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„Ultimate Alps“ CUA2204

Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2022 | Ramon Christ | Europa

Four Passes on Restday in the Dolomites, Heart what do you need more!
Jumped on the Lake shore and immediately another Day with Curves „only“ stet!
Our Lunch Stop today in a busy Restaurant on Top of a Pass offered US great food!
Then „after „Curve on Curve“ we stopped again by small „Mountain Hut“ (Berghütte) we’re almost alone here!
Next Curves waiting for us on the way down - oh Man how many Curves did we yet and how many are still waiting for us! Can’t count them all, Thousands!
Next morning „Ferry-Boat“ again!
„Lago die Como“ - then start a unbelievable Ride on tiny small Roads - only curves up - and downhill!
We made an „unique“ Coffee-Stop by an Mountain-Hut in the middle of nowhere!
Espresso and homemade warm Applecake was delicious
Now the Sun is back!
After Simplon-Pass we cross „Lago (Lake) Maggiore“ by Ferry-Boat and on the other side we had a good Italien-Style Lunch! It’s so nice in Sun!
We continue our way to Lugano and crossed a tiny, small Pass - Passo San Valentino - back in The Valley we did it twice
Last Days Afternoon and Night we spend in Zermatt!
We saw the Matterhorn partly, the most been in Clouds! But it’s a very special place!
Natur and History!
Day Nr. 5 brought us - the Pass Collecters - over the Simplon - Pass (2006 meters) with another
„Hot Chocolate“ by a break!
When we came closer to Italy the weather get more and more sunny and by an „Italien-Lunch“ on „Lago Maggiore“ we enjoyed the Sunny Weather!
We’re lucky, reached the „Grimsel-Pass-Top“ in Rain and Snow - just at time for Lunch!
Hot Chocolade for all and very good Food was „good for our mood“!
After an hour later we jumped on the Bikes and 300 Metras below the Peak Roads be dry and a little Sunshine came out, Perfect! So we reached in dry Clothes the Garage in Täsch and they brought us with Taxi and Elektro Car to Zermatt! On the way Clouds moved a bit and we saw first time world famous MATTERHORN!
On the way to our really nice Hotel in Brunnen -on the lake shore of Lake Lucern - we did a short Fotostopp by the monument of „Swiss Hero Wilhem Tell“!
The Guy who shot with his CrossBow an Apple
if his Sons head!
On second riding Day we „touched“ three more Passes in Swiss!
Julier and Oberalb - where we had a nice
Hot-Chocolate, although the weather good in the morning! Last pass for today was Sustenpass - obviously- in 2260 meters - in Fog again!
And by Dinner there was a lot to talk about the first, exciting riding Day!
Foto-Stop at the RESCHEN Lake!
That Curch-Tauer with five Villages are sunken when they constructed the Dam and stowed the Water for!
We tried - by cold and rainy weather - to ride onto the „Pass of the Passes“ the second highest paved Pass in the Alps, 2757 Meters! The Bratwurst on Top was more than good Foid - it was a reward!
Ultimate Alps Nr. 4 in the Year 2022 startet as all our Tours with the WELCOME BRIEFING on Friday, 23.September - Jerry, Nic, Bob and Ben listen!


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Bill Morris
Donnerstag, 3. November 2022 um 02:39

A variation on the quote you like; “ Adventure is adversity recounted when you’re warmer”.
Tom Matson
Mittwoch, 28. September 2022 um 03:28

Looks like a treat trip!
Thanks for the comments and photos.


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