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Beiträge von Alan Magnoni

RTS1401 Rome To Sicily

24. April 2014

Tour is over in Catania … No more photos to upload but still time to say thank you and good bye. It was a great pleasure to lead you from Rome to Catania. Plenty of good memories and many stories to tell our friends at home.  ...

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TOUR OF TUSCANY (BIT1202) - last photos

22. September 2012

Another good start for a great ride trough tuscany, umbria and marche. 3 beautiful regions in the center of Italy! Perfect weather to cruise along the area of chianti, the world famous wine!! A few impressions from the van driver ...

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4IT1202 The heart of Italy

15. September 2012

cruising around the chianti area ...

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SPT1207 Alps Extreme - Last photos

21. August 2012

Last group photo before going back to Munich!

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Ducati Italy Moto GP Mugello (9SI1201)

14. Juli 2012

Hello out there and welcome to the BEST OF ITALY DUCATI TOUR with MOTO GP MUGELLO and plenty of sunshine! Today was our first riding day! Riders from 6 different countries: US, Aussie, Canada, Colombia, Tour Guide Marko from Germany and me from bella Italia are looking ...

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Grand Alps Tour - what a tour!!!

22. Juni 2012

...sooo let's start this photoshooting:

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Under the tuscan sun we got a hard night in Urbino (4IT1201)

28. Mai 2012

Today  5 riders from different areas with different expectations for this Tuscany tour met in Florence! We had a short briefing to learn how to get along on this tour and a nice glass of wine before dinner! Tomorrow first riding day towards the famous region of ...

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RTS1202 Happy End - Last photos

9. Mai 2012

On the road again: This time from Catania back to Rome! Blue sky again, new bikes, new riders! But for sure the same fun!!

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Rome to Sicily 1201 - last riding day

30. April 2012

First tour around the south of italy! Leaving the capital with 2.8 million residents and potentially 2 million scooters/vespas, we tried to escape from the terrible traffic. For the one who arrived a few days before there were time enough to have a slice of pizza ...

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Guillermo Arnal - Alps Extreme

18. Juni 2011


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Tibet once again

1. Juni 2011

Hello out there, here a small group of people from US, Canada, Mexico and Germany take the challenge to explore the highest region on earth, with an average elevation of 4.900m (16,000feet). On the first day we got time to visit the Potala palace in Lhasa, ...

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