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Australia Adventure Extension - keep riding ...

19. Dezember 2016

D06 ... and finally, the Blue Mountains! Thanks to all of the participants, see you soon!!

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Australia Adventure Tour 1601 - Southern Summer?

8. Dezember 2016

... and don't forget!!!!

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Corsica/Sardinia-9SK 2016

19. Oktober 2016

Who would believe that this Disney Land type castle is just a short jaunt from Bologna. A magical start to a magnificent tour... Here are some visuals from the trip from back to start. We begin however with an extra few days with just one special tour-member on ...

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Special Alps & Lakes for motocyclist from Paraguay

29. August 2016

... and successfull gentlemen .. gracias a todos, un succeso!!!

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Edelweiss Bike Feschtl 2014 im Frankenwald

27. September 2014

Wär hätte das gedacht, dass wir 42 Teilnehmer zu unserem Edelweiss Bike Festl im Frankenwald begrüssen durften. Und mit dabei, natürlich Begründer von Edelweiss Bike Travel Werner und Coral Wachter im BMW Sidecar!! Mit im Gepäck: Sonnenschein!!

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Motorcyclists on the Alps Touring Center

23. August 2014

Happy people at the end of the tour, it was a wonderfull tour with amazing people, thank you to everybody, see you at the next tour!

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9PI 1201 Philipp Island Australia Ducati-tour

23. Oktober 2012

Day 11 Canberra to Sydney, last day riding. Everything fine, all together back safely and happy about the 2 unforgettable weeks. And surely one of the funniest tour we had so far, plenty to laugh about "true stories". Thanks all particpants, see you soon hopefully!!!

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9SI1202 Best of Italy on Ducati motorcycles

17. September 2012

Thank's to Sharon, John, Charly, Jimmy and Fernando, it was a wonderfull tour and Marko and Franz hope to see you back again!!! All the best!

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Kings & Castle Special Motorcycletour 2012

10. August 2012

Parabens Brasileros, sim accidente, só um dia de chuva, que querem mais?!?! Sim, si era pra mim, um puoco mais de ordem, menos "egoismo" e que nao tenho que repetir as coisas duas vezes!!! Senhoras e senhores, até a proxima vez com muito prazer!!!

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Alps in Brasil or Brasileros nos Alpes?

3. Juni 2012

A very warm welcome to our participants from Brasil on this Ultimate Alps Special Tour!! Benvindo nossos amigos brasileros no roteiro Ultimate Alps Tour Especial!! Saindo da Alemanha o dia 2 de junho na direccao Austria a gente teve sorte com o tempo: sol e temperaturas ...

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