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NSZ1902: The New Zealand Tour

22. November 2019

Flat White Café, Waihi Beach.

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The land of the even longer white cloud - New Zealand Extension CNS1901

1. Februar 2019

Day 6 - Russel and the return to Auckland

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NSZ1901 - New Zealand

26. Januar 2019

Day 12: Rotorua to Auckland: THE END

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CNS1802: The North Island Extension. Summer is coming (We hope)!

30. November 2018

Day 5: Karikari - Russell Another amazing day in the paradise down under. We ride the Million Dollar View Road, have coffee in next to New Zealand's oldest buildings, marvel at the world's most photographed toilets and finally surf the endless twisties of the Old Russell ...

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NSZ1802: New Zealand Spring!

27. November 2018

12th and last day: Roturua to Auckland

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La Dolce Vita_ Mexicanos in Tuscany

25. September 2018


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Curves, bends, and switchbacks: the Classic Ultimate Alps Tour (CUA1803)

26. August 2018

Final Day: Bozen to Mieming On our last day of this amazing journey we are leaving Italy and, once again, taking on a big Alpine mountainpass, the Timmelsjoch. - Thank you all for the lovley time! Hope to see all of you again at some ...

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Fire & Ice is over but the memories will last forever...

12. August 2018

On the road along the beautiful Whale Fjord

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Traumstraßen des Ostens - eine brandneue Tour startet durch

8. Juli 2018

Day 13 - Admont to Vienna

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CCG1801: Greece to Croatia

2. Juni 2018

Day 12: Kolašin to Dubrovnik

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Scouting Greece2Croatia and Eastern Europe - we'll be baack!

8. April 2018

This post was brought to you by co-scouter and professional "hidden treasure" hotel and restaurant researcher Simone Ritt. Thanks for watching!

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Die Nordinsel-Verlängerung: Für die, die gar nicht genug kriegen können (CNS1801)

4. Februar 2018

Day 6: Russell - Auckland

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NSZ1801 New Zealand - summer in paradise

29. Januar 2018

Sadly the tour is over for many of us (some will be on the north island extention), but we had great time during the last two weeks. Great weather, great fun, but most important a great atmosphere created by an incredible group of people!  Thank ...

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CNS1702 - New Zealand - North Island Extension

1. Dezember 2017


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