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The Brazilian Exclusive Alps Experience (SPT17038)

Montag, 16. Oktober 2017 | Manuel Marabese | Europa

Day 9: Loop to Gorge du Verdun

We have crossed the entire Alps, challenged by fairly cold weather but rewarded with fantastic blue sky, getting deeper and deeper approaching the Mediterranean coast. And now we are coming towards the end of the tour. We have kept for you a very amazing ride as the cherry on the top of the cake: today we are gonna explore the Gorge du Verdun, arguably the most exciting and scenic canyon of Europe.

We start the day with a visit to the small medieval village Tourettes sur Loup
..and then we reach the Verdun! We are riding both rims, back and forth...
Perfect turquoise lake at the opening of the canyon...
Anyone ready to jump?
Just before reaching Vence and closing this long journey we decided to stop at one of the famous parfumerie factories in Grasse, known as the European capital of parfume. At least the ladies gets a nice reward for being so brave, holding on the bikes during this alpine endeavour.
Last photo of the blog... with the Portuguese waiter of the hotel. During the trip we have met so many people either from Brazil or Portugal!
I wish you all a great Brazilian summer... have a great time and see you soon!
BONUS TRACK: some shots taken with the drone on the Via Tremola after Gotthard Pass and at the Gorge du Verdun.

Day 8: Loop to Col de Turini, Montecarlo and Nice

"Ehy guys, would you like a 120km or 200km rest day tomorrow?"

"Manuel... we want 220km"

Alright... so here we go: full loop to the Sanctuary Madonne d'Utelle, the gorgeous Col de Turini road (one of the stages of Montecarlo Rally), then down to Monaco visiting Montecarlo for lunch, closing the day with a stroll on the (very) busy Promenade in Nice.

Morning stop in Madonne d'Utelle. The view is spectacular and the sky as blue as it can get.
Photo shooting time: Alexandre...
... Evandro and Monica (they tried to trick me swapping the XR with the Multistrada but I got them!)
... Marcelo and Chris...
... Henri...
... Alejandro on his RT...
and Mauro and Daniela... ask her is she enjoyed the zig-zag curves today...
Montecarlo seen from atop...
Lunch time! Pasta... with the influence of the Italian border only 30km away is actually very yummy!
The beach in Nice is still fairly packed! Chasing summer here as well...

Day 7: Alpe d'Huez-St. Paul de Vence

Our last transfer day is bringing us towards the French Riviera, where we are going to spend three nights. However, another majestic mountain pass will delight our route today: Col de la Bonette and the scenic loop around Cime de la Bonette, bringing us to 2802m, even higher than the highest pass of Europe that we crossed yesterday.

The boys were happy for the free ride up to the Col de la Bonette... time for a group photo!
And since 2802m were not enough... here they are, climbing like mad mountain goats the path leading to the top of Cime de la Bonette! 2862m... These boys are infatigable!
On the top! This is really as high as we can get... 360° panoramic view surrounding us!
Uhm.... Manuel has got a strange passenger on the bike today, what can that be?
Ahh it was a special package containing the boot beer! Well deserved, everyone!
Have a good night in this charming hotel...

Day 6: Aosta-Alpe d'Huez

Our long journey is bringing us to the westermost part of the Alps: today we are leaving Italy (good bye perfect espressos... we are gonna miss you terribly) and enter France (good morning perfect croissants), where we are gonna spend our last 4 days of the tour. The destination for today is Alpe d'Huez, a very busy ski resort in winter and a fairly sleepy place in low season. The good point for us is the total absence of traffic along these roads!

A wonderful day!
Oh, look who is taking care of our bikes!
Coffee time on our way to the high Col de Iseran
And here we are: 2770m, the highest mountain pass of Europe! 13m higher than Stelvio.
The view from up here is simply fabulous!
Marcia and Monica super happy for their "light mean": a gigantic raclette! Mmhhhh...
Col du Telegraphe: guess what? Yeah.. one of Tour de France's favourite...
And now Col de Galibier, another tall one! This tour features over two dozens of passes, many of them among the highest of Europe.
Meeting at the top a group of sport cars... well, they arrived after us :P
Here it's already Halloween time!
Have a good evening great riders and brave passengers!

Day 5: Tujetsch-Aosta

Let's start with a big highlight today: after riding once again the great Oberalp Pass we embark in a new adventure: Gotthard Pass taken from Via Tremola, the old road, still all in coble stones. Later on we cross Nufenen Pass above 2400m and we leave the German speaking Switzerland to enter the French part.

In the afternoon we challenge ourself with another fantastic pass: the Grand St. Bernard is really jaw dropping!

Dry and no wind: what a great start on Gotthard Pass!
View from "the office"... Tour Guide Life..
Ehy... it's like a Harry Potter village!
The sun is getting lower... let's enjoy the sunset ride to Aosta!
The evening sky promises some good weather for tomorrow...
Tonight we went out to dine in the center of Aosta: this city has its roots in the Ancient Roman time, when it was a province of the empire under Augustus.

Day 4: Lugano-Tujetsch

The weather is getting better: the morning wakes us up with some low clouds while we follow the east shore of lake Lugano, washing our bikes (and testing the waterproofness of our gear) on the way up to passo Lucomagno, clearing up later on for the best part of the ride: three amazing passes will put lots of smiles on our face: Sustenpass, Grimselpass, Furkapass and Oberalppass. Simply stunning!

Coffee time to get a break before the rain.
The panorama from Susten Pass is unbelievable!
Everyone is happy after these several thousands of curves! Time to get back to the hotel... dinner is waiting!
And dulcis in fundo... a delicious dessert to end this amazing day in the best possible way!

Day 3: Livigno-Lugano

Yes! As soon as we leave Livigno with the fresh morning air (2°C on the pass) the myst leaves space for some blue sky. The majestic Bernina Pass with the glacier in the background is quite an highlight! 

Later on we pass St. Moritz and Julier Pass, descending then towards the narrow gorge Via Mala (impressive stone bridge several hundreds years old). Splügen pass is our next challenge, what a crazy zig-zag!

In the afternoon we cruise along lake Como (with a stop in Menaggio, facing Bellagio on the other shore), ending our day in Lugano on the omonymous lake.

The old bridge of Via Mala
Enjoying a romantic break in Menaggio
Dinner time!

Day 2: Innsbruck-Livigno

This morning the weather doesn't play well for us but... who cares! We are gonna enjoy this day anyway, dancing in the rain while we wait for better weather in the following days!

We have to adjust the route a bit, trimming here and there where the road is not enjoyable in this road condition. Stelvio has to be removed from our riding menu, it is snowing up there today and there i zero visibility as well.

In the afternoon the sky clears up a bit and suddenly over Pass del Fuorn, just before entering Italy again with the Tunnel de la Schera we even have a glimpse of sunshine! Beautiful end for the first ride.

First stop in Oetz to savour some local pastries.
Smiles on the viewpoint Gacher Blick. Not for the fainthearted.
Blue sky in the evening, promising good weather for tomorrow!
Really a delicious gourmet dinner in Livigno!

Day 1: Arriving in Innsbruck

Bemvindo gente!

Innsbruck is the getaway for this special tour across the Alps that we put together for our very loyal Brazilian group: for the fifth time they have decided to join us in their discovery of the world on two wheels! Evandro and Monica, Marcelo and Christiane, Joao and Marcia, Mauro and Daniela, Alexandre, Henri, Alejandro are all ready to ride! 

Manuel is setting up the bikes and the briefing: we will cross entirely the Alpine mountain range, challenging the riders (and their very, very brave passengers) with some of the most thrilling passes that Europe can offer! 

Stay tuned!



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Monica Trus
Mittwoch, 18. Oktober 2017 um 19:56

Hi Manoel!

Thank you very much for your kindness with all of us, I am speaking mainly of the girls in the group. For your patience about our requests for tourists and it was great to realize that you had fun with us. I hope to meet you soon in a new trip.

Best regards!
Evandro Trus
Montag, 16. Oktober 2017 um 10:56

This was my 5th tour with Edelweiss and it was the best . Thanks Manuel. All the best, Evandro
Manuel Marabese
Montag, 16. Oktober 2017 um 13:49

Muito Obrigado Evandro!! It has been a great pleasure for me as well!! And thank you so much for your gift and for the Brazilian flag!
H Sternberg
Mittwoch, 11. Oktober 2017 um 00:51

One of the best tour I have done. Manoel, a great guide and friend did a great job. The combination of friendship, bikes, Families, beautiful places and routes, .... transform our lives .... better and better.

Thanks Manuel, Karin and Edelweiss Team
Manuel Marabese
Montag, 16. Oktober 2017 um 13:49

Hello Henri!
I am glad you have enjoyed this tour as much as I did! See you again!
Montag, 9. Oktober 2017 um 16:26

Hi Marcia, hi João
You seem so very joyful and I´m glad to see a lot of happiness. What wonderful places you've visited and known. The trip must have been fantastic with a lot of adventure, and now you´re in the blog...ah, it´s so cool! Continue enjoying your trip, it´s a history and geography class, every day!"
See you...bye
Donnerstag, 5. Oktober 2017 um 22:33

Great job Manoel! Great drone images too!
Manuel Marabese
Samstag, 7. Oktober 2017 um 19:51

Obrigado Evandro!!!!
Thanks to you all for being the protagonists of this journey!
von Waldburg Gabriele
Donnerstag, 5. Oktober 2017 um 16:25

und natürlich HUNGER
von Waldburg Gabriele
Donnerstag, 5. Oktober 2017 um 16:22

Hey Manuel
Gute Fahrt und viel Spass! Bei diesen Bildern bekommt man einfach richtig Lust Motorrad zu fahren
Hoffentlich bis bald mal wieder
Manuel Marabese
Samstag, 7. Oktober 2017 um 19:52

Hallo Gaby!!
Ja alles Tip Top... die Pässe in der Schweiz waren echt cool! Bis bald!!!


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