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8FO - Through Southern Tuscany on a pedelec

Montag, 28. Mai 2018 | Ursula Peter / Johanna Reiser | Italien

Nick and Jim from the US, and our journalist Ralf from Germany,

Day 2: Florence - Castellina in Chianti

perfect weather, everybody exited - so we start and leaving Florence by train, which will bring us directly into the Chianti area.

a street was blocked by a landslide - but with a little detour on gravel roads we made it to Greve in Chianti

Macelleria Fallorni - paradise

the way up to Lamole was tough - but it was worth it. Beautiful views and awesome food on top

Day 1: Florence

Travelling on a Pedelac through Tuscany means an indulgence of all senses: landscape, culture, food and „la dolce vita“

We are ready to go! Nearly all our guests already arrived. We tourguides are busy with the last preparations.

artist Johanna prepares the welcome briefing

after the welcome briefing and handover of the electric bikes we go downtown Florenz for the Guided City Walk

and first of all - the Duomo

Piazza della Signoria and the David

Ponte Vecchio and the river Arno in the evening sun

some art in Palazzo Strozzi

Bistecca Fiorentina - before

.... and shortly after



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