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Beiträge von Laurens Corijn

Alps by Scooter 2AL1801

11. Dezember 2022

Scooters in Paradise...

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Eastern Europe Delights (CEE 1901)

4. Juli 2019

Here we are again  starting the next Adventure through eastern Europe. During our Journey we will ride through 6 countires with about 3500 km,  from Austria through Czech Repubic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Our Group is a mix of U.S. folks, Australia, Switzerland, UK, So lets goooo ...

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Pyrenees Extreme in September 2018

9. September 2018

Cathy enjoying the Cake

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The Viking Experience SPT17025

18. Juli 2017

Day 10, Oslo - Göteborg After ten days in Norway, it was finally time to reach Sweden for our last riding day! Leaving Oslo, we had to use the highway to get out of town and to reach (almost) the border to Sweden. A picture stop ...

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The Viking Experience CVE1701

9. Juli 2017

Day 9, Geiranger - Ålesund The last day of the tour started with a ferry cruise on the Geiranger fjord. The world’s most famous fjord offers dramatic beauty: vertical rock walls, countless waterfalls and crystal-clear water! After that, a well deserved strawberry cake and then we ...

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4PE 1701 Pyrenees Extreme!

17. Juni 2017

On top of the Coll du Tourmalet

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Tourguide Training 2017 in Mieming

19. März 2017

It's that time of the year again: all Edelweiss Tourguides come back to Mieming for the yearly gathering. We're all informed about the latest and greatest so everybody is well prepared for the next season!

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AAT1701 - Australian Adventure Tour: The home of the Devils!

20. Februar 2017

Day Eleven: Warrnambool to Melbourne 

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2TU160A - Il Migliore Degli Amici - Tuscany by Scooter

9. Oktober 2016

And the tour is over! We had such a wonderful time, the weather was on our side, and the Tuscan countryside proved to be the perfect playground for our scooters. And while this is goodbye for now, we had too much fun not to do this again ...

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Pirineos extremos para BMW Motoclub Halcones Monterrey

22. September 2016

MUCHAS GRACIAS senores por una semana excelente con muchas curvas y condiciones del camino perfecto y momentas especiales. Hasta el ano proximo.

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Paris to Omaha round 2!

29. August 2016

We arrived so early, that we got to go in to Notre Dame... without queing!

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3CT1602 - Celtic Tour

15. Juni 2016

Day 8 - Chagford to Lynton Today we had a nice loop scheduled across Devon and Cornwall, with our lunchstop at the supposed location of King Arthur's castle. These days it's not called Camelot, but Tintagel. There is a "Camelot Castle" hotel and restaurant where we ...

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Celtic Tour 3CT1601

9. Juni 2016

Day 9 We rode from Keswick back down to Hinckley, through the Yorkshire Dales

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Training Tour - EBK16TG

17. April 2016

A small supplement...

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