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Hochalpentour HAT

High Alpine Tour - the last for 2019

16. September 2019

The incredible view from Penegal

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HAT1904 High Alpine Tour

7. August 2019

We awoke in Lienz to a beautiful sunny morning. Crossing the border into Italy we reached the Dolomites and smapled the first pass roads of the day. Coffee at the lake and a cableacar ride up Lagazuoi for lunch with a view. Getting drenched on the way ...

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The only first one in 2019! HAT1901

2. Juni 2019

Angela, Goddfrey and Johanna are hoping for everyone to come back: we'll always guide you everywhere! Thanks for the great week together!

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High Alps Tour - August Heatwave Edition (HAT1804)

11. August 2018

Day 6: Pontresina- Warth

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HAT1803 - The High Alpine Tour

22. Juli 2018

What a wonderful week! Thanks for everything. Hope to see you guys again. And as Jared would have said -  It didn`t suck All the best Gottfried and Ursula

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HAT1802 The High Alpine Tour

1. Juli 2018

Day 7: Warth - Erding Time to go back home! But the last riding day was also a very nice one, great weather and beautiful landscapes going down from Warth into Germany. After a nice lunch break at the Starnberg lake, we were then finally ready ...

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HAT1801- high alpine tour

1. Juni 2018

DAY 1- First riding day from Erding to Lienz...

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High Alpine Tour (HAT180A)

28. Mai 2018

Our tour is posted in the thai national newspapers!

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Last HIGH ALPINE Tour 2017

26. September 2017


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High Alpine Tour - HAT1705

10. September 2017

We started in the morning at 5 degrees down the valley in direction to Reutte. A little nice tour through the wonderful "Namlos" valley brought us to Heiterwanger lake, where we had our first coffee stop. Beautiful outside in the sun. Neuschwanstein Castle was our next stop ...

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The High Alpine Tour No 4

12. August 2017

Here we are... almost each continent is represented in our group. We do have visitors from Cyprus, Japan, Dubai, Australia, U.S: , Brasil and Canada. this looks like having real fun cruising through the Alps for the coming 6 days

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HAT1703 - Switzerland - Liechtenstein - Austria

24. Juli 2017

Last highlight of the High Alpine Tour: We visited Castel Linderhof, but King Ludwig II was not at home ;o)

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Guided City Tour in Munich

16. Juli 2017

John, Dave and Mike at Marienplatz

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HAT170A: High Alpine Thailand

13. Juni 2017

Day 6: Au to Erding 

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