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2TU1701 Tuscany by Scooter!

Dienstag, 30. Mai 2017 | Pablo Piferrer | Europa

Tour START!! - Briefing

Everybody present for the briefing, certainly, not the most fun, but very necessary.
Last but not least, Tammy
As the day ends, we wait for the first riding day, tomorrow, San Gimignano

Day One - San Gimignano

Greve in Chanti and the "skyscrapers" of San Gimignano

Finaly the scooter riding season has open!! What better way to do so, than in very sunny Italy?! Our flaming red Vespas are ready and we're ready to GO! First days ride towards the south, puts us in the Chianti valley towards the beautiful and charming town of Greve in Chianti. A long coffee stop to get to know each other in a little more depth and we continue towards the beautiful town of San Gimignano, the walled city can only be accessed by foot through the city gates. Since 1990 it has been on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Quick picture stop
The square at the beautiful Greve in Chianti with the 600 year old church in the background
The truck from the antica Macelleria Falorni (awesome butchers) that has been there since 1806.
I'm guessing he got there on that same truck!
Getting to know each other over the first coffee stop. You can see my finger in the picture!
Caffé Affogato, over the next days, a must have at first coffee stop!
There s no such thing s a "simple gelato" in Italy
One of those magnificent views
The towers in San Gimignano, once upon a time (15th century), this magnificent town counted with 72, currently 14 standing and well preserved.
Experiencing the ride, up front and personal!
The well in the square
The tallest tower lays bang in the middle of the town
We parked our Vespas in a very Italian way, the number of motorcycle visitors is high and he space for parking limited, so as 2 wheels, we can park in squares and sidewalks, always respecting the passers by and leaving space!
Everybody looking in awe at the beautiful sight of the Tuscan country side
This right here!
View of St Gimignano from afar on our way out
Piazzale Michelangelo's outstanding view of the city

Day Two - Mugello

Mugello race track and the Muraglione Pass

After the easy riding of the first day, getting used to the bikes, comes the twisty roads that lead to Firenzuola the Mugello circuit. Originally a 66 km (bout 40 miles) track on public roads!!


First stop is on out way out, only five minutes from the hotel, to catch a glimpse of the city before we ride the endless curves of the old Mugello race track. That right there, is me, taken by Tammy and as you can see, the background is awesome.
Tammy and Lorraine conversing about the little road we just did
Mike and Stephen
Off we ride, as you can see, the trees have changed onto something more alpine, and up we start going
Our Vespas are ready to race!
As we leave the race track, about 10 minutes away, we come to a US WWII monument just of the side in a turn.
Tammy and her selfie, a rare sight....
Arrival in Firenzuole, our coffee stop, only 20 kms (12 miles) from the race track.
They seem to be plotting something...
Brocks "hot chocolate cement"
Bnedetto in Alpe has a magnificent restaurant for lunch. The portions are really huge.
That's for one
The Muraglione Pass looking down
Map of the mountains we have just ridden through, there are A LOT of roads and passes there.
On our way back after a million turns to call it a magnificent day
After a long day's ride, we still had energy for some shopping, so we went down to see our friends at Motorama!

Day Three - Siena

Siena and the hidden town of Rada in Chianty

After the brutal ride the day before, comes a calmer one. We ride to Siena, following through the SR222 (Strada Chiantigiana) to enjoy the beautiful city sights. First stop, was not planned, but everybody liked the cooffee and the affogato so much, we had to go get another one!

Surpise! as we are having coffee, all these beautiful Alfa Romeos arrived. What a beautiful parade!
Tammy and Brock
Michael and Lorraine
Stephen enjoying the beautiful town, the wonderful coffee and the even better gelato that goes with it!!
Some guy in a blue shirt, we don't know who he is... it's me, that guy is me
The Chianti rooster in Castellina in Chianti. A symbol of the Chianti denomination of origin of their wine. Which by the way, it is delicious
Arrival at Siena and after parking our steeds we go afoot towards the old town.
A light fixture in Siena! Simply wow!
The tower of Mangia
The Duomo (Italian Gothic), so beautiful
The architecture of Siena is simply breathtaking!
Gnocchi quattro formaggi
Left to right, Brock, Stephen and Michael
The Duomo on it's own, so we can appreciate how beautiful it is
back on the road
What a quaint little surprise with beautiful sights!
Michael looks so italian with his newly acquired hat. The hand says it all.
Tammy selfie time!
Radda in Chianti has some beautiful streets and tunnels

Day Four - Villa Pitiana

Villa Pitiana coffee with a well desereved afternoon coffee

Due to the very long previous days riding, we decided to make a slightly shorter route, a little 2 hour ride with a long coffee stop in Villa Pitiana so we could enjoy the afternoon doing some shopping and sightseeing.

Villa Pitiana, what a charming little villa in Donnini.
A modern oil press
Capuccino with a view... and what a view!
Me and Brock, enjoying a morning coffee
Stephen and his wonderful wife Theresa
The back of the house
The Chianti Valley is right behind that hill
Behind Tammy, is the old part of the Villa, dates back to the late 10th Century!!

Day Five - Arezzo

Arezzo after the "High" Pass of Consuma

Final riding day is here, and we are off to the beautiful town of Arezzo. First things first, the highest pass of the week, a 1050 m (almost 3500 feet!!) where we enjoyed the first capuccion, all said, someone may have had more than one!!

The return trip was through the SP1, one of those hidden jewels where there is barely anyone. A couple of switchbacks and some huge sections of sweepers and, before we know it, we were having a coffee in Reggello and back in Florence.

What a magnificent week, the guys were absolutely magnificent, the weather was outrageous, the roads were all we could have dreamed off, the food was delicious and the wine, well, the wine was simply Chianti!!

Thank you for everything guys, it has been fabulous riding with you, hope we ride again soon!!

Just a quick previewof the tight road up from the hotel
Chalet Il Valico was our coffee stop at the Consuma Pass.
Such a cosy little place!
Neatly organiced by Tammy.
Selfie with an unaware Pablo looking at the sign
It needs more stickers!! Shame I had none, they have cleaned them all out, and trust me, we put the offten
Lunch in a very hidden away little restaurant off of the main street in Arezo old town.
Tammy's Pasta in Brodo
Chiesa de Santa Maria della Pieve, or at least the back of it!
Tammy and Brock from the park in front of the Cathedral
No seat for Pablo, but he has an Ice cream, so he's fine about it sitting outside!
"Well" parked
The church is really nice in front of the coffee stop caffeteria
Bells ringing and all!!
Boot beer!
Pafrty time!
"Hey, camera is still taking pictures?"


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Mittwoch, 31. Mai 2017 um 22:37

Wow, that looks such a great way to see Italy. I might have to put it on my 'to do' list !
Pablo Piferrer
Mittwoch, 31. Mai 2017 um 23:38

Hi Glenda! It really is a very unique way of seeing Tuscany. We sure had a magnificent riding around. We were so so lucky, the weather was magnificent and the region is just stunning. Have a great day!
Lorraine Lewis
Samstag, 27. Mai 2017 um 11:43

Pablo led us on a tour to be remembered! Perfect weather every day, the best of companions, and scenery and food that was phenomenal!


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