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Beiträge von Manuel Marabese

Adriatic crazy Rollercoaster (4SC1501)

9. Juni 2015

DAY 3 - From Opatija to Plitvice Last day along the coast, in the afternoon we will move towards east, reaching Plitvice lakes. But let's start with a coffee stop in the picturesque old town Krk, on Krk island.

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Rome to Sicily, October edition (RTS1403)

11. Oktober 2014

DAY 2 Pompeii to Aquafredda Yesterday we had a pretty though start of the tour, first coping with Rome morning traffic, then Italian autostrada (freeway) and later with a visit of Pompeii. Today the day won't be much easier, but this means also full ...

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America "Der Westen" (SPT14048)

3. September 2014

TEXT & PHOTOS: Ted Goslinga and Manuel Marabese Day 16 - San Francisco Today we had the entire day to explore San Francisco. Most of the group were paying a visit to the Fisherman's Wharf, riding the famous ...

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ANC 1401 - Adventure North Cape

7. August 2014

TEXT&PHOTOS: Michael Kreuzmeir and Manuel Marabese Day 10 - Alta to Lakselv After such a big ride we deserve half rest day (yes only half is enough, it's an adventure tour...) where we can sleep in a ...

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Norway Touring Center 2 (NTC1402)

31. Juli 2014

DAY 1: Atlantic Road How pretty can Norway be? Let's discover it together... another motorcycle tour across fjords and trolls has started... stay tuned! A well assorted group that spans from Australia to Canada (passing trough Turkey/Netherland, United States and England) has flown ...

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Norway Touring Center 1 (NTC1401)

23. Juli 2014

Day 4: Geiranger+ WHAT A DAY! Geiranger+ I would say, because in these 13 hours trip we have gathered quite a few stories to tell! Shall we start with the "arctic lagoon" turquoise water of the glacial lakes along the hard pack trail of ...

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Viking Experience Norway 2014 (CVE1401)

11. Juli 2014

Day 7: From Bergen to Fjærland Today is another day to remember. After leaving Bergen trough the E16 we reach Voss, the adrenaline capital of Norway: rafting, paragliding, canoeing, climbing, skiing... You name it, they got it! Then it's time for two very narrow ...

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Adriatic Rollercoaster (4SC1402)

25. Juni 2014

Day 6 From Otocec to Klagenfurt Time flies, and we are at the end of our tour. About a week later, here we are, on the Slovenian Alps in the Savinia valley, crossing again into Austria. Before that we still have plenty of charming ...

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Rollercoasting Croatia and Slovenia (4SC1401)

16. Juni 2014

DAY 4 Rest day in Plitivice Today we spent the first part of the day hiking around the several lakes of Plitvice National Park, a marvel of nature with countless waterfalls, creeks and lush vegetation. A relaxing short boat ride to start with, the ...

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Best of Italy Ducati (9SI1401)

1. Juni 2014

DAY 6. San Marino to Bologna Yes, it's the last day. At some point it had to come. But. It's gonna be a blast. 264km of pure riding pleasure, first out of San Marino and in the surrounding hills, then on of the most famous mountain ...

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Triumph Rides America

7. Mai 2014

DAY 7: Zion to Vegas TRIUMPH VIDEO DAY 7 Last day of riding... Sad but true, the tour is coming to an end! Although we have already had so many wonderful sights during this trip, one more highlight is awaiting us: Valley of ...

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Tropical winter in Southeast Asia

21. Januar 2014

DAY 11, DAY 12: Remote north to the Thai/Lao border mountains The villages gets smaller, the temperature falls, the mountains rise. This is the far north of Laos, where just a few travellers push themselves. We meet just a few other adventurers on our ...

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Unveiling the hidden gem: Scouting Myanmar!

16. Dezember 2013

DAY 13 and DAY 14. THE END. Arrived back in Bangkok! The last two days brought us trough central Thailand, spending some time sightseeing the cultural city of Ayutthaya, capital of Thailand for over 400 years. You can guess the amount of grand temples ...

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Across South East Asia 3SA1302

3. Dezember 2013

DAY 15 THE END Here we are, at the end of the tour with loads of stories to tell to our friends and making them jealous for all what we have experienced! The last day has been somehow wet (in the dry season!) but ...

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