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Best Of Europe (BOE2104)

Donnerstag, 2. September 2021 | William Wilde / Tom Friden / Claudia Wodarz | Europa

Cow riding at the Rheinfall in Switzerland

The Best of Europe Tour means: history of 5 countries, delicious local food, romantic roads through river valleys, medieval towns and many impressive buildings and castles. 

Characterised by the medieval flair, the mystical dark forest passages and the winding roads, this tour will captivate us every day anew.

The further we get, the higher the mountains get and the more winding the roads become.


Let yourself be enchanted by this tour with us!

Pre-tour: Guided City Tour Munich

Jim and Dawn were delayed on their way from the USA, so arrived only on Friday morning. Nonetheless, they were keen on taking a City Tour of Munich so we pressed on.

Unfortunately, nowadays there is always a queue to go up the "Alte Peter"
But once you get up there.......
........the views are great!
Jim and Dawn with the Frauenkirche in the background
Last stop of the day Isartor
Tom and Claudia are ready to start the Welcome Briefing

Day1: Erding-Rothenburg

In the morning we leave Erding on small country roads and first drive through the Hallertau, the largest continuous hop-growing area in the world. Hops have been grown here for 1,300 years! After leaving Upper Bavaria, we enter Franconia.

This area is an archaeological treasure trove, all 12 known fossils of the famous Archaeopteryx have been found here since 1855.

Later we reach the Romantic Road, where we visit the beautiful town of Dinkelsbühl before finally arriving in Rothenburg, probably the most famous medieval town in Germany.

Here you feel like you're in a fairy tale!

Jim and Dawn with their Harley E-Glide
Bill and Maxine on the BMW RT
Lunchstop at a nice inside garden with Bratwurst and Sauerkraut, we had also one Schnitzel absolutley traditional
Best weather for the first day, time for a cool drink in Dinkelsbühl
Ready for Rothenburg and get in touch with the middle aged
City centre of Rothenburg, isn't it beautiful?
Our nice Hotel
The city center of Rothenburg is surrounded by a big wall
George the Nightwatcher is telling us some very interesting and funny facts about this place back then

Day2: Rothenburg-Heidelberg

Today we drive through a true fairytale landscape to the famous university city of Heidelberg. On the way there we will see castles, palaces, monasteries and beautiful half-timbered villages, but also a lot of quiet, green countryside. Following in the footsteps of Götz von Berlichingen, we drive through his birthplace Jagsthausen, later on Götz achieved great fame by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. In the neighboring village there is a magnificent baroque monastery where Götz von Berlicheningen is buried.


After lunch, we descend to the Neckar River, one of the largest rivers in Germany. The hills along the Neckar are dotted with castles, including Hirschhorn Castle, which even has a lovely café and a cozy castle terrace. We stop here once more and then follow the Neckar to Heidelberg.

The Monastry of Schöntal were Götz von Berlichingen is burried.
Hornberg castle
First glimpse of Heidelberg Castle, we quickly park the bikes at the hotel and then head up to take a closer look.
Pharmacy museum inside of the Heidelberg castle.
Heidelberg’s lovely old town with the old bridge across the Neckar
It’s beer o’clock after visiting the castle and the city center.

Day3: Heidelberg-Ribeauvillé


Today we will travel through the Black Forest and the Rhine Valley to France. From Ettlingen, the route goes steadily uphill through the Albtal valley to Bad Herrenalb. The small town, which originated from a monastery, is located in the middle of seven valleys in the northern Black Forest and invites us to a first coffee break with its splendor of flowers.

We then cross the Murg Valley, where we turn onto the Black Forest High Road. This leads us in beautiful curves up to 1000 m altitude. Lake Mummelsee is the ideal place for our lunch break and a good opportunity to try a local specialty, Black Forest cake.

We continue along forest paths, through small villages and back to the plain, where we pass the Rhine and thus the border with France.

At the end of our day we reach Ribeauvillé, a small typical French village on the edge of the Vosges, where we will spend the next two days.


View to Murgtal, from there a little curvy road brings us to Schwarzwaldhochstraße
Castle Eberstein, surrounded by the beautiful Black Forest and wineyards
Jim and Dawn, on Schwarzwaldhochstraße
Bill and Maxine
The glasbottles on the footbridge of Mummelsee, with view to Hornisgrinde today we made a white wall of fog for a better view to us
Is this pasta? No it’s a sausage Salat with pickles and onions, Maxine and Jim tried and loved it
The delicious Black Forest cake
Masterpieces of watchmans art, you can buy your original cuckoo clock here
The clock will be built after your order, so it’s a unique piece made just for you. And don’t worry about to carrying it on the bike, they ship it worldwide
We had a lot of rain, but we got to keep on rolling many curves are waiting of us
The bikes deserves a shower after that rainy ride
The fountain in front of our lovely Hotel
The lovely streets in Ribeauvillé


Its rest day! But this doesn't mean we're not going for a ride, the Alsace with the endless winding roads, less traffic, and beautiful landscapes is an absolute paradise for motorcyclicsts. 

Our first stop is at the National Monument Chateau du Haut-Koenigsbourg, a castle from the 12. century with a wonderful view down to the Rhine valley and up to the Black Forest. On this half day ride we have spectacular views all over around while having so much fun on the small mountain passes. 

Before we heading back to the hotel, we'll have a look at the cementry and battlefield memorial of WWI that took place here in 1915.

Back at the hotel it's time for lunch, good that Claudia already prepared a delicious picnic in the hotel patio of course with a fresh after ride beer! After a little rest Tom, Claudia, Jim and Dawn going to visit Strasbourg while Bill and Maxine enjoying the little old town of Ribeauville.We admire the awesome gothic sandstone cathedral of Strasbourg, it took 424 years to complete this building, it's the currently second highest cathedral in France but it was the highest building in the world from 1647 to 1874 with the 142m high belltower. After 322 steps to the observation deck we have the best view of the wonderful city of Strasbourg and it's surroundings.

Then we took a walk along the river to petit France area, with nice typical cafes and bars around half timbered houses, at a real cool microbrewery we got a refreshing beer. But this walking around the town also makes hungry, so we went to an traditional restaurant which was in an vaulted cellar, awesome location and great food! With a last drink in a cool bar this day ends.

Rest day ride, first stop is the castle Haut-Koenigsbourg. A major tourist magnet of the region.
Spectacular views on the small mountain passes around Ribeauvillé
The battlefield memorial of WWI in the Alsace region.
Also part of european history, the battlefields and cemeteries of WWI
Jim and Dawn enjoy riding the winding country roads.
….and so do Bill and Maxine.
The famous Edelweiss picnic, prepared by our young Padawan Claudia.
Claudia in action preparing her first official edelweiss picnic. It was delicious!
The famous Strasbourg Cathedral is an incredible example of European architecture.
The Astronomical Clock, a Renaissance masterpiece, is the result of collaboration between artists, mathematicians and technicians. Watchmakers from Switzerland, sculptors, painters and automakers worked hand in hand here. The current movement dates back to 1842.
On the way to the top of the unfinished south tower, we first have to climb 322 steps to enjoy the 360° view over Strasbourg
What a nice vuew over Stasbourgs old city center.
The Strasbourg cathedral
Walking around town makes you thirsty, so we found this little microbrewery to have a well-deserved beer.
Petit France area
Underground dinner in an old cellar
Thanks Tom, what a cool bar to have one last drink before heading back to Ribeauvillé, it was a busy day but worth every minute.

Day5: Ribeauvillé-Schaffhausen

We're leaving France today, thru the Black Forest enjoying the nice winding roads with a last view to Alsace and the Vosges. There's a little road which brings us to our coffee stop the Hexenlochmühle, a 200 year old mill the only one with two mills in the Black Forest. It's the last chance for a Black Forest cherry cake, or a original cuckoo clock which is made here. 
We ride on the Schwarzwaldhochstaße, having a quick stop at the Rothaus brewery which settled down around 1300 in Grafenhausen, it's an absolute cult beer in Baden-Württemberg. On the bottles label is a blonde girl with a traditional garb holding two beer, so people started to call her "Biergit Kraft" which means "Bier gibt Kraft" in english it means beer gives you strength. But we can't drink one now, Tom has prepared a delicious picnic for us at a great spot in the middle of fields, so we have to ride there! 
After this perfect lunchstop we leave Germany and heading southwards to Switzerland, Schaffhausen is our final stop for this day. The Rhinefall with the castle Laufen is located here, it's one of the third largest falls in Europe. For a perfect end of the day we took a boat ride on it, even we had a dry ride the hole day at the end we're all soaked

At the Rothaus brewery
In the middle of fields Tom surprised us with this tasty picnic
Mmhhh what a delicious picnic
You’re never too old!
What a fun boat ride
Beautiful Rhinefall
Wet! Wet! Wet!
Getting some milk while Jim is riding the cow

Day6: Schaffhausen-Warth

From Switzerland to Austria we also pass the little country Liechtenstein today. We start along the Rhine and had a coffee break with a wide view to Lake Constance the Säntis is rising in front of us, the highest alpine mountain of eastern Switzerland, today is a very cloudy day so we couln't do the cable car ride up to the peak. 

Soon we leave Switzerland and stop at the border of Liechtenstein for a picture, we cross this tiny country in a few minutes. The very curvy and narrow roads on Furkajoch are maybe the most challenging part of this tour, with a magnificant view we enjoy a very hot chocolate. Over the great bridge to the Hochtannbergpass we reach the hotel in Hochkrumbach, where Claudia awaits us with a cold boot beer.   

That was a short visit, leaving Lichtenstein and welcome to austria.
We had great fun riding to the top of the Furka pass.
Time for hot chocolate
Cheers enjoy your hot choclate.
Freezing tour guide on the summit of the Furka Pass
Everything is set, just waiting now for the group to surprise them with a nice boot beer.
Enjoying a boot beer, after another great ride
A well-deserved hot bath after a nice riding day

Day7: Warth-Erding

Our last riding day

We start in Hohenkrumbach on 1580 meters altitude, the clouds of the rain last night are slowly moving in between the mountains, which gives us a breathtaking view on our ride down into Lech valley this area is famous for its woodcarvers.
We're following the Lech river until it brings us to the 2nd biggest lake in Tirol, the incredibly lovely cristal clear Plansee with turquoise water we stop here for a picture. Soon we leave Austria and entering Germany to our next stop Linderhof castle the hunting and summer Residence of the Bavarian King Ludwig II. also called the fairy tale King. It was his favorite residence and the only one what he completed (1878). 
But today we're not that lucky with the weather, while we walked around the castle it started raining, but this can't stop us from riding. We ride on, passing the Ettal and getting on the highway to save some time and avoid the traffic around Munich, when we left the highway back on the country roads of bavaria we stop by at a traditional restaurant to warm up for the last kilometers of our trip. We reached Erding dry and happy, that's how we completed the circle through the heart of Europe. 

at Plansee
Castle Lindenhof
Prof. Tom made a test about the trip
Winner! Congratulations to Maxine and Bill
Sad faces, tour is over too fast


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Michaela Achatzi
Montag, 23. August 2021 um 17:23

Hi Claudia and Tom ,

Good mood
Better food
Laughing moments
Lots of curves, safe riding

Lg Michaela
Tom Friden
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Hey Michaela, thanks for your message, we’ve all of it!
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Thank you Michaela!
We're having such a great time, at this awesome tour see you at the next one


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