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Grand Alps Tour 1802 - the second and last in 2018

Montag, 3. September 2018 | Björn Greibig / Angela | Europa

The last day - Kaprun back to Seefeld

The normal start procedure.

Riding day 12 - Collalbo to Kaprun

Perfect conditions at the Grossglockner Hochalpenstraße.
Everything for the perfect photo.
Lunch at Lago di Misurina.
Beautiful Dolomites.

Day 11 - restday Collalbo

Restday is relaxation time.
Our ride through the Dolomite mountains was fantastic. Everything worked out perfect. No matter where we stopped, the scenery was spectacular, we were blessed with the weather, and there was as good as no traffic.
Andrew at Lago di Carezza.

Riding day 10 - Livigno to Bozen

The day starts with the ride up the Ofenpass. In the distance you can already see the Ortler mountain. From the Stelvio pass we will get an even better view of it.
Richard is chasing switchbacks.
A stop at Bruno belongs to the Stelvio like the switchbacks.
We made it to the top of the queen of the passes!
The way up was only halfway.
The view from the top of the Penegal is incredible.

Riding day 9 - Lugano to Livigno

Menaggio is a perfect place for a coffee break!
Lago di Como
Some more switchbacks?!
Number two of three today.
A day in the van doesn't necessarily mean it will be a boring day. To get to St. Moritz, for example, you need to come up the Maloja pass.
The St. Moritz lake
On the way to the top of Passo del Bernina.
The impressive glacier on the way up the Bernina pass
Arriving at our today's destination Livigno

Riding day 8 - Aosta to Lugano

A Brioche and a cappuccino in the morning ... hm, which country are we in ?
A imaginary bow in front of this memorial, which is dedicated to the road builders in Italy, Switzerland and France !!! Thanks guys for all these great roads we can cruise along on our motorcycles
David and ...
... Loren on a short walk through Varallo. We had a great pizza and pasta lunch there in one of the typical Italian restaurants
You may get the impression we spent all day long eating Oh no! We also went for a ride through the Italian backcountry to get from one spot to the next.

We do admit, though, that we couldn't avoid finalising the espresso and pizza day with an Italian gelato

Riding day 7 - Briançon to Aosta

It looks unreal.
What a great place for a picnic!
I think these guys are hungry.
Some footage from the Colle dell'Iseran.
What an awesome ride up the Little St. Bernard pass
First in the semi final for the ride up was Andrew from Australia
... second, was Björn in the truck
Should all roads have this color?

Riding day 6 - a day "off" in Briançon

On the way down from Col d’Izoard.
What an awesome road !!!!
Some of the landscape on Col d'Izoard seems to be unreal and you need to stop and take it in for a while ...
... that's why we had our picnic there
...David & Loren.
Time for a caffeine shot.
You can also take the road down there along the lake Serre-Ponçon but then you missed this view.
First stop in the morning at the boarder to the Écrins nationalpark, a great start of a beautiful day.
The first look out of the window in the morning already promised a great day

Riding day 5 - Chamonix to Briançon

We tried to sweeten the day up - and it worked
The ride through the French Maritime Alps was awesome !! And we managed to ride around the clouds all day long.
Apparently she's waiting for the snow - we were more than happy to find the roads to be all dry
Dave from Australia and his white RT are a great photo motif
Col du Galibier, France
Yes, unfortunately it was cloudy all the time in Chamonix and we couldn't see the Mont Blanc for a second.

Riding day 4 - Andermatt to Chamonix 

More riding less stops today, therefore just a few pictures.  

Angela isn't just a good tour guide, also a talented architect!
Tour guide at work.
But of course we did a lunch stop at Col du Pillon.
What a nice view, the Brienzer lake with the Uri alps in the background!
If you have a job that makes you happy.
One of the forced stop...

Riding day 3 - a day "off" in Andermatt

We're not changing hotels today, but, of course, we're not changing seats either
Gotthard pass was the first milestone of today's ride
The original road over the Gotthard pass is the Via Tremola. You can see the new road, which runs partially through avalanche tunnels, in the background
It is indeed a special riding experience we wouldn't want to have missed out on.
Nufenen pass offers majestic views of the Swiss mountains
The boys from Australia and the USA on the Grimselpass
The very old typical Swiss houses in the region between Nufenenpass and Grimselpass
Furkapass is part of the "figure eight ride" in the area of Andermatt

Riding day 2 - Galtür to Andermatt

The morning sun already promises a beautiful riding day
At the top of Silvretta Hochalpenstraße.
It's a long and twisty way down!
Loren seems to plot what to do tonight in Andermatt
Welcome to Andermatt.
Diesel isn't good for the most motorcycles, right Loren?! But we fixed it together in a night shift.

Riding day 1 - Seefeld to Galtür

The whole day was almost dry, only in the afternoon we got some drops of rain. Photo stop: Castle Wiesberg
We reached the top of the second pass, Hahntenjoch.
First stop of the day and the tour, Kühtai.

Arrival day

Some of the guys were a little bit to late for the welcome briefing, but for dinner everybody was on time


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Daniel J. Roe
Freitag, 21. September 2018 um 21:32

A fantastic trip lead by two great guides, Angela and Bjorn. I would do it again tomorrow.

It was a great pleasure to ride with Andrew, David, Leland, Loren, and Richard. Thanks guys.
Freitag, 7. September 2018 um 01:01

Hi Angela,
Is that an obelisk you have erected to the Patron Saint of Beir?
Brilliant !
Enjoy the ride everyone, and don’t get lost like Bob .
Have some Struddle for me,
Angela de Haan
Freitag, 7. September 2018 um 21:57

Hey Bob

Naaa.... I simply tried to pass time until we could go ride again

Believe it or not, each time I am on this tour, I am thinking back of the fantastic time we had buzzing around on the bikes. And even today I was talking about you and Gene, and the tour

Hope you two are doing well?
Paul Kustermann
Mittwoch, 5. September 2018 um 04:57

Have fun. Wish I were there. Riding myself at present with my wife through the Carpathian mountains. Such films memories of the grand alps and Andermat. Cheers Paul


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