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Vietnam Extreme (4VE2202)

Samstag, 5. November 2022 | Holger Homann | Asien

Welcome day

Guess, where we are

...and you would like to ride here?

Yes, we do! Michael, Bill, Genghis (yes, he was already in Mongolia..and not only there, as our other riders) and Georg will start tomorrow right into this beautiful superchaos...let's see what we will discover!

Hanoi - Ha Giang

Our start in the morning and welcome to the chaos! Yiehaaa!

Here are so many things to see you can keep the camera running...and that's the same while you are riding!

Michael and Bill...

...and here with Genghis and Georg!



...some locals

and Georg.

While I took the fotos and the bikes were passing the whole bridge moved

And in the background we see the mountains, our target for the next days!

Genghis having fun..

and the water buffalos as well!

Dong Van - Wow :-)

Our restday in Dong Van: After breakfast we went on the Sunday market, just amazing the variety of food, vegetables, roots, spices, meat, fish, clothes, tools...just everything one can buy here and it is THE gathering spot for the locals, specifically for all ethnic groups who live in the mountains around. Very interesting, also for us!

After we went for a motorcycle ride to Lung Cu, the northernmost point in Vietnam.

Michael and Genghis up at the flagtower, in the background China.

A 100 % fit

The buckwheat is blossoming currently

And here our playground for the next two hours...just epic...

...and challenging as well !

for advanced riders only..

Just "wow" our way down to the river

What a ride today guys, well done!!

Dong Van - Bao Lac

The landscape at the Ma Pi Leng pass is just stunning!

A Vietnamese travel group fell in love with us and the foto shooting developed )

Georg took their display on his motorbike and soon they discovered )

On our afternoon loop...no way to pass this or...?

For 200.000 VD they carried the scooters over the rocks. Not a bad business idea, but for us a no go.

..and just with bamboo, liana and human power, super the flexibility and mindset!

so, we went on another loop (also WE are creative) but at this point again end of the road or the question this way or this way?

Again we decided for another way over the mountain but also here the "road" developed...

And here our support team arrives. They left the pickup up in the village and come with the scooter to ask for the way and help. We like Asian mentality!

Gathering all information from different sources we decided to proceed

Back on concrete, metal and asphalt after our jungle path! Yiehaaa!

Another adventure day in our motorcycle paradise!

Bao Lac - Ban Gioc

Our breakfast in the morning, simple but good

and again rice terraces...so beautiful, but always hard work behind!

quite relaxed our group today. Cool.

and then these puppies...so cute

Bills sign for water buffalos

at our Dragon fruit stop, so delicious

If a Vietnamese and an American salute side by side...why cannot live our whole world in peace? We should have learned something from the past.

Also the Vietnamese master plan not always works.. supersize roads and empty downtown houses, but luckily in very few places only

Bee larvae for lunch, but for the adventureous only, Bill and Genghis. We got chicken, noodles, tofu and vegetables as well

And after lunch the hammer for the afternoon.

Unbelievable landscape to explore for our senses!

A relatively happy group )

..reaching our todays final destination, Vietnamese biggest waterfalls in Ban Gioc.

Another great day! Thank you!

Ban Gioc - Lang Son

Soo funny, for a coffee we drove right thru a hotel, passing the reception and popping out in the backyard coffee shop... Amazing Asia!
All of a sudden we are in a different world, in the Sheraton world.

Lang Son - Halong

After a twisty and challenging ride thru mountainous area, dusty pothole-everything "roads" we reached Halong Bay and exchange our motorcycles with a boat into the world famous Halong Bay.. What a change!
Another road closure.. military training with artillery... Okay we won't try this!

Halong - Hanoi

After all this great scenery we had another beautiful ride thru hilly terrain and rural area...you wouldn't believe but a 100km away from Hanoi, the locals were really fascinated by our big bikes and our faces One has to know which route to take into Hanoi...And of course finally we hit the heavier traffic, but all in all a cool ride to Triumph where we returned our super bikes.

What a great adventure in Vietnam! Thank you Michael, Georg, Genghis and Bill, you made this trip exceptional! Hope to see you again on another adventure!



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Dienstag, 1. November 2022 um 18:43

Hey you guys!

What a beautiful trip you are making. I'm jealous on you It's so amazing to see those pics so that I couldn't take my eyes out of them even so a minute. I love the pics of you riding in the wonderful landscapes, the touch of colorful Asia in the wet markets as well as how the local people look, dress and live.
Thanks for the beautiful pics. Enjoy your trip still !



Samstag, 29. Oktober 2022 um 21:50

Schaut total wild aus die Bergstraßen/ Wege dort.Und der Regen macht es nicht leichter. Schadet der Stimmung aber offensichtlich nicht!
SuperFotos. Danke!
Holger Homann
Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2022 um 13:18

Hallo Sissi,
absolut spekatulär hier! Landschaft, Menschen, alles!
Schön Dich hier zu lesen!
Viele Grüße
von Waldburg Gabriele
Samstag, 29. Oktober 2022 um 13:57

Bravo Holger! Tolle Bilder , spektakuläre Strassen und fern östliche Ambiente, richtig spannend !
sehe einen nassen aber glücklichen Ehemann
weiter so!!
Liebe Grüsse aus der sommerlichen Schweiz

von Waldburg Gabriele
Freitag, 28. Oktober 2022 um 10:15

Hoffentlich sehe ich täglich viele ausergewöhnliche Bilder von dieser crazy Männergruppe
ride safe ! und ganz viel Spass
Holger Homann
Freitag, 28. Oktober 2022 um 14:16

Hallo Gabriele,

er sagt, Du hast ihn hierher geschickt und jetzt ist er hier! Schön von Dir zu hören und ich werd's versuchen. Super nette Truppe!

Viele Grüße nach Hause!
von Waldburg Gabriele
Montag, 31. Oktober 2022 um 13:25

Was für Bilder! Spektakulär ist nur das Vorwort!
Abenteuer pur


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