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Nord- und Südamerika

AAY 1301, Schweiz, Österreich, Deutschland und Brasilien erkunden den größten Staat der USA

9. Juli 2013

6 Schweizer, 4 Österreicher, 2 Deutsche und 2 Brasilianer begeben sich auf ein 14 tägiges Abenteuer quer durch Alaska. Viel Spaß beim mitlesen eure Tourguides Stephan & Chief

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From the road: Ultimate USA is finishing (4UU1301)

30. Mai 2013

Hello and welcome to our live blog from the Ultimate USA motorcycle tour! This Ride4Fun tour is crossing the USA from East to West, going all the way from Miami to Los Angeles. - - - - - - - - - - - - - ...

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Grand Canyon Tour - BTG1301

16. Mai 2013

We started another tour of the southwest United States from the great city of Las Vegas.  Four enthusiastic tour members from Canada, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the US came prepared and full of energy to experience Route 66, several National Parks and State Parks.  What could be better ...

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ACR1302. Adventure Costa Rica and Nicaragua starts again!

11. März 2013

ACR1302. Adventure Costa Rica and Nicaragua day 13:  The last riding day on this adventure motorcycle tour around Costa Rica and Nicaragua has come,....but don´t be sad,...a twisty road back to the Central Valley and the 1928 old Oxcart factory at Sarchí ...

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ABC1301 Baja California Tour

4. März 2013

What could be better in February for a motorcyclist in Cincinnati than to go ride Baja. I know that many of you are thinking that Baja is a dangerous place and anyone would be crazy to go there. To be honest, I felt safer there than when ...

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ACR1301. UPDATE!!!!!The first Adventure Costa Rica and Nicaragua Tour gets to the end!

25. Februar 2013

ACR1301 .Days 13. Adventure Costa Rica and Nicaragua , Day 13 : the last riding day came, but there is already a lot to enjoy on our way back to San José

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"End of the World" - Adventure Patagonia 2013

16. Februar 2013

Some general information:

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Let's go to "fin del mundo" - Adventure Patagonia

2. November 2012

Imagine having ridden almost 5,000 kilometres through the southern parts of Chile and Argentina. Imagine having experienced any kind of road surface from freshly paved asphalt roads to tricky gravel roads and sandy tracks. Imagine scenery changing several times a day and showing you everything from wide ...

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Final Day Southern California Backroads CSW1202

7. Oktober 2012

It is hard to believe, but our motorcycle tour through Southern California is over! Another great riding day took us along the famous Route 66 to Oatman. Here time has stood still, Billy, the Kid, could come around a corner anytime. After a great lunch ...

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Highway Number 1 - What an experience

24. August 2012

As we start the Highway One Tour in Seattle, all tour members and the 2 Tour Guides are very anxious to go riding.  We leave the Emerald City and head over to the Olympic Peninsula.  There are 2 couples, a Father and Son, 2 brothers, a single ...

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Machu Picchu Special Adventure Tour (SPT1229) - Final Recap

21. Juli 2012

Machu Picchu Special Adventure Tour - Final Recap Hi Worldtourers out there!

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Adventure Top of the World, riding 14 days through amazing Alaska, AAY

10. Juli 2012

Alaska, the biggest, most northern, most western and also the most eastern state of the US. These are just a few records Alaska has got and their are way more. For our small group of temperature fearless riders Alaska is the opportunity to get to the ...

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Machu Picchu Adventure ACP1201

6. Juni 2012

9th June 2012 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unglaublich, wo sind denn nur die letzten zwei Wochen hin? Sind wir wirklich schon wieder in den Gedanken daheim oder noch in Südamerika? Gestern war unser letzter Tag und wir verließen das wunderschöne und abwechslungsreiche Land Peru und kamen wieder ...

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CSW1201 Southern California Backroads - Photos

15. Mai 2012

Morning briefing at Furnace Creek, Death Valley National Park

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