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Beiträge von Stefan Sykora

Best of Europe

6. September 2023

A very warm welcome to Erding. As usual, the tour guides spared no effort to welcome our guests and immediately convey a family feeling. after the welcome briefing, we go to the motorcycle handover and then to dinner. may we have a wonderful tour together

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Adventure North Cape 2023 (ANC2301)

29. Juli 2023

On Saturday, 15th of July this years (regular) Adventure North Cape started in Alesund. The tourguides Stefan, Trummy & Nico met some guests already during breakfast, before they headed out to prep the bikes for the next 12 riding days. After the official Welcome Briefing in the ...

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BMW Tage Dealermeeting MX & LatImp

7. Juli 2023

RUTA 1, Linderhof ROUTE 1, Linderhof

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CAS 2202 - Perls of the Adriatic Sea

6. Oktober 2022

A very warm welcome to the Pearls of the Adriatic Sea Tour   Let the adventure begin - Split   Andreas and Stefan will be your guides and we`re looking forward to explore the Balkans with its old history, good food ...

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ABA The Balkan Adventure

25. September 2022

Welcom on Day 12: Belgrad to Slavonski Brod

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SPT Special Peaks and Passes

1. Juli 2022

The Night before the Tour Starts - Welcome to Vienna

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Endurowandern Balkan (UPI)

24. Mai 2022

Welcome on the Unpaved Balkans Trip. As you see, we`re not only here for fun. It's something in between, finding the most gravel and the best food you can get - we`re on a deluxe tour de La-Tène

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Best of Italy (BOI2201)

11. Mai 2022

Welcom to the best of Italy, in Rome. Your Tourguides Michaela and Stefan are looking forward to showing you the most beautiful corners of Italy!

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Modul Tour 6TG2101, Tour - Guide - Training

8. März 2022

Must be the right place for the Training

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Tour Guide Training 2022

1. März 2022

Kicking off the new season! After the successful selection date in November, eight new tour guides for Edelweiss will start into the 2022 season. First, the various departments are presented. The cumulative experience of what ...

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RTS Rom to Sicily - A journey through history

8. November 2021

Benvenuti a Roma

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Alps Deluxe

27. September 2021

Thank you for traveling with us, we had a great tour, best weather and a lot of fun. Have a safe travel home and see you soon again.

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Alps and Lakes (5AL) from the bottom to the top

22. August 2021

sleep well, tomorrow we start into our Adventure

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