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What a rest day

Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2011 | Markus Hellrigl | Afrika

Before talking about a great morning in Kruger Park I would like to review yesterday's ride. Knowing, that I'll take a group of good riders on to the weekend playground for Johannisburg's motorcyclists I was excited myself. This leg of our tour through South Africa contains the perfect roads: mountain passes, excellent asphalt and NO traffic. At the first stop all everybody's expectations were apparent! Nobody needed to tell me, but the grins from ear to ear in everybody's face told me about their thoughts. Later in the afternoon nobody threw a Coke bottle over the edge at God's Window (check out the movie “The Gods Must be Crazy”), but everybody threw a glimpse from the Highveld down into the Lowveld. Getting to the hotel, which is located directly at the fence of Kruger Park, some of us had a beer at the outlook and could check off the elephant on the list of the Big Five.

But it got better! After the tour guide made everybody get up at five o'clock in the morning (it is our rest day!!!!!) we all got on safari vehicles and headed off into the park. The result after coming back at noon was quite good: impalas, elephants, giraffes, kudus, hippos, mongoose, warthogs, baboons, chameleon, different birds, crocodile, buffalo and the best of all …...LIONS. Laying in the middle of the road they didn't make any effort to move. Having a bored look at the tourist in the metal boxes, was all they showed. Absolutely relaxed.

Thanks God, not real!

.....but he is real

And that was what the group did for the rest of the afternoon. Relax.



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