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Paris to Omaha round 2!

Montag, 29. August 2016 | Pablo Piferrer / Laurens Corijn | Europa

Guided city tour of "la ville de la lumiere" (Paris)

We arrived so early, that we got to go in to Notre Dame... without queing!
Daisy was happy as we were there during mass
James let Pablo borrow his favourite sun glasses
Daisy and James in the Sainte Chapel
Michael and the French institute
The French meridien or the Arago line... or Rose line
TG Laurens giving a perfect briefing before the vehicle handover!

Versailles - Tours

Daisy and James happy to get going on their 1200RT
Our tiny group of Daisy, James and Michael
The Cathedral of Chartres, UNESCO World heritage
The Chambord Castle, where we had a lovely lunch.
The Loire river, which is surrounded by hundreds of castles.
The burial place of Leonardo da Vinci, in Amboise.

Tours - Angers

Another Cathedral, Michael wants to get a photo of himself and his Ducati in front of every single one I think!
We visited the world famous Circuit of the 24h of Le Mans!
It was at first empty, but with some patience, motorcycles started racing there.
Michael taking pictures. James clocked the bikes; they did over 2 minutes for a lap, Rossi set the record at 1:32 here last year...
Now we are at the fairy tale Chateau de Briotieres, being treated like Edelweiss Royalty!

Angers - Carnac

The concrete u-boat bunker of St Nazaire, built by the occupying German army in 1940. It still stands today and houses some museums.
Our group looking at the harbor view from atop the bunker.
The Fortified lock, housing the retired French "Espadon" submarine.
A close up look at the Espadon, which is now a museum. We went for a visit inside, it's very cramped!

Restday Carnac

We awoke to a nice sunrise on a crisp day, ready to go for another ride in beautiful Bretagne!
First stop were the mysterious, ancient rows of stones around Carnac, it's still not really known what they were for...
Then we stopped for a quick picture at the beach
Next up was the the Basilique of the lady of Auray, which Daisy visited while we had some coffee, and Michael a Creme Brulee.
Next up we drove to Josselin, a beautiful medieval town.
Very nice little streets, but easy to get lost!
Michael had a second Creme Brulee for lunch there, after his burger!
Michael and James & Daisy on the road in the French countryside

Carnac - Brest

Today we were treated to a picnic prepared by Laurens!
We are staying in the beautiful Pointe St. Mathieu, with lighthouse and abbey ruins across the street.
For dessert, Michael even tried some very strong, stinky French cheeses. Very good he claims!

Brest - St Malo

We had a little Coffee stop in Maloix, underneath the 1861 Viaduct.
Daisy and James on their 1200RT at the beach
The pink granite coast at Plougmanac!

St Malo Rest Day

The highlight of the rest day is a visit to the Mont Saint Michel, an impressive island with a medieval abbey and town. Daisy, James and Pablo went to church on sunday first, so Laurens and Michael went ahead.
It's one of France's best known touristic sites and was the first to receive a UNESCO world heritage designation in 1979.
In the afternoon, while James, Daisy and Pablo visited the mountain, Laurens and Michael stopped by some castles on the way back. Here's Michael looking for the princess at Chateau de Bonne Fontaine!

St Malo - Honfleur

The memorial at the Pointe Du Hoc for the brave American 2nd Rangers.
Pablo made a nice picnic for us right on Omaha beach!
A visit to the American Normandy war cemetery, also on Omaha beach. Impressive and humbling to see the rows of crosses...


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Thomas Ritt
Montag, 29. August 2016 um 23:56

Well, I see the sun and the blue sky stuck around for another tour, congratulations! Watch out, Pablo, with all that sunlight your hair might grow back!
It's good to see Daisy and James having a great time. Haven't seen you in a long time, too bad, I wish we could tour again together. Maybe next time...
Enjoy the rest of your tour!


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