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Beiträge von Julian Fischer

Moto Gp Valencia & the Route of Don Quijote

24. November 2019


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Best of Italy - BOI1902

23. September 2019

the famous edelweiss picnic....

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5EB - European Bike Week

11. September 2019

Starting at freezing temperatures in the rain and still having fun on the motorcycle? Must be an Edelweiss Tour. Challenging conditions from rain to snowfall as we are re-entering Austria made this last riding day an exceptional experience.

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HAT1904 High Alpine Tour

7. August 2019

We awoke in Lienz to a beautiful sunny morning. Crossing the border into Italy we reached the Dolomites and smapled the first pass roads of the day. Coffee at the lake and a cableacar ride up Lagazuoi for lunch with a view. Getting drenched on the way ...

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Scotland and the Isle of Man

6. Juli 2019

famous castle, seen in some movies and even in a short scene in game of thrones, who knows the name of it?

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Alps and Lakes - CAL1803

22. September 2018

Welcome briefing - before everybody get the key they have to know some important infos...

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BOE 180C The best of Europe

21. August 2018

Day 6 Warth - Erding

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SPT18059: Taiwan in Alps!

4. August 2018

Day 1: Seefeld to Pontresina 

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CUA180A The Ultimate Alps

23. Juli 2018

16 Horsepower has always been a fantastic band. 16 friends from California, Chicago and Germany (yup, odd one out!) gathered together with waaaay more horsepower to come and do THIS! Ride the Alps, the Ultimate way.

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4SC1801 - We go rollercoasting down the Adriatic!

15. Juni 2018

So green it is!

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HAT1801- high alpine tour

1. Juni 2018

DAY 1- First riding day from Erding to Lienz...

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Rome to Sicily - Spring Edition (RTS1802)

16. Mai 2018

Day 1 - Welcome to Rome! Quite a big group of enthusiastic motorcyclists is gathering in Caput Mundi, the glorious Rome, for a long ride across Southern Italy, all the way down to Sicily! Some of them have decided to join our guided city tour to ...

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6TG1801 Modultour 2018

21. April 2018

Last stop before Bolzano, the beautiful Castle Fahlburg

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