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CKC1902 Kings and Castles

Sonntag, 8. September 2019 | Thomas Fellechner / William Wilde | Europa

Day 1: arrivel in Vienna

Welcome briefing
MC handover

Riding day 1: Vienna to Budweis

lets getting started
Crossing the Danube
Basilica at Maria Tafel
Crossing the border into Czech Republic euro style.......
Crossing the border into Czech Republic original style......
beautifull Budweis
Cesky Budejovice by night

Riding day 2: Budweis to Prag

Checking the master map. We don't want to lose anyone!!
Thomas gives the daily briefing.
The group heads out. First stop Cesky Krumlov.......
Beautifull Cesky Krumlov
Lnare castle
beautifull day.....an hey it's.....
..... vacation to
Praque at night

Day 4: restday Praque

Praque Castle with St. Veiths Cathedral
Facts, Facts, Facts
St Veiths Cathedral

Riding day 3: Praque to Dresden

First stop Melnik ossuary
On the left Labe River. Centre is Vltava River and right is the canal
Tom and Lynne
Karen enjoying the view
Wayne and Mary just chillin'
Thomas provided a delicious picnic lunch
Stunning views from the Bastei

Day 6: restday Dresden

Residenz castle
old town
Dresden graffiti!
nice hut leny
Dinner at the Augustinerkeller

Riding day 5: Lazne to Stary Jicin

Coffee stop at Nové Mesto
Exhibition of old Czech 3 wheelers in Nové Mesto Castle
They don't make engines like they used to....... thankfully!!!!!!!
Nové Mesto Castle
Len just needed a quick power knap!
After a little big of aggro at the filling station we eventually arrive at the Schloss-Hotel.....

Riding day 6: Stary Jicin to Krakow

The weather is not looking so nice today. The group gets ready to head out - direction Kraków.
are you happy Tom?

Day 10: restday Krakow

the Wawel in the Backround
Tom the Explorer
natural talent Kathi
new tourguide vehicle for William

Riding day 7: Krakow to Rajecke Teplice

William so the briefing for the longest day
The 500 year old wooden church at Debno!
Crossing into Slovakia
The Church at Slovenska Ves that Karen's grandmother used to attend.
Oravsky Castle

Riding Day 8: Rajeke Teplice to Budapest

beautifull Cicmany
Slovakia at its best
Chef Williams delicios Picnic
King of the world, Lynn on the ferry, crossing the danube


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