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6 reasons why New Zealand should be on your bucket list.

Monday, September 11, 2017 | Stephan Weckschmied | News / Pacific

New Zealand, aka The World’s Most Beautiful End, is a great place for travelers in general and a paradise for motorcycle riders. Here are Six Reasons why New Zealand needs to be on your personal Bucket List.


Reason #1: The landscape

Stand in the middle of a rainforest and take pictures of snow-clad mountain peaks – where else in the world can you do that? The south-western part of the country is covered in beautiful, old-growth temperate rainforest which is inhabited by plants, birds and insects that are –mostly – endemic to New Zealand. Take a little stroll through the forest and feel the magic of this amazing biotope. 

Reason #2: Roads

Ride 100 (or more) kilometers of curves, bends and twisties without passing a single car. Milford Road, Gentle Annie, Route 52 and so forth are any rider’s dream come true. Next time you feel the Tail of the Dragon is a radar-infested parking lot just come and live the dream down under.

Resaon #3: Queenstown

Go to Queenstown to get your adrenaline rushing. The world’s adventure capital holds a vast array of activities in stock for you, from heli-biking to canyon-swinging to riding a shark-sized (and shaped!) submarine. There is world-class food, top-notch nightlife and a crowd that is younger and more international than anywhere else. And did we mention the spectacular surroundings that Queenstown is nestled in? If you don’t like it here, you won’t like it anywhere.

Reason #4: The Kiwi

Meet the iconic Kiwi bird, face to face. Some say it’s ugly, but we don’t agree. Unusual, weird and funny, yes, but not ugly. It is even cute? You’ll probably have to check it out yourself. Driven to the brink of extinction the Kiwi today is highly protected. Visit a breeding station and you may fall in love with this cuddly little fellow.

Reason #5: Adrenalin Rush

Do the Kiwi-Triathlon. Jetboat, Heli & Bungy. New Zealanders call themselves Kiwis and they invented the jet boat, the Bungy jump and the fun-driven helicopter ride. Jump from the world-famous Kawarau Bridge, ride a jet boat at 50 mph through Shotover Canyon and hop aboard a chopper to get you to a spectacular place like White Island or on top of a glacier. Yes, those Kiwis know how to spell F-U-N!

Reason #6: Indulgence

Get culinary in the city that has more restaurants per capita than NYC! Foodies from around the world flock to Wellington to find their piece of heaven. Outstanding wines and great beers accompany a very inventive and imaginative cuisine that processes only the best – and almost exclusively local – ingredients. Warning: do not watch your weight!


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