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Pyrenäen Tour 2018 (Spanien-Andorra-Frankreich)

Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2018 | Jürgen Leitner / Mirko Heilhecker / Pierre Baumgärtner | Europa


and once again the Groupfoto of the whole Gang!!! It was a pleasure for us to ride with you! You were Wonderful!
MIrko is holding his final speech at the last dinner
we got wild Visitors at the back! can u see it (wildpork)
the last dinner! really nice Foto, thank you Angela!!!
oceanview from the Costa de Brava
Fotostopp at the Costa Brava before we are going back to Castelldefels
Art everywhere on the roundabouts
ride on cobblestone in Berge (looks like a dead end, hm?)


a ride through the Canyon. view from the picnic spot, waiting for the gang
lonely house in the middle of the canyon
Angela feels well surrounded by Flowers like at home
the picnic is Ready!!!
Kevin and Mirko can`t wait to get some food
Parceros, con mucho feliz!!! (Happy Friends)
Charles is eating something at lunch time! that means the picnic must be really good!
and after a wonderful and successful day the whole gang got some bootbeer and wine
Charles and Howard with there Special Poloshirts from Edelweiss! I don`t want to know what`s going on behind them when i look at Howards face
that`s how u get 20 rides together (look carefully at the T-Shirts)
Charles with his Polohirt from Edelweiss! that hell of a guy made 16 Tours like u can see on the Shirt! and the way Kevin rides i am sure he will follow him quickly


Jeff is a real Knight who was born and raised in Carcassonne and lifes there with his Lady!
Basilika in Carcassonne from the 13th Century
the great outer wall
the Castle of Carcassonne
one of the big entrances at Carcassonne
Carcassonne! how it looked like in former times
The Knight is explaining while the Tourguide is playing his role as a Tour-Guard with a lance from the 14th Century
the backyard of our hotel in Carcassonne
oldest house in Carcassonne (15th Century)
Howard and Janine are inspecting one of the Guards places
they had some two-handers hanging at the door , to be ready for none invited guests
the old butchers place, who is taking a rest after a hard and bloody day
visiting the Torture- Museum! this Chair is a pain in the a.. !
u wanna have some stretching!? here we go
the Iron-Lady!
a Guillotine from the 18th Century! It was invented by a French man named after him in April 1725.
it`s Selfie time with the riders of the day! the rest stayed in Carcassonne and made some sightseeing
Howard and Kevin are Looking at the Canal du Midi
Howard at the canal du Midi! He looks really impressed
nice old aqueduct at Minerve
the Canyon of Minerve
what a Wonderful view over the whole area of Minerve
short break after they Keep on riding again! Charles can`t wait for it i guess
what an astounishing view over the whole area


how many customers can u find!? welcome to Motocard in Andorra
Arrived on top of Roc del Quer
self explaining
Kevin and Karl are enjoying the beautiful view
Roc del Quer- Platform! awesome view over the whole valley of beautiful Andorra
….and from there u can see all the way down with the French mountains at the back
welcome to France
the hot thermal source in Ax Les Therme
tasting beer while we were waiting for the rest of the Group to head for dinner
the gang in the old Castle of Carcassonne
the inner Castle of the Castle!
at the dinner!
the Military, inside the Castle area!!!
The Highlight of the Day and maybe of the Tour! the Castle of Carcassonne


nice view from the Hotel Can Boix in Peramola!
Jürgen`s Daily briefing…. and Charlie can not wait to ride!!!
Angela und Karl!!!
Janine and Howard
Charles get followed by Howard
Cafe stop in Tremp
a short Fotostopp at the Mt. Pass Canon
very nice and calm Restaurant
view from the Restaurant to the Mt. of Andorra, where we are heading tomorrow



a very old defense Tower inside the Hotel! spectacular!!!
Tourguide-Motorbike with the Edelweiss- flag in front of the Hotel

Guided City Tour

Before the Tour started Janine, Angelika, Howard and Karl Heinz ( Charly) have decided to take the guided City Tour in Barcelona. We had perfect weather it was not neither too hot nor to cold so we had a lot to discover. We started with the "casa" Batlo from Gaudi from  where we then went through the Passeig de Gracia via the Plaza Catalunya to the Boqueria the famous Market at the Ramblas. Afterwards we have been to the Sagrada Familia which of course is a must including going up the tower,  what an experience to get over 500 steps down. As well the Cathedreal St Eulalia in the center of the city has been visited. Of course between we have made a couple of stops to try the Tapas, Pinchos and some local wine    It was just perfect.  Hope to see you soon again on one of our Tours. It was a pleasure guiding you through my Hometown, Cheers, Pierre



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Samstag, 7. Juli 2018 um 01:54

What an amazing trip.From Barcelona to the Pyrenees , and back in a week, not enough time to savor everything. Roads were amazing, , all kind of roads, from very narrow passages to highways, which we were lucky not to see frequently at all.
Hotels were very good, particularly Can Boix, but food at Mollo was the best. Although Carcassonne is the highlight and is beautiful I prefer the smaller villages or towns.
Drinks in the afternoon with all of you was the highlight of the day for me. to get to know each one of you and learn your adventures thru life, the amazing trips of Mirko and my parcero ( colombian friend) Jurgen. to the tours and stories of Charles. Karl and Angela interesting life in Germany and his dislike of the GS1200 ? maybe with a reason or "TOE". lol, and Howard and Janine charm and candor and willingness to help us all. no wonder he is a great Er doctor with great compassion.Great trip and riding, and thanks to Mirko and Jurgen for encouraging me to ride on my own. I did have a blast. Hope to see you soon somewhere around this beautiful planet .
Janine Lund
Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2018 um 22:30

We especially loved the video of us riding. We have never seen ourselves two-up like that before. Thank you!
Janine Lund
Freitag, 29. Juni 2018 um 21:30

Great photos, great guides & participants. So much fun and challenge.
Charlie Green
Montag, 25. Juni 2018 um 12:56

Great trip with superb riding scenery hotels & food But most important the group& guides were the best
Everyone keep riding safe Charlie


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