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Pyrenäen Tour 2017

Mittwoch, 28. Juni 2017 | Mirko Heilhecker / Pierre Baumgärtner | Europa

And again we start a new adventure to cross the Pyrenees by motorcycle. Starting point is Castelldefels, some km South of Barcelona. Brent, Theodore, Edward, Scott and Jan are waiting in the hotel to receive the bikes and get ready for next days ride. Highlight of the day are spectacular: first we leave the Mediterranean Cost towards the Abby on the Montserrat mountain, then riding thought the country side to the castle of Cardona. From here we have a great view to the upcoming highlight. The Pyrenees Mountain a right next to this amazing fortress...so let's start the engines to explore some of the breathtaking, curvy roads of this great area. Today's final destination is the lovely hotel of Can Boix - a old farm turned into a remarkable hotel.

Arrival Day

Fantastic Hotel in Casteldelfels south of Barcelona
Welcome DInner and everybody is studying the Menu.

Day 1: Casteldelfels to Peramola

Morning Briefing before we get on the road... today it will get hot about 35ºC....
At the bottom of the Abbey de Montserrat from left Ted, Scott, Jan, Ed and Brent
on the road
Hotel Can Boix
1st day done at 35ºC everybody enjoyed and relax with a nice Sangria..... about the adventure of the day
Scott recapping the day
Brent and his wife....
Happy Ted

Day 2: Restday Peramola

Jan, Scott, Ed and Ted having breakfast to get ready for the 2nd day....
Group Photo from left, Scott, Jan, Pierre, Brent, Ed and Ted and in front Mirko
Amazing view on the Pyrenees
Pass arrivel - yes we made it
Amazing view
Motorcycle museum - history at its best
After a long days ride Ed is cooling diwn in the Pool

Day 3: Peramola - Carcassonne

Today we are riding through 3 Countries..starting in Spain, through Andorra with final destination in France.
Spectacular view from Andorra into the french valley.

Day 5 : Carcassonne to Mollo

Picnic Time.... Mirko was preparing a delicous healhy picnic with fruits, french sausages and cheese.
it was that hot that even this Little dog was looking for some shade....

Day 6: Mollo - Caslteldelsfels

Costa Brava - San Feliu


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