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Back to Dubrovnik: a great tour is coming to an end (CAS1701)

Sonntag, 4. Juni 2017 | Thomas Ritt / Lukas Schiebe / Mirko Heilhecker | Europa

Thanks everybody for joining us on this amazing tour. It was a blast! See you next time!!!

Mostar to Kotor

Small photo shooting on the way to Gacko

Vodice to Mostar

We left the coast behind today and headed to Mostar, an amazing city in a country named Bosnia & Hercegovina. 32°C heat, a clear blue sky, beautiful roads, a great picnic, countless, U-turns... it all came together today.

The location for our second picnic
"Oh Lukas, you bought beer for us, cold beer, wow, that's amazing, thank you sooooo much!!!!"
The world-famous statue of Bruce Lee in Mostar. André put up a good fight!
The Sniper Tower, a remnant of the war of '91-'95
The beautiful old town of Mostar
The Old Bridge, built 1556-1566, destroyed in the war on November 9, 1993, rebuilt from 1995 to 2004.
Dinner with a view

Restday in Vodice

A trip to the Krka national park

Restday in Vodice:

Nikola Tesla, the father of the alternating electric current, was born in 1856 in a Smiljan, a small village in middle-of-nowhere Croatia. Our rest day ride took us to his birthplace, where an interpretation center educates and entertains the public. After that we crossed the Velebit Mountains, rode down to the coast on a spectacular road and returned to Vodice, covering more than 350 km in the process. A long but rewarding ride.

Portions are huge here in Croatia. This meal, named "local sausages with fries", would have fed four adults....

Tiny little roads across the hinterland were on the menu today, along with some beautiful waterfalls and an amazing picnic, presented by Chef de Cuisine Mirko.

The "slow" group turned out to be faster because everybody had a full tank of gas when we took off....... Here we have guide Thomas, André and Denis, Steve and Carol, Harris, Liz and Lynn, Cesar and Cleo and Klaus. The waterfall provided some refreshment on this hot day.
Even vegetarians can produce a great picnic
Hey Ursula, THIS is a real melon!!!
Krka is home to countless species of plants and animals, many of them endemic.

Day 3: back to the mainland and up to Split

The ferry was fully booked, but bikes always fit!
Great road, great scenery
Now what's for lunch?
Hmmm, let's see, what am I going to have...?
Cleo and Cesar were really hungry!
Cetina river canyon
Dennis and Harris, cooling down after a hot ride.
André and an impressive selection of alcoholic drinks. Not all of them were his, but still, he had to go for a belly walk afterwards...
Split is an incredible city. Diocletian's palace is almost 2000 years old and still in use!

On the second day of our tour it's already time for a rest. Not because it was such an exhausting ride yesterday, but because Hvar is such a lovely place. The international jet set likes it here, and we do too!

From the lookout high above Hvar we can marvel at the amazing melange of land and sea. Croatie, with its 1400 islands and great climate, is an eldorado for anyone who likes the sun and the sea.
What a busy port!
Roman ruins in the middle of olive groves and vineyards. No time and money to excavate them. There's just too much history around here!
The fingerprint-monument. Who remembers the name of the guy who "invented" fingerprint forensics? He was from Hvar...
The town's main square
Barbara (right) guided us around her hometown.
Moonrise over the Adriatic Sea. Sooooo romantic!
Breathtaking Night view of the Adriatic Cost Line
Breathtaking sunset at the Adriatic Cost Line
Can't get better then this
Sandy, Wes, Thomas and Klaus went out to cover some extra miles today.
Welcome briefing in Dubrovnik
Daily briefing just before starting the engines
Ready for the ride!
1st riding day...amazing views...lonely beaches, deep blue ocean water color, ferry crossing and happy faces all around
Lucas catching the sun!
City walls of Ston, made of stone.
Stunning road!
View from the terrace of our hotel
Day light view from start hotel Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is one of the jewels in the crown of the Adriatic, the part of the Mediterranean that is wedged in between Italy and the Balcans. We're about to start our tour here, a loop along the coast and into the hinterland, to Bosnia-Hercegovina and even to the mountains of Montenegro. These are the views we can enjoy from our hotel:



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Gerhard Schmittlein
Montag, 29. Mai 2017 um 15:11

Sandy, Wes!
Remember your HAT 2013 - this is Gerhard writing!
It´s good to see you on our GSes again!!!
How are you doing?
I guess the temps down in Croatia make you feeling almost like doing a home ride!?
Have a great time and don´t make too many jokes to Tom - he doesn´t like too much laughing ...


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