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Tourenzentrum Norwegen NTC

Tourenzentrum Norwegen (NTC2301)

21. November 2023

Die Teufelsspalte - der Legende nach vom Teufel selbst geschlagen in einer Mittsommernacht...

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NTC2303 Norwegen Touring Center

13. August 2023

A group of "happy campers" on motorcycles you can see here on our blog on the Edelweiss Norway Touring Center   Not only happy, but also colourful riders, as you can see as well   As Norway is one of those countries that are attractive ...

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NTC2302: Norway Touring Center mit einer bunt gemischten Gruppe

14. Juli 2023

A summer-like welcome in Alesund: Soft Serve with Licorice Topping

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NTC230A: Norway Touring Center for Edelweiss Argentina

7. Juli 2023

Our Welcome and Safety Briefing on Saturday, the first of July, marked the official start of a week long Adventure around Alesund: The Norway Touring Center. Ten excited Riders (and one Passenger) from Argentina met their Tourguide Nico for the first time in a nice Conference Room of ...

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NTC2203 Touring Center Norway - The Third

11. August 2022

The thrid Touring Center of Norway took place last week. A really diverse mixture of nationalities had found together in Ålesund to ride some of the most famous motorcycle sights in Norway. We had riders from Dubai, from Turkey, from Ireland, from the USA, and from Germany ...

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NTC2202 Touring Center Norway

14. Juli 2022

Another Touring Center Norway has started out a couple of days ago. A group of South Korean riders, and a rider each from Austria, Germany and the USA have found together to get to ride in Norway's most beautiful areas around the city of Ålesund. Every ...

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Norway Touring Center

8. Juli 2022

And we are ready to rill again! Last night finally all riders and oassengerstarrived in Alesund. After the welcome briefing and the bike hand over , we had a nice dinner in our hotel and bow we are ready for the first loop !

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NTC1902 Norway Touring Center - the continuation

21. Juli 2019

What do you do, if you did something that you enjoyed very much, and it has come to an end? Correct, you simply start it all over again   So I consulted the Vikings - the masters of the boats and ferrys, I had ...

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NTC1901 Norway Touring Center - Under the Norwegian sun

16. Juli 2019

Good morning to the world out there We have started our Norway touring center already a couple of days ago and were simply enjoying ourselves in this magnificent part of the world. Lucky us had sunny weather only so far and so all we can ...

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The second Norway Touring Center 2018 (NTC1802)

20. Juli 2018

Day 5: Exploring Geiranger and Dalsnibba  Today is the only day of this week where no cruise ship is coming into Geiranger. This means much less bus traffic around the area and in the village itself...the perfect day for motorcycling! It's gonna be a fairly long ...

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First Norway Touring Center 2018 (NTC1801)

16. Juli 2018

Day 6: Trollstigen, gran finale! Dulcis in fundo, we have left the Trollstigen pass for our last day. In the morning on our way to Åndalsnes the weather has been quite grey and a bit wet on the way up the 11 hairpins. We have not ...

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Norway Touring Center (NTC 1702)

22. Juli 2017

Fortress of Bud

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NTC1602 - another Norway Touring Center - another Troll

27. Juli 2016

Time to say good-bye!

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Norway Touring Center - NTC1601

16. Juli 2016

Life is good!!! thanks to all of you for a wonderful week, for your cooperation  and for all the fun we had. Hope to see you all again Ursula and Domenico

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