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SPT19007 Southamerika special

Thursday, January 24, 2019 | Marc Adamiak | News / North and South America


Day 1: Welcome to Santiago, Chile

Hotel Santiago
Briefing with Marc
Mili, Artur and Walter
Welcome dinner
Salmon Ceviche
Matias, our chilean guide
Artur: i want meat!

Day 2: Santiago, Chile to San Juan, Argentina

About to leave Chile - after a quick coffee
...OK, first, we had to climb up to over 3.000m
After crossing the border to Argentina, we stopped at the "Puente del Inca" (Inca bridge)
Lunch stop in Uspallata
After our longest (and rainy) day, we deserved a good argentinian steak

Day 3: San Juan, Argentina to Villa Union

Start into a sunny day. The Andes in the background
A spectacular view
Stone formation, called "the giant's Seat"
Ischigualasto national park.
Here, dinosaur tracks and more, were found.
Lamas in the Talampaya national park
What an atmosphere for dinner!

Day 4: Villa Union to Belen

Curves and amazing nature in the morning
Huge cactus trees
"Beauty program" for Mili (sunblocker)
Loooong, straight roads in the afternoon (and 34 Celsius)
Typical restaurant for luch
Party people

Day 5: Belen to Cafayate

Today's Start was a bit cloudy and chilly.
Later, sun came out and we (again) had up to 34 degrees Celsius.
After some very twisty bits, we also had looong straights...
Quick coffee break "in the middle oft nowhere"
X-mas tree, made of tires (we also saw some, made of plastic bottles)
This (traditionally dressed) gaucho (cowboy) and his wife, we met in a small village in the afternoon
Arrival at our hotel in the vinyards of Cafayate
Artur, enjoying a glass of excellent white wine, which is made here
...with a view
Prep for BBQ.
2 hours to go...
Bridging the gap
"Best dinner eeeever!"

Day 6: Cafayate to Salta

Mili is ready
Entering the "quebrada de las conchas", the canyon near Cafayate
The obelisc
The Masters, fixing a flat tire
Walter: crossing a flooded bit (after heavy rain, last night)
"Las tres cruzes", a breathtaking viewpoint
Stop at the "devil's throat"
Germany (Alemania) is everywhere!
Lunch time
Today, we are in Salta

Day 7: Salta to Purmamarca

Today was a quite short, but nevertheless super interesting riding day
The very curvy and narrow road took us through amolst jungle-like areas
...also with views...
...which put a big smile in everbodys face
Those signs indicate the end/beginning of different regions here
Approaching Purmamarca (our last night in Argentina), with its famous "Hill of 7 colors"
It is a busy, little tourist town (more a village)
...with nice restaurants

Day 8: Purmamarca, Argentina to San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Early start
Quickly climbing from 2300m to over 4000m
Crossing a salt lake
Today again and again, we saw Lamas and Vicuñas
Short coffee break
...with a lot of fun
We rode almost everything today:
Curves and longer, straight parts (also a bit of gravel, later)
Chile got us back
Temperatures went up to 24 Celsius
Trying some oxygen in high altitude
How was it, Walter?
To get here, we had to leave the asphalt for some meters
Highest elevation we rode was 4800m.
And temperature dropped to 12 Celsius
Volcano, near San Pedro de Atacama
When we passend by the bolivian border, descended and saw the Atacama desert down there, it got warmer again (actually 30+ in town)
....just another good reason for a cold beer in the hotel!

Day 9: San Pedro de Atacama to Antofagasta

We started the day with a highlight:
The moon valley, near SanPedro
1 day in the dryest desert on earth...
"But now, we got enough of sand and stones!"
Mili, trying offroad - successfully!
After this view onto the valley, we climbed some curves, up to 3400 m - just for a, then slowly, but steady descend into the flat desert, which waited with straight roads, heat and wind
Abandoned town in the desert.
Arrival at Antofagasta
Pacific ocean
What a great final dinner!

Day 10: Farewell in Antofagasta

Early start at 5:30a.m.
Have a safe journey back home and thanks for a good time! Hope, to see you soon...
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Tuesday, June 23, 2020 at 15:39

Bhagyashree P.
Tuesday, April 23, 2019 at 12:07

Informative blog, Great! Thanks for posting it. Kindly visit : http://kashmirbikers.com
James and Daisy
Sunday, March 10, 2019 at 03:21

Hi Marc
Looks like a fun and successful tour. We will ride Thailand in November and hope you’re there.
Marc Adamiak
Sunday, March 17, 2019 at 11:36

Hi James and Daisy.
Yes, the tour was great fun!
Happy, to hear, you will do Thailand again.
If I can/will be there, remains to be seen.
If yes, we will have a good time together, again...
Cheers, Marc
Wednesday, January 23, 2019 at 17:09

Hi Marc,
tolle Bilder - hab´ ganz viel wieder erkannt. Ist nun beinahe schon ein Jahr her (*seufz*)... Liebe Grüße von den Winters aus dem winterlichen Rhein-Main-Gebiet
Marc Adamiak
Wednesday, January 23, 2019 at 18:01

Hallo Katrin, hallo Martin.
Ihr wisst ja: einmal ist keinmal; wir sehen uns bestimmt wieder...
VG, Marc
Michaela Achatzi
Monday, January 14, 2019 at 09:28

Hi Marc,

Habe ne schöne Tour mit den Jungs.
Bin gespannt auf die tollen Bilder !!

Gruß aus dem verregneten Deutschland
Marc Adamiak
Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at 12:36

Danke, Michaela!
Ist ne tolle Truppe und wir haben viel Spaß!


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