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Posted by Jan Van der Jagt

Crete Mountains Extreme!

April 23, 2024

Crete is the biggest island of Greece and a perfect place to ride motorcycle because it has everything you need. Condensed on this island you'll find mountain ridges (3!), great people, excellent food, perfect climate and one always can enjoy the sea. This week we will be ...

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MCT2401 Morocco Tour

March 15, 2024

Gorge du Thodra

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All the best of beautiful Morocco! MCT2304

November 25, 2023

A great adventure in front of us: Morocco! A country with many different faces and an ancient history. Very friendly people and great exotic food. And then there is the spectacular nature! The Atlas mountains with its high peaks, the endless desert and in between forests ...

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The Best of Greece BOG2302

October 11, 2023

Welcome to Greece! A country with a very interesting history, geat food, lovely drinks and off course: great riding conditions! We will take you to famous places like Delphi and Olympia. We will also visit monasteries, several seas and mountain areas. 

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CCG2302 from Croatia to Greece

September 29, 2023

Welcome to Croatia    It's beautiful in Croatia, while in the north of Europe the autumn slowly arrives, in Dubrovnik the best weather is waiting for us. Our hotel is fantastically located and the Adriatic invites you to swim. That's a ...

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4PE Pyrenees Extrem

September 6, 2023

Our MasterPlan And Playground For Our Tour

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Touring centre Alps

August 19, 2023

Our bikes are ready!

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BMW Days from Munich to Berlin China group 2

July 8, 2023

Starting in Jams hotel. A very cool, hip and trendy hotel in the inner city of Munich

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Croatia by scooter

May 28, 2023

Our hogs are ready, and so are we. With the adriatic sea in the background and the sun in the sky we're in for a treat!

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Crete mountain Xtreme

October 29, 2022

The view from our hotel sets the tone, gorgeous!!

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From Croatia to Greece

October 22, 2022

The bikes are ready for departure!

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High Alpine tour

July 17, 2022

Welcome brieving to get everybody ready for our tour

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Alps and Lakes - CAL 2202

July 9, 2022

what a great start, everyone is happy and we have a fantastic dinner to set us up for our 5 day tour

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Best of Europe -BOE2202

June 20, 2022

what a crazy and warm group

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