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4SC1801 - We go rollercoasting down the Adriatic!

Freitag, 15. Juni 2018 | Wim Doms / Julian Fischer | Europa

So green it is!

Riding Day 1 - Klagenfurt we leave. Slovenia we pass. Istria we greet!

Not easy to leave a city as pretty as Klagenfurt in Austria's Carinthian Lake District.
Inga seems to like Slovenia straight away
And why wouldn't you, in these kinds of landscapes?
While tourguide Julian went underground in Postojna Caves, tourguide Wim took the rest of the gang up to the mountain to see Predjamski Grad. Not for sale
sitting in the train which took us 4 kilometers into the 24km deep cave!
Tell you what though... after a long day's riding, there are worse places to arrive than the ancient little hilltop town of Motovun. What an amazing place!
And then... Croatia says goodnight in spectacular fashion! See you tomorrow everyone.

Restday - Riding on the islands of Croatia

the bikes are waiting for the ferry to ride on the island crew...
Bill and Michelle growing together even after many years of marriage...
the ferry was quite busy
Restday rides go down to the inland of Istria too... no ferries around these parts!
See that ancient town there on top of the hill? That's where we are staying, that is.

Riding day 3 - Motovun to Plitvicka

Early in the morning on these tours, sometimes you're just greeted by a view you will never forget...
after having some fun in the mountains, we finally arrived at the coast with that spectacular view
One of the benefits of the coast: you can get the motorcycle heat off you by going for a swim, as Tyler swiftly demonstrated.
one of the other benefits of the coast- very fresh seafood! some of us were eating so much of it....
...that they can't move anymore, so they are laying in the hotel in plitvicka, or in front of...
Well, then again, the ride here had some gourmet stops on the way... honey tasting going on, straight out of the farm where it is made. Delicious!

Restday Plitvicka- plus afternoon ride

The beautiful national park of plitvicke
batteries are charged, so we have many photos of today...
...of waterfalls...
... and caves (Tyler and Inga)
very nice view from the walking path to...
...the big waterfalls
tourguide Julian enjoys the benefit of the tourguide-life...
...while other come for quick a selfie.
on the afternoon, Julian took some photos of the riders which are not tired of riding everyday yet- here is Chris...
and Julian himself.

Day 5- Plitvicka to Novo Mesto

On the way to Slovenia, we heard the reassuring sound of a little lamb... turned out it was a belgian tour guide ordering food in his best Croatian
Hard not to make a little stop alongside the beautiful Krkna river, welcoming us back to Slovenia.
Well... and there's another very manly cool reason for a little break in Kortanjevica, as demonstrated by tough guys Keith and Tyler

Last riding day... ooooh... homewardbound to Austria

One last day of riding left to go... but what a day it became! First some countryside villages in the area where a certain Melania was born...
And then, through the magnificent Savinja Valley, all the way up to the forgotten border crossing on top of Paulitschsatl... Last goodbye to Slovenia and back down into Austria it went!
And who are the first people our Canadians Bill and Michele meet back in Austria? Well... Canadians, hiking in the mountains! Are they really everywhere in the world?
Another good thing comes with having Canadians all over the place: they can help you with the last little group picture, overlooking the amazing valley which leads to... Klagenfurt! We're back!
But before we go, to each and everyone of you: thank you very much for a wonderful, sometimes a little eventful, sometimes a little leisurely and sometimes very funny (open the doooorr!!!! , but above all a truly memorable tour with a bunch of fantastic people! Safe travels everyone!

Meeting new people

We all say- Riding the best ride there is with edelweiss bike travel...
... is also a lot about meeting new people...
...but no one takes this so seriously like Oscar- he met the most people.....
...and finally - he got his kiss


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Carole & Don Wright
Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2018 um 18:00

Parents of Bill & Michele - we followed the trip every day and can see that everyone enjoyed the fantastic trip. We enjoyed it as well!!!


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