour, good weather,fun riding. And Babba
See you soon
Ursula and Vicky
Anita Shull
Dienstag, 1. November 2016 um 21:49

Of course he wanted to see your dogs-/ what a question! What snsmaxing trip-/ keeornjpuing every moment. Kudos to Jillian for her riding prowess
Claudia Wenhart
Dienstag, 1. November 2016 um 11:45

Hallo Ursel, Hallo Vicky,
sieht ja super aus, genießt die warmen Tage in Sizilien.
Eine schöne Tour Euch.
Ganz liebe Grüsse


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